Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Dao of Soup

Lotus Root Soup 莲藕汤 by wiffygal
Lotus Root Soup 莲藕汤, swiped from wiffygal on Flickr.
I'm Cantonese. I love soup. I love piping hot soup (don't get how some people like to drink cold soup). Give me lots and lots of soup. Slow-boiled or quick boiled, I love 'em all. I even would even down the soup ingredients, no matter how tasteless some people say they are. Here are some of my personal observations for soup. What's your favourite soup and do you have any special requirements?

Chicken Pork Dried Seafood Ikan Bilis Dried Shrimp Red Dates Remarks

X Add pepper before serving
Lotus Root (all time fave!) X XX

X Add Pueraria root and groundnuts Especially good with pig tail
Water Cress


Cracked pepper corns are a must


Add garlic and ginger
Egg-Drop (mint, kau keitai wong miew)

Add garlic and ginger
Herbal X XX

White Fungus X X X

Old Cucumber XX

XAdd soy sauce before serving


Twilight Man said...

I am not a Cantonese but I LOVE SOUP!!! Did you type the interesting chart yourself? I eat hot and spicy food all the time. I guess my mum breastfed me with milk laced with Tom Yam.

J-boy said...

haha very interesting table!
didn't know there was such much to know about soup :P

I like lotus root soup too, with peanuts especially :P

Thaiboy said...

Tom Yum?

nicky05 said...

most I like it. Unless is spicy

William said...

@Twi: @ThaiBoy:
I forgot about this yummy trademark soup from Thailand (I like the clear type, without santan). It's not in the list because my mum does not make it. Yes, I drew it up just for fun.

We have the same taste in soup. Men I'm not sure :P

No tom yum for you then.

Ash Godiva said...

i love broccoli soup!:D

Ash Godiva said...

what's the connection between Cantonese and soup?XD

ChatMate said...

Seldom hv soup with meals.
Coz bukan Cantonese? :P

Derek said...

I love soup too. Same like dear like lotus root. But generally like all soup le

William said...

Never had that before! We just love soup during meals.

You have BKT instead

I love you more than soup :P