Saturday, December 08, 2012

Sunday Selamat Pulang

Salada by williamnyk
Salada, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

As usual, I went to Sunday mass at St. Ignatius Church. Blistering heat caused mum and I to hide in Paradigm Mall. Went to my favourite restaurant there in terms of price, taste and variety-- Pasta Zanmai. Having had so much meat the day before in Teluk Intan, we went for lighter food like the kani avacado salad (so crisp and fresh) and a mini set consisting of teriyaki chicken with creamy pasta (they seared it just right) and soft-shell crab tortilla. Did some shopping after that, but we did most of our shopping at Kaison. They have such cheap Christmas decorations!

Xmas Feel

For dinner, I reserved some time for Jaz before he flew back to Germany. We went out to dinner with SK at SS3's Kah Hing. They serve Vietnamese food in the afternoon and Chinese food at night. However, Vietnamese coffee is available. Didn't quite like it, as it had weird, nutty taste. Didn't know what was good, so we gambled on the Rawang Style Steamed Tilapia (basically chili, ginger and garlic, but highly-recommended), ginger wine chicken (lotsa ginger but not much wine), Mui Choi pork (salah) and some vegetables. A word of warning, the restaurant is very stuffy, so better sit outside. Looked for some dessert at Kuchai Lama after that. Tried Moon House Desserts. I ordered the Golden Pomelo. Not bad le. And so with just a casual chat we bid farewell to Jaz... Hope to see him some time soon.


Rawang Style


Derek said...

Hmm no mention of me at all. This post was written in a hurry?

William said...

Actually this post got no much 'meat'

JokerPJ said...


so much food!!!

Twilight Man said...

LOL... Derek is your meat! How come never post his face for me to "see!"

I love Pasta Zanmai anytime. Good food comes with stiff price!

William said...

Nom nom nom

LOL. In my FB lo.