Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ponteng Kerja

Terengganu Goodies by williamnyk
Terengganu Goodies, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Since my boss was not in the office on Wednesday, I notified him that I would be taking half a day of replacement leave in the afternoon. Packed up and took the LRT down to Bukit Jalil. In my blur state, I took the Ampang train instead of the Seri Petaling train and ended up in Miharja. Crap! I got off and went to the other platform to catch the train back up to Chan Sow Lin. I boarded the next train that arrived. And you know what? I went back down to Miharja!!! Double crap! I noticed a gweilo making the same mistake. During my second time at Chan Sow Lin, I made sure I boarded the correct train. Ugh. What a waste of time and money. At Bukit Jalil, I had to waste more time walking to the parking lot near Stadium Putra due to the stupid Proton Power of 1 exhibition. By the time I picked SK up, it was already 2:00pm. Lunch was at Restoran Mek T at Puchong Jaya. A fast food style joint for Terengganu food. Owned by a Chinese lady, but halal. Tried their nasi dagang (found the rice a tad sweet but it's really among the best in KL), keropok lekor (not exceptional) and laksam (the rice sheets were a bit soft and I detected a taste of flour). Overall they have good food and good variety. I would definitely visit again to try their other items. Next up, we went to IOI Mall to buy some stuff from Caring Pharmacy. Also stopped for coffee at Mbuji. Was disappointed by their African Arabica coffee beans. Not worth the price. After that I went back to SK's apartment for a some crazy home lab activities. Stirred up my own batch of shampoo with a mix of natural and mild surfactants from SK's private stash. Was such a pain stirring the SLS. Gunky stuff. Thicker than any cum you would ever see. Wish I had a blender on hand! I kinda screwed up the formula... calculations were off and we ended up with too much water. But that didn't stop SK from saving the formula. :). Another two days of replacement leave to clear!


Home Lab

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Birthday and Christening

The Milk Tea Craze by williamnyk
The Milk Tea Craze, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
KH recently came back to KL to attend a friend's wedding. Since Friday evening, we were unable to schedule a meet-up, though a short one. In the end, we met up on Monday. I had took leave to spend the day with him and celebrate his birthday. In all our years together, I don't think I had properly celebrated his birthday, so this was a good opportunity. Timing was good. Surprisingly, the traffic was excellent on Monday, so I arrived at KH's place at around 9:00am, much earlier than expected. Was supposed to bring him to Woo Pin at Taman Desa, but I forgot that it was their off day! Thank goodness I had plan B-- House of Ceggo. Shared their special bitter gourd pan mee. The soup base was very good and was wafting with the aroma of rice wine and ginger egg omelette. Loved it. After that, we went over to RT Bakery to buy some bread for SK. But I guess we were too early. Their bread was hot from the oven and couldn't be sliced just yet. Killed some time at Kopitiam Desa and went back there after our coffee.

Sake Row

Next stop was The Gardens Mall for some minor shopping and walking around. The mall was quite deserted and KH would use that chance to hold my hand or grab my ass! Also shared a cup of brown rice tea from Chatime and about 1:00pm we left for lunch at Ishin, Old Klang Road. Been years since I stepped into that restaurant. The last I was there, it was with SK, JJ and Bunny. If memory serves, the portions weren't too impressive and the price not very attractive. But I decided to give it a second chance after receiving a promotional e-mail from them. After leaving my car with the free valet, I walked into quite a full house! Surprise. Surprise. Shared a Haru Bento that came in a unique carrying case with several drawers of food. Probing the box, we found sashimi (akagai, hiramasa, salmon and botan ebi), potato salad, nasu dengaku, salmon belly teriyaki, umaki, ebi shibani, ayu shioyaki, aka kamaboko, takenoko tosani, edamame, idako, salmon with king crab hasamiage, soramame with unagi kabayaki gohan, miso soup and chawanmushi. In the end, we were served with green tea ice cream. For MYR88+, it was very filling. The food was quite good, but I would have preferred less fried items.

