Thursday, December 13, 2012

Finding Food

we are closed by beavers abroad
we are closed, swiped from beavers abroad on Flickr.

Note: In case you get all woozy in the head, this happened on the 25th of November. :P

Sunday was D-Day for me at the office. The project that I had been working for in the whole of 2012 was going live. At least the first phase of it. Came in early on Sunday morning to monitor things. The back-end system had been fully-converted the night before and it was time to see it in action. However, since only two branches in Kuala Terengganu were operational, we weren't expecting much business. My ex-GM came to lend his moral support and bring us some egg tarts. Unlucky for me, the application was unavailable due to a problematic web server setting. We found the problem after the IT department performed server hardening a few days back and we thought we had solved it. Apparently not. Did some research on the internet and finally found the proper way to do it. Was cornered by the consultants and in the end I had to write a lengthy account of what had happened. Blegh. At noon, the boss decided to bring the team out for lunch. Initially, he had planned for Jarrod & Rawlins, but upon walking there, we found it to be closed. They had moved out! The Bukit Damansara branch is no more. Nerofico was also closed. Walked further down to The Hill and that wasn't open too. Wasted half an hour and I was hot and tired from that fiasco (basically a repeat of my last lunch hunt). In the end, we went back to the office and ordered Domino's Pizza! :S. We were so hungry that we actually stared at the ordering website, monitoring the progress of our order. Gobbled down five pizzas, several orders of chicken wings and plenty of bread. It was quite uneventful after that and we left at around 6:00pm. The real test would be on Monday, when all the branches would be operational. Aiyaiyai!

P.S.: Weeks later, I realized that I had no business on that day because those branches don't even use my system! Duh!


JokerPJ said...

Pizza, men, ice-cream, men, wings, men~

oh wow oh wow oh wow~

your job sounds complicated =.=

Twilight Man said...

Nothing lasts long at Bukit Damansara shops. Are they jinxed or something??

William said...

All in a day's work

Jual Chinese mixed rice there on weekdays can jadi kaya-raya

Derek said...

Poor dear go work for nothing