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Penang I: William on William

Old Dim Sum by williamnyk
Old Dim Sum, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Pooh and ZaiZai invited me to Penang roughly more than a couple of years ago. I had lost count how many times they asked me about it. But anyway, finally made it happen with KH, Apollo and SK. Road trip!!! Apollo drove SK's Almera as it was bigger compared to his new Attrage. He picked us up at 7:00 am and by 9:00 am we were having breakfast at Restoran New Paradise, Bercham. Seemed to be popular for their dim sum, noodles and bao. Unfortunately, most of the dim sum was sold out and we only managed to get some charsiew bao and loh mai kai. In my opinion, I've had better charsiew bao else where. Think the burnt the meat a little. The kau yuk bao was much better though. Since the place was only 1 km from my mum's recalcitrant tenant, I asked Apollo to drop me there to take a look. According the the neighbour, they had moved out, but still come back now and then to feed the cats the what not. From the looks of things, they still use the house as a store of sorts. Some things seem to have been moved away and some of the windows were open, unlike when they were living there. The place needs a good bombing out truthfully. No eye see. Continued our journey and by noon we were in Penang. Couldn't check in until 2:00 pm, so we went for a Peranakan lunch at Ivy's Kitchen. The restaurant is actually an old house but in terms of interior decoration, there was nothing to shout about. We went for their set which consisted of ju hu char, kapitan curry chicken (thumbs up), soya sauce chicken (thumbs down), asam prawns, stingray curry, fish maw soup (I liked this) and dessert of gandum and black glutinous rice, both of which were very thick. Overall the meal was quite satisfying.

Charsiew Bao

Ju Hu Char

Fish Maw Soup

Went for coffee fix after that at 55 Cafe, Coffee Atelier right in the heart of Georgetown (Lorong Stewart). The roads were so narrow with cars parked on both sides. More fantastic was the fact that it was two way! Thankfully, we managed to find parking. The whole row of shops was full of customers. When we finally sat down and ordered, our over-priced coffee only arrived forty minutes later. The only reason you might wanna go there is for the 3D coffee art. And you can only get it by ordering double shot at MYR15. Even if you have the money to pay, they might limit your order depending on the volume of customers. Anyway, we ordered two lattes with 3D coffee art. One was a pig and the other a cat. I preferred the former. Coffee-wise, nothing to shout about. Apollo found their iced latte too weak and KH's special Kim Guan coffee wasn't that special after at all at MYR8 per shot. Felt like melting in the middle of the Georgetown heat, so we went to B-Suites to check in. Showered and turned on the air conditioning where KH and I skanked and napped in the large room till evening. At about 6:00 pm (with a huge case of blue balls), we satisfied our cendol craving at the famous Jalan Penang stall. Parked near the Chowrasta Market and walked over. While enjoying the cooling bowl of cendol, we kept hearing the the Indian Muslims at the adjacent stall mentioning nasi kangkang. :S. I hope that's not their specialty.

Lorong Stewart

Chilling & Pigging

View from B

Went looking for the dinner venue after that. Zemien was back from New Zealand, so there a was big dinner bash at Aroy Chang Moo Kata in his honour. We were just the extras. LOL. There was a whole bunch of the people at the dinner that we didn't know. The only other familiar faces were Pooh, ZaiZai and Donchadh (whom I had not met since 2010). Also finally met Vegescott, Zemien's di. Many names were thrown around during dinner, but of course not all the names stuck. Can't help it when one is in such a big gathering and the seating at a long table didn't help to break the ice. Poor Zemien had to flutter around to make sure no parties were given the cold shoulder. Basically the table split into three groups depending on what one ate. One group wanted steamboat and grill, while SK and I opted for dishes. Another couple did ala carte individual for special food requirements. The food was super spicy and I had warned KH that we might be having cili padi sex later at that rate. LOL. Halfway through dinner, Pooh was telling us about his shoulder injury when this cutie DPC suddenly started a groping fest with Pooh's pecs. At the rate that they were going, I thought I was at Hooters.


For dessert, they brought us to China House, a very hipster joint. Unfortunately, their coffee machine broke down, so we just had to tea to go with their mediocre cakes. Although the place was very very long (we walked from the cafe, to the gallery, to the courtyard, to the bar), they couldn't find us a table. At last they holed us up in a private room called "14 Chairs". The place was very nicely done up, arty and fun. Perfect for cam-whoring. Left at about midnight and before getting into the car, we noticed the famous mural “Little Children on a Bicycle” by Ernest Zacharevic at Armenian Street. Had to take the customary picture. No sun. No queue. No crowd. Hehe. Nearby was also the "Skippy Comes to Penang" mural by Artists for Stray Animal. Back at the hotel, KH and I cleaned up and continued where we left off in the afternoon. We were all over each other, entangled and panting. Edged each other like crazy, we were both sticky from the sweat and pre-cum. And yet we didn't finish the job. It's amazing how we actually slept that night. LOL.



Midnight Ride


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