Sashimi @ Haru Bento

Green Tea Ice Cream

With our bellies filled, I brought KH back to my new apartment. He had a quick look around as it was quite empty (but most probably je was just more interested in getting me naked). I then led him to the most interesting place-- the master bedroom. Hehe. The queen-sized bed was all made up and ready for us. But before we got down to business, KH showed me all the stuff that he had bought for me. This time round, he had filled my underwear quota for 2013! LOL. Love him. More sexy underwear, a couple of mesh tank tops and a pair of swim shorts from Andrew Christian. Also in the mix was a pair of Zara shirts. So happy. After I modeled a few items for him, he pulled me to the bed and we got down and dirty. We officially christened my new apartment! :D. Cleaned up and we went back down to SK's apartment. She wasn't feeling too well and didn't quite notice us. I sang KH a birthday song and he cut his piece of Mirror Chocolate cake. In her condition, SK still managed to double-boil some birds nest soup which we shared. Sent him home after that with a big, sloppy smile on his face.

Underwear Quota 2013 I

Underwear Quota 2013 III

P.S.: Opps... forgot to mention what I got KH for his birthday (other than the amazing sex of course)-- a reversible leather belt from Pedro, a pair of black Cancun by Birki's (matching mine :D), a pair of checkered shorts and his favourite striped polo T. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spinal Tap IV: Discharged

... by Leigh Righton
..., swiped from Leigh Righton on Flickr.

The ten days in KPJ Damansara were not pretty for SK.

  1. Bad wardmate - the Indian woman watched Bollywood day and night at full blast and talked on the phone loudly. SK paid an extra MYR80 a night and upgraded herself to the single room.
  2. Food was crappy and the portion was pathetic - tofu in porridge :(
  3. Spinal leakage - her procedure had caused a leakage in her spinal membrane, so the pressure in her skull dropped, causing her brain to sag. And that caused a host of problems ranging from severe headaches, nausea and weird sensory perception. The whole time, she could not sit up or stand for long.
On Saturday morning, mum and I brought her breakfast and packed off most of her luggage because she was gonna be discharged later in the afternoon. After lunch, Lifebook came to pick her up and send her home. True to the usual sui-ness, Prudential's system was down and she could not settle her insurance claim. But she paid a deposit and left anyway. Heard that the car ride was quite a challenge for her. CK also went to her place to keep an eye on her. In the evening, I brought over all her stuff and had dinner with SK, CK and Lifebook. Although discharged, SK was still very much not herself. In fact, I felt that she was worse off. Tidur bukan. Baring bukan. Duduk bukan. Meniarap bukan. She kept on moaning in discomfort. Felt like sending her back to the hospital actually, but we just steeled ourselves and she pulled through.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Spinal Tap III

Silent Scream by Charlie Barker ♥
Silent Scream, swiped from Charlie Barker ♥ on Flickr.

On and off along the week, Briyani Blue Sky and I would visit SK at the hospital. Luckily Briyani stayed close to the hospital, so he would normally pack her dinner after work. One day as I was walking from Bukit Jalil station to the car park to get my car, I received a distress call from SK. It was a whole lot of screaming and yelling and yelps of pain! Kinda like childbirth! Yikes! Confirming that she had already called the nurse, I quickly drove over to Damansara Kim in the rain. Halfway there, she informed me that she had stopped shivering and cramping after the nurse gave her an injection. Phew! By the time I had arrived, Briyani was already there, sporting his.. ahem... pai kia haircut. Completely shave both sides, leaving an unruly mop top above. :P. Definitely an attention-getter at his brother's wedding. Asked the nurse what happened and she explained that she ran a high fever of 39 degrees (!) so the doctor prescribed a shot of painkillers. Her symptoms calmed down in five minutes. But she vomited shortly after that. Briyani had a WTF-face seeing what had passed. She was feeling much better but weaker after that. Briyani let her eat some chu cheong fun and we stayed around till around 9:30pm. She was already drowsy, so we let her rest and went home. Phew!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spinal Tap II

