Sunday, April 14, 2013


Ouchie! by williamnyk
Ouchie!, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Pretty pair of Andrew Christian briefs right? KH got it for me last year. Gotta love the bright colour and contrast fluting. Unfortunately, it's not quite comfortable.

"Nice to see, nice to hold, once worn, not as comfy as I was told!"

It kinda rides up at the crotch and bites into my inner thighs. Think it's because the cutting is too narrow at the inseam (or God forbid my thighs are too fat!). Blegh. Bad design.

Can consider cumming on this pair and putting it up for sale! Hentai! Any takers? :P


Rae P said...

Me Me Me Me!!! :D

I'm broke tho….if not, id at least pay u double! The brief itself mustve costed a fortune - plus ur protein >> hmmm….it'll cost me! :/

bahahaha….in all honesty though, that is such a hot pair of undies! ^_^

Leo Nut said...

I want! Lol!
Yellow, such a kinky colour for underwear. Maybe its suppose to push up your ass thats why its uncomfortable. lol

Tempus said...

Ioutch! Kinda hate really uncomfortable undies though. Eats mah balls, thighs and dick till the point I have to constantly visit the lads to "reposition" them

boxers maybe? wait, my balls would be bouncing half way through body combat.

ohhh the dilemma~~~

Anonymous said...

whats the opening bid price?


William said...

LOL. Thanks for supporting though you might have to write me an I.O.U. It's quite cute, has a fly at the side of the pouch too for easy access. I'll take lots of pineapple to make the cum sweet for you XD

This isn't their push up range. The yellow is very eye-catching hor?

I don't wear boxers out. Yeah lo, kinda annoying kena tarik-tarik.

After talking to you, I think I should revise the price :P

Ash Godiva said...

after you cum need to seal in airtight plastic like what they did at Japan to ensure the freshness!

Twilight Man said...

Goodness!! You're selling soiled male under wears online! 1st in the World!

William said...

And they must take a video to prove it too!

Trust me, I'm not the first.

JokerPJ said...

Yea, how much? but can get unsoiled version? =P

haha, whats the size? must be the cutting lah, some undies are just poorly designed.