Tuesday, April 01, 2014

CNY IV: Old Shanghai & Old Enmities

Have Some Tea

Brought mum to see the CNY decorations at The Gardens Mall on Monday. I loved their vintage oriental approach. A dressing table here, a lounge there. A seamstress' shop here, a restaurant there. Very old China. All the small details were perfect. And of course it was perfect for camwhoring. In comparison, MV's decorations were garish and an overkill of colours and flowers (and their Ting-Ting candy seller at Center Court was a Bangladeshi :P). Lunch plans were at Sushi Zanmai, one of the few places open. A half hour queue.... Halfway through my 'Singaporean' patience, an alarm bell suddenly went off and the whole mall reverberated with the sound of giant ventilation fans. Went over to talk to the staff at Moo Cow. Didn't get what they were saying over the din. They just pointed to the ceiling. Since they didn't run for their lives, I guess it had happened before and it ain't life-threatening. LOL. My brother treated lunch that day. Sap-sap sui with SGD at such a favourable rate. Shopped at Robinson and Isetan after that. No choir at The Gardens Mall this year, but a dance performance. Guys in flat caps and tight slacks (tight ass too) and girls in cheongsams and fake curls. The performance lasted about half an hour with many props. They brought a bicycle, musical instruments and umbrellas (too bad no dildos, vibrators or anal beads).


CNY Calamari

Flowers at my Feet


Have A Drink

Here are the dancers, cute? And check out the ass.

A Flower For My Love

Please Take My Hand

Out for a Ride

That Ass!

Get Together

In the afternoon, I paid KH a visit. Catching wind of our arrival, his mum went to take an 'afternoon nap'. SK and I went through all the CNY goodies that he could offer. Hahaha. My favourite was the wasabi nuts and no-frills kuih kapit. KH was just in a tank top and running shorts. Couldn't help to make him tent those shorts. Hehe. He pulled me into his room and I helped him settle his woody. Didn't have to work my magic for long to get some indoor fireworks and some 'CNY goodies' for myself. And by the way, his mum 'woke up' right after we left. SK and I bought her a Lee Kum Kee hamper, but according to KH, she wasn't really thrilled. Oh well. Don't say I didn't try. :(.

Plain Kapit


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untold stories said...

So assy! And indoor fireworks??? LOL

Ash Godiva said...

somehow that ass reminds me of....roti bun=.=

Le Chatelier said...

On his mom side, try la. Money can do wonders sometimes. Gambateh!

Anonymous said...

1st pic of male dancer, so kuttt!
and that ass!!! confirm bottom punya buntut! lol

William said...

@Tempus: @VC:
The benefits of dancing?

Hahaha. Eruption!

LOL. Nak makan roti?

Should I write her a cheque?

Hahaha. Send you go verify.

Derek said...

Hehe CNY fireworks for you!

My mum was really sleeping le ;P