Thursday, May 22, 2014

Get the Reeds

Merry Maki

After a fortnight of going for English mass, we finally went back to the Mandarin session. Years and years of irritation later, the church finally built a 'family room' for parishioners with pesky kids. Realising that one can never expect kids to behave and sit still, it's easier to take them out of the 'equation'. Basically they cordoned off one corner with sound-proof glass and expect all the noisy children to be herded in there. But then, not everyone likes to sit in a 'fishbowl', so many parents still end up sitting outside. And the parents are usually too optimistic about how long their children will fidget or wail. Not many will immediately drag their kids out. When this happens, one can see the priest pause a while letting patience wash over him. LOL. Went to Kota Damansara after mass. Remember the aroma diffuser that KH got the day before? He forgot to take the reeds. So off I went to The Strand again. Quite a challenge deciding what to eat over there. Googling doens't help because most of the recommended shops would have closed down already. The turnover is that high. Just tried my luck via eye ball. As I was turning back down to the main road I saw Hiro Zen. Did a quick check on Foursquare and seeing that there weren't any negative tips, I walked in. Only two booths were occupied at the time. Simply ordered a cold appetiser of raw octopus in zucchini, a kimchi-salmon roll and a sashimi set. Food wasn't bad, but not super. My dessert was two cuties who walked in to tapau lunch. Think they work nearby. Don't kill me, no pics.

Raw Friends

I had the time. The weather was good. I wasn't exhausted. No excuse to not go to the pool. Donned my lime green N2N swim trunks and headed to the pool. Unfortunately I had to share the pool with a bunch of pesky Eric Cartmans. Those ball of lards were constantly cannonballing into the pool and one near miss nearly had me complaining to the guard. Ugh. Quickly finished my laps and left before an accident happened. MaisonSK organized a dinner again that night. Seafood extravaganza by Apollo's mum. She whipped up mango siakap, abalone herbal soup, chilli crab and some vegetables. Yummy sekali. And mum made some battered new year cake sandwiches that we ate with a dessert of fuzuk barley with gingko nuts. KH was supposed to join us, but at the last minute he FFK. :(.

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