Monday, January 20, 2014

Vision of You

Power to your Eyes by williamnyk
Power to your Eyes, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Took leave on Thursday to settle some chores. Bright and early, I went over to the Nissan Service Centre at Puchong Jaya to purchase an extended warranty for my Almera. Unfortunately, I didn't get that done because I didn't drive my car there for inspection. Since the pricing is based on mileage, they need to take a look at the odometer before proceeding. Ish. Boh pien. Drove over to SS2 after that to meet Apollo. Been meaning to get my eyes checked and make an extra pair of spectacles before his shop closes down. Much better to get a good night's sleep and rest one's eyes before checking the power to avoid inaccuracies. Been noticing some blurriness and sensitivity to light, especially when driving at night. Wouldn't be surprised if there was an increase in power. Too much fiddling with my phone perhaps (or watched too much porn in the dark). Anyway, when I arrived at Petaling Jaya, Apollo was still having breakfast at Wong Kok, so I walked over to join him. He was with a friend, Denny. Ordered the breakfast set, but I just drank the yin yong. I let them have the mayo-smothered sandwich. Got around to checking my eyes around 11:00 am. To my surprise, Apollo declared that my power did not change. Most probably just tired eyes. No disappointment. Definitely good news. Decided to make a new pair anyway as my old pair was quite old. Can keep it as a spare anyway. Chit-chatted with Apollo about his new car, future plans and other trivial stuff while waiting for KH to arrive. He took half day leave to accompany me. So sweet of him right? When we arrived at Taman Bahagia LRT, we saw him being cornered by two young girls. Turns out they asked him to participate in a 'theological survey' and we caught him just in time before he gave out his contact details. Obviously it was an evangelical thing disguised as a survey. Kinda like how some insurance agents do things. Nobody converts him before I do! Hmph.

Lunch was at Purple Cane Tea Restaurant at Paradigm Mall. Tried another two new dishes-- aromatic crispy duck (a bit too dry) and boxing chicken. Was also intrigued by one of their appetisers that was made with orange juice and sliced wintermelon. Refreshing and crispy. Back at Apollo's shop, it was KH's turn to check his eyes. This time round, he went for rimless. Scrapped the idea of coffee. Went to BordelloSK instead for KH to have his way with me. He lasted longer than usual that day. Moaned till I had no more energy. Must be from the pent up horniness (had lunch with him the day before and halfway through the meal, he exclaimed that he was horny!). He told me that he delayed his orgasm and by doing so, he ended up not cumming at all. -_-. Do you get that kind of mental block? If you delay going poo-poo, you end up not poo-ing at all? You delay going to sleep and you suddenly find yourself with insomnia? Sent him home with big case of blue balls... LOL.


Dan said...

Sorry if this might sound sorta silly, but what's a BordelloSK? I've heard of such place.

Anonymous said...

omggg...u've infected him....


Anonymous said...

if KH is having problem cumming, i'll give him a BJ and he'll definitely cum. hahaha

Hdaran said...

I am frustrated for KH now!!!

Allan said...

Love the way you described your sex-capes cute and jovial..never fails to bring me a quiet laughter, reading them..cheers.

William said...

LOL. It's the name I gave SK's apartment. It's our bordello cause I've had sex there so many times. :P


LOL. So thoughtful.

He'll have it settled sooner or later

William said...

Thanks! A fine line between smut and a romance novel :P

Dan said...

Oh thanks for the clearing up, Will. I'd thought it had something to do with SK, hence the initial. Might be good to add to your glossary one day for future noobies like myself ;)

Jaded Jeremy said...

"If you delay going poo-poo, you end up not poo-ing at all?"
Yes, did it before (a few times) with bad consequence: constipation.

Is the Purple Cane Restaurant @Paradigm worth trying?