Drip by williamnyk
Drip, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

On Saturday, mum and I went for breakfast at Restoran Fei Wang and tapau-ed curry noodles (she was never known as one to jaga makan) for SK. Bumped into my sister, so we ate together. Reached the hospital at about 10:00am. SK's headache seemed to have gotten worse and had to lie down all the time. Trips to the loo would give her a killer headache. She ate just a little bit of the noodles. Amazingly, her ex-company sent flowers and fruits in a beautiful basket. Before noon, we left her to rest and mum went home to fry some battered sandwiches of new year cakes with sweet potato and yam. Yummy! For lunch, we ate leftover curry noodles and some of the yummy snacks. In the afternoon, mum went out for her society meeting. I just stayed at home fiddling on my laptop. Mum came home at about 5:00pm and she told me that a check on the EC's website found that she was still registered to vote in Kuantan. She had updated her IC address ages ago but forgot to update the EC. So we rushed off to the post office in Tesco Puchong to get it done.

Moi: Saya nak update address untuk daftar pemilih.

Pos Malaysia: Sini tak boleh update. Kena pergi SPR.

Moi: (muka bengang) Tak boleh?! Tukar alamat untuk tempat mengundi la.

Pos Malaysia: Tukar alamat ke? Itu boleh la. Update tu lain tau.

Moi: Ye ke. Jadi saya nak 'tukar'.


What kind of stupidity was that? Was she just being difficult? Anyway, got it settled in less than five minutes and we zoomed home. Had to leave for a BEC gathering at Petaling Garden. My first time there. Saw a Thai restaurant in the vicinity-- Khuntai. Is it any good? The venue was an old semi-d with hardwood furnishing. Quite classy and suitable for large gatherings. As usual, we had our bible activities, sharing and makan-makan. Next month, the gathering would be at my place. :D

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spinal Tap I

Dr. Azizi by williamnyk
Dr. Azizi, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Note: This happened four weeks ago today!

SK was scheduled to undergo a nucleoplasty on Thursday morning, so she checked herself into KPJ Damansara on Wednesday. Unfortunately for her, nobody checked out on that day leaving her stranded there for hours. Reaching her limit, she unleashed her bitchiness and got checked into a twin sharing room. Later that night, I took the PUTRA line down to the Kelana Jaya station. Subsequently, I hailed a cab to Damansara Kim. The taxi driver was a sixty year old Teo Chew Lang who told me of his perfect vision. He thought I was a doctor. I told him that if I was a doctor, I wouldn't be hailing a cab. Due to the scarcity of rooms, Sk's room was at the pediatric ward. Plenty of kids running around and their worried parents doting on them. As usual, SK story me all the peningness that happened during the day. I also found out that her doctor would do a disectomy if her condition was found to be worse during the procedure. Was quite surprised that she was taking the risk. Drove her car home after that.

Spinal Bits

First thing on Thursday morning, her surgeon performed the procedure. At 11:00am, SK gave me a call and told me that the surgery was a success and that she was craving for sushi. Amazing that in her anesthesia high she could still call to order Japanese for lunch. At noon, I met up with Briyani Blue Sky at Asia Jaya LRT. He picked me up and we went for lunch at Section 14. Said that I looked pale and was wondering if I would keel over. If I did, I don't think he could drag me to the clinic (but I think he can perform CPR on me XD). Had fish head noodles at a very hot and stuffy food court. I forgot that Jaya Grocer had been demolished, so we ran over to Sushi Tomo, SS2 to get SK a mix of nigiri sushi. By the time we reached the hospital, it was already 2:00pm. She seemed fine with no sign of pain. Just complained of a headache. Her appetite seemed OK too. But she did tell us that she fell down in the loo (right after her surgery no less) due to weakness in her legs. :S. Saw the burnt shavings of spinal disc that the specialist removed from her lumbar. Looked like hasma! Left the hospital at about 4:00pm and went to SK's apartment to rest (was feeling lethargic, even SK said I looked pale) and keep her laundry. Went home for dinner after that...

Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Birthday and a Funeral

Mum bought a pair of chili red pants from Ms. Read, Midvalley last week but she suddenly decided that she did not like the colour. So after mass, we braved the horrible traffic jam around Midvalley Ring Road and inside the parking lot to make an exchange. By the time we got in, it was already 1:30pm. Walked out of the elevator near Yuzu only to receive SK's message that she was there with Gratitude. Since we had not eaten, mum and I decided to gatecrash their party. Turns out that they were in a private room with TZ, Evan, Bear and Pikey! I shared a cha soba and nigiri sushi set with mum. Was quite filling. The conversation was primarily about the CSL-LGE debate. LOL. Didn't tarry as we were rushing for time. Quickly got the brown pants and left for home. By the time we reached home, it was already half past three and that meant that we were thirty minutes late for my neighbour's daughther's third birthday party! Sis, BIL and Cyan had also arrived already. Wrapped up some chocolates and a red packet and headed next door to eat some home-made soto ayam. Stayed a while to chat, while Cyan and the little birthday girl bonded a bit. Little Cyan had a fun time gulping down nuggets and slices of the Angry Bird birthday cake.

Later in the evening, mum and I went out to Taman Bukit Jalil some exercise. It seems that DBKL had started doing some half-hearted upgrading work on the park. Hopefully it amounts to something. Dinner was at Restoran Fai Wong. Shared a plate Singapore bihun. Not bad and quite a hearty portion. Some time before 9:00pm, mum went for a neighbour's funeral, just a few doors away. The old man died at about 6:00am due to cancer. Passed on comfortably with his wife by his side. Word on the street was that he did not seek treatment and even hid the fact from his relatives. Since they opted for the Buddhist rites, we did not hear much chanting at night. May he rest in peace.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day Out, Night Out

Pu Tien by williamnyk
Pu Tien, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Marketing did not happen last Saturday because mum went to her society's post-CNY function. Several DAP leaders were supposed to grace the event, but none of them turned up undoubtedly due to the CSL-LGE debate that was scheduled later that night. At about a quarter past eleven, SK picked me up and we went off to One Utama for lunch. We ate at Pu Tien with Lifebook, his niece and his old friend, H (a perfect example of awet muda). Lots of unconventional stuff on the menu. SK chose some favourites she had tasted in Singapore and some new items-- braised pork intestines (layers and layers of goodness), garlic chili cockles (not for me!), fried yam pillows (a nice aroma but the sauce was too sweet), sweet and sour century egss (done up like ku lou yuk), fried heng hua bihun (a signature dish), mee suah and fried tapioca noodles (my mouth was tired from chewing!). Overall the food was OK and not too expensive, but I kinda felt that it tasted better down south. After lunch, we went shopping hunting for shoes as Lifebook's niece's Crocs were spirited away. Looking around, she decided on Crocs again. Oh well. A safer choice. With that out of the way, we sat down at CBTL for coffee. H paid the bill and also threw in an espresso brownie and red velvet cake. Talked a lot about work during lunch and also about Lifebook's imminent promotion to General Manager. Hahahaha. Was my first time meeting H and it was also fun chatting to him although his thinking patterns can be quite ancient at times! :P. Most of the time, Lifebook's niece just kept quiet and absorbed our chatter.

Espresso Brownie

At about 4:00pm, we left for home. Mum was already home from her function and tapau-ed some food for us, so we had a tea time of steamed chicken and vegetables! A couple of hours later, mum left for dinner with her friends leaving SK and I to our own dinner plans. Tried to get hold of HornyBF and Briyani Blue Sky, but both of them gave us the cold shoulder. :'(. Our food only digested at seven plus, so we only left for Hyotan, Subang Jaya at that time. Pretty easy to find, just at the shops opposite SJMC. Several Japanese families were dining there and we were even served by the Japanese owner's pre-adolescent son-- typical Jap look, his eyes gave him away. Took a long time to browse the menu. Didn't really know what to order. The stuff was a bit different. Reviews described it as 'home style cooking'. In the end, we ordered a mixed plate of salmon sashimi (normal, belly and ikura, all so very sweet), Unagi Nama Harumaki (unagi rice paper roll, nice) and Aji Tsumire Nabe (a soup of vegetables and home made mackerel fishballs, yummy!). Went off to Empire Subang after that for some grocery shopping at Jaya Grocer. My first time there since the gas explosion at Serai. Looked just slightly different. Did some shopping at Tangs too. Seems that they carry different brands from the larger store in The Pavillion. Reached home at about 10:30pm and called it a night.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Office Observations

Dettol by nickwheeleroz
Dettol, swiped from nickwheeleroz on Flickr.
I have a colleague who smells strongly of Dettol.

