Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Asian Food Channel for the Blind

Temari by williamnyk
Temari, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Been some time since I watched a movie with mum, so I discussed my options with KH the night before. Either "Badges of Fury" or "Blind Detective". Reading reviews on IMDB didn't help cause both seemed equally bad. LOL. Put my money on Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng cause I don't put much stock in that "Journey to the West" guy and a movie not really starring Jet Li at all. Our movie was at 2:20pm, so there was ample time for us to have lunch after church. Decided to queue up in front of Sushi Zanmai that day. I know, it's very surprising. Like Lim Kiat Siang joining MCA. After years of having it on the ban list, I finally gave it a second chance. Mum lined up while I went to collect the movie tickets. By the time I was back, it wa nearly our turn to get seated. I now understand why there' always such a long queue out front. They waste their seats. Adherence to a strict FIFO seating policy wastes their seats. If there's only two of you and the only table available is a six seater, they will not hesitate to put you there without bumping up the bigger parties behind. Impressed! Anyway, the menu's quite good. Cheap. I ordered the seafood treasure soup with rice (a starchy soup with oysters, scallop, cod fish slices, mushrooms and tofu at just MYR15.80) and salmon zanmai (a must for salmon lovers-- two pieces each of salmon sushi, salmon belly sushi, broiled salmon sushi and smoked salmon sushi + six pieces of mini salmon maki. All for just MYR19.80). At where we were sitting, there was a also a pretty wall decorated with beautiful embroidered temari. So pretty. Guess it's off my ban list now, but I'm not thrilled with their seating policy.

Seafood Treasure Soup

Salmon Zanmai

The movie was quite long-winded with a running time of 129 minutes! Think they would have done better with less sub-plots and a leaner movie. Quite interesting to see Andy Lau as a blind man after last seeing Tony Leung in a similar role. Both main actor and actresses really make their presence felt on screen. Veterans la katakan. Not a bad movie and even better if you're a fan of them. Just that, in every other scene, Andy Lau's character is seen eating something. Kinda like Blind Swordsman meets Sherlock Holmes meets The Asian Food Channel meets Madam Zorra. It's weird. In terms of plot, things aren't very logical at all. Just swallow it. There's this one guy in one of the final scenes called "Joe". Looks kinda handsome and gay, but can't seem to look up his name on the internet. Hmmm. Did some shopping after the movie and clocked some MYR4 on my parking ticket. Immediately headed to SK's place for dinner. She had whipped up some grilled pork, French beans with fishballs and prawns, leftover grilled chicken wings from Sky Blue's housewarming and fried fish. For dessert, we yellow watermelon and golden kiwis. We were joined by KT, Apollo, QueerRanter-D (QueerRanter's body double) and Brian. SK, Brian and I talked about his employment at Unza, while KT, Apollo and QueerRanter-D were busy with diving talk. A new hobby of theirs. Stories of sea urchins and jellyfish. Hopefully their capture pics of hunky mermen soon. Left at about 10:00pm, after not going home for 12 hours. Huh... So tired.

French Beans

From the Grill

P.S.: After letting my car roast in the late morning sun till past noon, I got into the car and felt the superb heat. Guess the tint ain't that magical after all.


Twilight Man said...

They not only wastes the seat! They also have sucked waiters and services giving slow & wrong orders. Yet I still go there. LOL

Mr Lonely said...

awah, the salmon and chicken wings make me hungry~

Anonymous said...

reminds me of the old Lat Comic where Lat's father almost had a heart attack when Lat said LKS joined MCA... lol

- VC

Derek said...

You bad de. You ban the place that's why I also never suggest or thought to go.