Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Burning Wood?

Navel Biscuits?

Woke up bright and early on Saturday morning to go marketing again. Lesser traffic due to Ching Ming perhaps. And several unoccupied lots in the market, something that rarely happens. Ate my favourite clear soup noodles at OUG then went home. With some time to kill before my coffee date with KH, I did some car interior maintenance, making it all bright and shiny again. At around noon, I went off to fetch him. As luck would have it, Waze was down and we couldn't navigate our way to Wood & Steel at Kota Damansara. While KH fiddled with his phone trying to figure things out, I just went on auto-pilot trying to retrace my steps back to the cafe. In the end, I used Google Maps when I was already in the Kota Damansara area. My boyfriend is truly hopeless when it comes to navigating. Never fails to rile me. As SK was in Tropicana visiting Lifebook, she decided to come over as well. But the temporary death of of the Waze service left her 'dead on the road' as well. And Google Maps didn't work for her. In the end, she found out that it was some kind of network error on her iPhone 5. First world problems. Hahaha. As usual, the place was crowded. I chose a high-back chair that was composed of bicycle wheels. Felt like I was sitting on the throne of the Dumpster Kingdom. Only while sitting down at the table did I realize that KH and I were wearing the same Uniqlo T-shirt from the Pirates of the Caribbean series. So ngam hor?

Apam Seller

Our food took 75 minutes to arrive that day. The supervisor apologised profusely and explained that they had problems with their gas supply. Perhaps they were chopping up furniture at the back to use as fire wood. We had to alas perut with a walnut brownie. Food came staggered. Firstly SK's salmon scrambled eggs and secondly my spaghetti aglio-olio. The pasta was surprisingly banjir. Had to eat it tilted on a block of wood to get all the oil out of the way. LOL. The slowest was KH's Chef's special-- the stuffed chicken. When it arrived, I couldn't figure out why it was called stuffed. And the coffee was kind small. They use a glass smaller than the ones they use to serve you water. Not too much difference from a piccolo latte and that was served in a green tea glass! Jalan-jalan a bit at the home decor shop next door. SK one of the white dresses that they had on display but we were taken aback by the even more beautiful price tag. Ended up buying an aroma diffuser and essential oil. That was SK's belated birthday gift to KH. Went to Giant for a while too. Yes, we were that desperate. Later that night, SK and I planned to have dinner at Restoran New Paris then get to SS2 Mall for the Charles & Keith / Pedro / Victoria's Secret Warehouse sale. The restaurant's kitchen throughput was legendary. By the time it took for me to park my car and walk over to the restaurant, the food was already on the table! Had the usual favourites like the bean paste steamed fish and champagne chicken.

Sleep Antidote

Tiga Sekawan

SS2 Mall was just down the road. My very first time there. And judging from what I saw, would be my last. LOL. So dead. Quite a wasted journey as the sale closed at 7:00 pm! Bah! On the ground floor, there was some Earth Hour concert. Think NTV7's Gary Yap was singing in the rain. Completely forgot about it. With nothing better to do, we shifted to Red Bean at SS2 for some tong sui. When I reached home, it was all dark. Not a single light was switched on. Not a single appliance was working. The power had tripped due to the rain. LOL. Guess I had accidentally joined Earth Hour. LOL. And I think I outdone everyone else. Zero electricity usage and no candles were lit. :P.

Two Balls, Two Bowls and a Spoon


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That was a good day spent with you dear

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Yes, SS2 Mall is quite dead. Went there twice, on Groupon.