Monday, July 15, 2013

Second Time Lucky

Breakfast: Wantan noodles (dedicated to Kenni)

Lunch: Pan-fried salmon steak and scallop chutney with white porride at home + home-made markisa berlian

Dinner: Dengar ini cerita...

During the early stages of our relationship, KH loved to bring me out to meet his friends, gay and straight alike. Back then, I even agreed to go to his ex-F6 classmates chip san leong ceremony. You can read about it here. Can you imagine the awkwardness when his friends look at me and ask, "Mamat ni siapa ah?!". Well, this friend of his, let's call her The Bride (macam Kill Bil pulak), actually got divorced some years back. Right after KH relocated back to KL, we did meet her again. Some months after that, she invited the both of us to her wedding. It was held at Jaya Palace. Picked KH from his home. Thank goodness it was quite close to his home, else would have to sauna longer in my car. KH sweated like a little piggy. Can you imagine that we arrived on time!? At 7:00pm. My name came under "Mr KH & Partner". Don't think the ushers bat an eyelid. LOL. But it was a bit paiseh when KH produced a red packet that was semi-soggy from his sweat! The paper kind of gave way when they tried to write the table number on it. A facepalm moment. Some cocktail reception was going on. Both of us took a glass of wine. Shiraz I think. As sour as vinegar. Not wanting to linger outside, we went to our table (the furthest from the stage). We were the first, so we practically finished all the peanuts. LOL. Helped KH to fold his sleeves. That boy of mine can be so helpless at times.


Our table had to fit eleven chairs cause someone brought their kid along without informing the bride. KH's bestie, Vince sat next to us with his wife Crystal. Didn't know anyone else there. As expected, the dinner started at 2030. Considered early because the official time was 1930. People normally schedule wedding banquets at 1900. So I guess that's technically half an hour ealier than usual. LOL. Food was average, some hits and misses. Since the restaurant had the postfix of "Palace", I was expecting better. The combination platter was quite standard. The sharks fin soup not very good (and I had the responsibility of finishing KH's bowl as well since he's anti-sharks fin. Luckily he didn't strip of his shirt and go protest on stage or something to that effect). However, the suckling pig wa quite well done. Kudos to the chef for the yummy glutinous rice too. The rest do not deserve a mention, or perhaps I should complain about the mediocre dessert too-- white fungus in soya bean. Alamak. Lazy betul. In a rush to leave the dinner, we forget to take our door gifts. :(. Arrived at Apollo's shop in just under ten minutes for a second round of drinks. Apollo, SK and KT had started earlier.

Happy Together

Apollo was nice enough enough to save us a couple of glasses of the delicious Reisling. Followed up with a bottle of Moscato. Nibbled at some yummy chicken wings too while we were at it. Met a couple of new people, namely QueerRanter-D ~ D for doppleganger. Or D for double. An uncanny resemblance, right down to the white-framed spectacles that he used to wear. Apollo must have saved some of his cum and cloned him for later. Another guy was Alf (remember this furry alien from TV?), in the music field. He gave KH a weird look and the reason why didn't come to light until more than a week later (cliffhanger!). Red during the wedding, and white after seemed to have put KH in a frisky mood. He was very touchy and frisky in front of everyone. Think if we went upstairs, he would have stripped of my jeans and shagged me against a wall (I imagined). Stayed till nearly midnight before bidding everyone goodnight.



Derek said...

Sad that we forgot the door gifts. But happy coz our officially attended our first wedding dinner ;-)

Mr Lonely said...

hehe, i like Salmon too~ but not sure whether those Salmon that we bought from market can directly eat or not or need to cook first? hmm..

- a L E x - said...

Lol @ the soggy red packet xD

Twilight Man said...

The door gift is nice & cute. When is yours?

Gratitude said...

Lol well-written! Enjoyed this post lots! ^^

William said...

How about our wedding?

I think different de


Waiting for KH


Mr Lonely said...

@William >>> ooo, >.<~

William said...