  1. He gargles with undiluted Dettol every morning
  2. He soaks his clothes with Dettol
  3. He uses Eau de Dettol
  4. ...
  5. ...

Monday, March 12, 2012

Wedgie Risk

Wedgie Risk by williamnyk
Wedgie Risk, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Here's something that caught my eye during lunch at Wisma Central... This guy had his shirt tucked into his underwear. =_=". I've not seen something like this since my primary school days. Luckily it wasn't some dingy generic brief. At least it was Renoma. :D. Enjoy.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Fukuharu by williamnyk
Fukuharu, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
On Sunday, mum and I skipped morning mass and went for breakfast at the nearby coffee shop. Shared a big bowl of wantan noodles. At about half past noon, SK fetched us to Jalan Ampang to have lunch at Fukuharu, TERRACE @ Hock Choon. The place was quite deserted with only three tables occupied. Ordered two lunch sets and an omakase sashimi. One set was unagi tempura and the other was mixed tempura. The sets came with mini kaiseki dishes that comprised off a very yummy jumbo grilled prawn, vegetable nimono, garden salad, potato salad, chawanmushi, salmon sashimi and vanilla ice cream with black sesame sauce. Loved the black sesame sauce a lot! Wangi giler! Perfect for the hot day. I told KH that I was eating at Fukuharu and this was the What's App message that came:

"I wanna eat with baby there. Then later fuku. Hehe. Want or not?"

Sharing Breakfast

A Different Kind of Sweet

Looks like somebody was very horny. After lunch, we ventured down to The Gardens for some shopping. Mum did most of the buying. Her jodoh shopping seems very good these days. Tried mochi from Mochi Sweets. Not bad, except for the fact that one needs to let the product thaw for half an hour before eating. At about 4:30pm, we left for Brickfields to attend the 5:00pm mass at Our of Lady of Fatima Church. A change of venue cause there was an anointing of the sick in conjunction with the Day of the Sick. Mum was complaining of deteriorating general health while I urged SK to go for her spinal problems. Mass started thirty minutes later with only a small crowd. But the anointing took quite long as the priest had to cross each person with blessed oil on his/her forehead and palms while reciting a prayer. By 7:00pm we left for OUG for dinner at Hong Cha. One of the yummiest pork noodles are to be had in KL. Fantastic soup with quality pork slices, smooth minced meat and the mandatory spare parts (but I was a good boy and didn't take them!). A most satisfying way to end the day.

Day of the Sick

Distilled Porkiness

Thursday, March 08, 2012


MJ the Clown by williamnyk
MJ the Clown, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Mel's son Cameron turned one recently and she threw him a big her party at her home. Invitations went out to her close friends and family. As a result, my whole clan turned up-- mum, sis, BIL, SK and little Cyan. Arrived at 7:00pm and Mel was seen rushing here and there seeing to the preparations, sweating profusely in her beautiful salwar kameez. She immediately ushered us inside and offerend us alcohol. No children's party is complete without Dewar's. Haha. The caterers had not finished setting up and the clown had not arrived. Yes, you read right, a clown. For just MYR300, you buy two hours of distraction for the kids. At 7:30pm, the clown finally made his appearance (actually he had came at 5:00pm to do recon work. Wow...).

"The clown is called MJ. He told me he does Michael Jackson impersonations too. I told him not to do any of that nonsense at my party."

