Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing by klinkekula
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, swiped from klinkekula on Flickr.
Sick of hobbling around, I went to see the GP on Saturday morning. He wasn't convinced that it was viral myalgia. To him, I most probably had dehydration. But still, he prescribed a muscle relaxant and an analgesic gel. Both did not give me much relief on the first day. For breakfast, SK and I tried Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles at Seri Petaling. I ordered the fish, whereas SK took the prawn. Not half bad, but I still prefer the Taman Desa shop. Surprisingly, SK walked out of the shop without visiting the toilet even once although she drank the soup with evaporated milk (she's very lactose-intolerant). Quite a miracle. After breakfast, Maxis informed me that my Maxis Fibre installation slot could be bumped up to noon. Since I had nothing better to do, I told them to come earlier. First to arrive were the folks from Unifi. They asked me where I wanted the router and they explained what they needed to do. Since putting it in the living room would require drilling and pulling wires from the kitchen, I asked them to put the modem and router in my room instead. That way, they just needed to pull the fiber from the telephone pole through my window. No hassle. Halfway through, the Maxis guy arrived with the wireless router and did the settings. Took roughly about ninety minutes settle everything. Just Unifi rebranded as Maxis. Think Peugeot with a Naza logo. The Maxis technician was quite clueless. I asked him about to change the WIFI SSID and password and he advised me to call Maxis support line for that. After he left, I changed it myself. Happy with the performance. reported a 9.6Mbps download speed. That's nearly what I paid for and best of all, with the same price, one only gets 5Mbps with Unifi.

Bullfrog in Chicken Essence

Way past our lunch time, we headed to Restoran DST Bullfrog Porridge for some chow. Obviously we ordered bullfrog-- bullfrog porridge, steamed bullfrog with essence of chicken and some vegetables. Semua yummy-yummy belaka and certified not relatives of Fable Fawg (I let him identify the bodies). No activities during the afternoon, just me and my broadband. How long had I suffered with Celcom. SK arranged dinner Lifebook and his niece later that night. Picked them up from Damansara and went to Steam Room at 1Mont Kiara Mall for dinner. Never knew that mall existed. Food wasn't bad, but their doubled boiled black chicken in coconut was really salah. It had an extremely creamy and sweet taste, like santan that already pecah minyak. Weird. For drinks, we walked over to Starbucks at Plaza Mont Kiara. Although Lifebook's niece normally doesn't say much, she would normally be the center of the conversation. Always fun to have her around.


J-boy said...

That pic of the "wolf" is just adoraballs!! hahaha feels so wrong yet so right.... :P

JokerPJ said...

So you have both Unifi and Maxis broadband? why ehh... How about astro?

nicky05 said...

im quite satisfied as well with the speed. especially when downloading torrent files.

Derek said...

The pic of the dog with sheep wool and horns is so cute! Lovez

William said...

Hahahaha. Too bad it's actually a dog, doesn't quite fit.

Maxis rides on Unifi. I don't have Astro.

Me too!


Twilight Man said...

I always go to 1MK gym but never heard of Steam Room! Sounds so erotic!

The bullfrog photo gave me goose bumps even though I do eat frogs.

Twilight Man said...

Now after googling I just remembered a client treated me to lunch at Steam Room in Sunway Giza! Terror la my memory!

Jaded Jeremy said...

Is that a pomeranian??? They're the cutest!

William said...

You're right, there's one at Giza.

I'm no expert, but I think so.