Thursday, December 06, 2012

Intan Invite

Ginger! by williamnyk
Ginger!, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

After much clarification with the project management office, it seems that my module was not involved in the second mock run at work. Good news. With my Saturday cleared up, I could attend my cousin's wedding in Teluk Intan. Left home at 3:00pm and arrived at the venue three hours later. Sporadic rain along the way. I walked into Restoran Man Chong and rushed into the loo. Coming out, I saw a slide show playing and by jove my cousin looked REALLY DIFFERENT. Then it dawned on me-- it wasn't my cousin. Opps. Wonder if we went to the wrong venue. Upon walking out only did I realize that there was two weddings going on at the same time. Opps. We were supposed to go upstairs. Nobody was upstairs either. No ushers. No nothing. Amazing. Half an hour later, more and more people were streaming in, but still no sign of my cousins. Couldn't care less anymore, so we just commandeered a table close to the main table. And boy, the main table was impressive. The centrepiece was a sculpture made out of old ginger. Radiationg from under the ginger Christmas tree was four dragons made out of radishes. You don't even get this at five star hotels. But I'm wondering about the symbolism of the ginger. Thought that was more suitable for birthdays.

Happily Ever After

At about 6:40pm, my cousin brothers came bustling up to put up the names of the happy couple on stage (they live ten minutes away and decided to do it at the last minute. Kena set rambut dan solek kot). Then they started looking at the guest list, but I don't think they comprehended the contents. And during that time, more and more guests had arrived. There was also a tussle regarding who was supposed to sit at the main table. It was the bride's banquet, but seems like the groom's family commanded more presence. Luckily by 8:00pm, they were ready to serve. Stupidly enough, confetti was used in a venue where the ceiling was lower than the standard height. Some guests were caught in the blast. LOL. All this aside, the food was quite good. Extremely generous portions. And the soup was very notable. Instead of sharksfin soup, they served a soup of sea cucumber, pig tendon, scallops, razor clams and black chicken. The prawns were served sweet and sour with fried buns. And interestingly, dessert was fried ice cream! Overall, the eight-course dinner was a breath of fresh air compared to all the banquets I had been having in the Klang Valley. And of course there was a karaoke session. The emcee didn't even need to sing because several guests were hogging the stage. An uncle of mine sang a Hokkien number that even my newphew knew the chorus to... Masyallah

Ugly But Yummy

The dinner concluded at 10:30pm and before we left, we paid Liew Kee a visit. The place is a famous Anson chu cheong fun factory that only opens at night and operates to the wee hours of the morning. Upon arrival, we already saw the line. Most of the cars parked outside had "W" car plates. Could see the workers working at the assembly line, steaming a thin layer of flour over a conveyor belt. Each packet costs MYR4 and contains two pieces of the lobvely delicacy. In case you don't know, it's unlike the normal chu cheong fun. It's as thin as the HK variety, but the difference is that it's sprinkled with stir-fried jicama and dried shrimp. And best eaten with preserved green chilies. Absolutely yummy. Reached home at around 1:00am and we couldn't sleep before tucking into the yummy chu cheong fun. It was still hot! A happy tummy makes for excellent sleep. Haha.


Derek said...

One day we have a day trip there ok?

Jaded Jeremy said...

Your nephew so keng ar :)

Anonymous said...

Hmm... do you drive a Myvi? I thought I saw someone who resembles you near Sunway LDP toll today with a guy at the passenger seat.

William said...

You wanna go Teluk Intan?

LOL. They learn quick.

Got so ngam or not? Haha. I don't drive a MyVi. :P