Thursday, April 03, 2014

CNY V: 开工


Thought long and hard before deciding to take Tuesday off. KH was already working, so we met him after work. A bigger group than usual with Apollo, Lifebook and the surprise guest, CK who was back from Edinburgh. With all the cina-ness dominating the dinner table during the past few days, SK called for dinner at a more Western joint. Not much choice really. Ended up at The Pressroom after recalling that someone highly recommended it. Till now, I don't know who it was. But we studied the menu long and hard before deciding. Not very attractive (and I couldn't recall what was recommended!). LOL. However, dinner was very lively. And since they gave us a table behind a pillar, we could kecoh all we wanted without attracting undue attention. It was lamb burger for me and Asian pasta for KH. And true to form, SK went for the sausage platter. Her food preference mengalahkan gay! Post-dinner drinks was at Tous les Jours. Our first time there. Love what they did to the interior. High ceilings, arches in red bricks and large medieval chandeliers. Perfect. One unfortunate side effect of the design was the lack of air conditioning vents. They had to resort to using large standing units and that was a bit icky and noisy. The latte wasn't bad but Apollo had a hell of a time trying to get his non-coffee drink. Not available, not available, not available. The cashier really sucked. I like their Devil's Food Cake, but the Tiramisu and cheesecake was just so-so. During coffee, SK and I interrogated KH about his mother's cold reception of the hamper that we gave her. We asked him to repeat each word and recount her facial expressions! My KH is really quite hopeless at these things. The other big topic of the night was Apollo's recent fascination with all things vegetarian and it sure as Hell wasn't because he was adopting a sugar glider diet. Tight-lipped as usual, but we'll get to the bottom of things soon!

Tous les Jours I

Tous les Jours II


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