Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Christmas @ Regia 2013

Breakfast Noodles by williamnyk
Breakfast Noodles, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Come Saturday, I settled my extended warranty with Nissan in just under thirty minutes. Went home after that to have breakfast with the kids. Had a hankering for Restoran Yong Seng's pork ball noodles. Accompanied SK to the ENT after that. Wanted to drag Big Monster along (separating the brothers create less headache for my mum), but he refused to budge from the TV. Her specialist had a posh clinic in Bangsar South. A jovial character. Went in to see how he pushed the scope into her nasal cavity. Yikes. And I was there to help SK answer the doctor on the meds that she was on and side effects that she had in response to some others.Gosh, like I was the hubby. For lunch, SK suggested Ficelle Pattiserie Boulangerie at Taman Desa. Hidden at a corner, near Watsons. Never noticed the place. Bad service and hot surroundings, but I was impressed with the price and food quality. Recommended items are the semi-spicy mixed vegetable aglio olio (better than decent portion with calamari, prawns and bell peppers at MYR12.50), mushroom soup (at MYR6.50, it's very creamy and chock-full of fresh mushrooms) and a cafe latte (tall and piping hot at MYR7.50). At the other table, SK was having her appetite enhanced watching a woman fret over her boyfriend like he was a 5 year old kid. She would brush the bangs out of his eyes, wipe his mouth, touch his face... Romantis banget. Went home to rest for a while and freshened up for that night's party. For the second time, Janvier and The Chief invited us to Regia (their mahligai in Setia Alam) for their Christmas party. Before going to the party, I helped settle KH's blue balls from Thursday. XD.

Ficelle Aglio Olio

The turnout wasn't as good as their maiden party, but fifteen pax is a good number. The concept was potluck with gift exchange so everyone came with food and gifts. The BFF were represented by SK, KH, JJ, Bunny, DanielH and I. The rest of the guests were Janvier's TTDI-ans. Regia was all dolled up with a wreath at the door, a power-up-ed Christmas tree, a red throw on the couch, red and white table settings and Christmas stockings hanging from the bannister. Unlike last year, Janvier's MIL didn't cook up a big pot of curry chicken, but we were satisfied with the roast turkey, mince meat pies, Subway sandwiches, teriyaki roast chicken, two varieties of salad, red bean soup and Yule log. This year, entertainment came in the form of an Ice Age Christmas and some party games on the iPad. The Temple Run 2 tournaments and King of Opera brought out the competitive edge in us. Fortunately there was no brawling in the living room. At the end, we had the gift exchange. I got a box of wooden pick-up sticks. The lack of knobs at the end and the uneven sticks gave it a different kind of challenge. Played with DanielH and SK. Shaky hands did not stop me from winning that that unofficial tournament and I got a prize for it (after shamelessly asking for one from the hosts). LOL. Nice to catch up with the gang over cups of Kickapoo, red wine and Carlsberg. Didn't stay too late as it was a long drive home and there was early mass to attend the next day.

Christmas Gifts

King of Opera

Pick Me Up


TZ said...

hahaha... no one interested to play the pick-up sticks? digital gaming has took over the convention board games. So what is your preference?

William said...

We did play. Not much into games, be it traditional or digital.