And you know what? He made his appearance with Michael Jackson's "Bad" blaring in the background. LOL. The kids took some time to warm up to him, but the adult aunties seemed to love dancing with him. Haha. Dinner started late due to the magic show going on inside and after scoping out the food, SK and I had to tapau something for the kid cause he ain't a fan of spicy stuff. Came back with a pack of wantan noodles. By the time we got back, dinner had begun. Food was nice-- chicken curry, peppered mutton, kofta curry, butter palak paneer and eggplant. Shared a table with Mel's Malay neighbours at it was kinda awkward that Cyan was there eating charsiew while I discreetly sipped a cold beer. LOL. Met up with some old acquaintances from Maybank and an ex-coursemate of mine. Amused to find that the playboy had settled down with a nubile, young Russian girl and they already have a 5-month old son! Hebat.

Lightning McQueen

While the adults chatted, the kids ran around and whacked each other with balloon swords that MJ had provided them with. One little girl actually took on two boys and a girl with a balloon flower. The toddler showed no fear and displayed no mercy. Reminded me of Xena. After a couple more drinks, ice cream and Lightning McQueen birthday cake, we called it a night. Had a great time at the party. And dear Cameron, may you grow up healthily and continue to be your momma's sweet angel.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Toasted Over Toast

Preparing breakfast by khairilfz
Preparing breakfast, swiped from khairilfz on Flickr.

Picked up SK from the hospital after church and had a Korean lunch nearby. Quite lousy discharge procedures. With just three patients checking out that day, they moved like it was thirty patients. So much for their new management. Entered their "Choose My Hospital of Choice Contest" and hopefully we would get something put of the whole ordeal! Immediately after getting out of her hospital clothes, SK wanted to do some shopping!Tangs @ The Pavillion was moving out so they were having a big clearance of up to 80%. And SK had a birthday voucher that she needed to collect. Out we went to Bukit Bintang to see if there were any bargains to found. For the first time ever, available parking at The Pavillion was zero. Zilch. Went down to B3 and back up to B2 to park at some illegal spot. The number of people with Tangs carrier bags proved that it would be promising. We joined the fray. I didn't buy anything from the men's department but I did get an eye-full of gay lous. A short-sleeved shirt from Studio Tangs came with a price tag of $400 and after discount it was $80. It still did not quite compute for me. I wasn't in dire need of any more clothes anyway. On the other hand, mum and SK had better luck at the women's department. However, it was a bitch lining up for the dressing room and cashier. After that, we went to Parkson for a breezier type of shopping.

By the time we were done, it was already evening, so we decided to have an early dinner at Food Republic. Been hankering for Toastbox so I lined up though there were twenty people in front of me (business was so brisk that they used paper cups on saucers) while SK went to buy the soup-rice set and some tid-bits from New Shanghai. When it was my turn:

Moi: Roti Kahwin set. Kopi-o. Teh-c panas.

Psycho Cashier: Itu saja? $14.70.

Moi: Ahhh... itu toast saya tak mahu butter ah...

(Psycho Cashier goes off to the toast counter to tell his colleague and some harmless horsing around suddenly turned into a full-fledged fist-fight!)

Moi: .............

Shocking! They practically crashed to the other end of the counter to where the customers were sitting. I could see people jumping out of the way. And Psycho Cashier turned up the heat by picking up a cleaver! The tea guy held on to his hand! By that time, the food court supervisor and mall security had arrived. Pscho Cashier pushed the tea guy away and went back to work like nothing happened. He even told the customers that the toast guy was a coward. Yikes. What took the cake was an airhead Chinese girl behind me:

"Oi! Teh-c ais saya! Belakang sana! Cepat sikit la. bagi saya!"

I was ready to flee in case Psycho Cashier decided to whack her to a pulp with the cash register. In the end, plains-clothes security escorted both employees away. Some ang moh even complained that his pregnant wife was 'disturbed' by the incident. Such an eventful dinner. In the end, I got my toast without butter (and luckily with no blood). :).

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Coat West Star II: Sho

This is a follow up post from my Nagi post. Sho is another favorite of GV producerr COAT WEST. I usually see him as a top but on rare occassions, he could be seen penetrated by Nagi and Hikaru. What's hotter than seeing a hunk being on the receiving end once in a while? His body is never very defined, but he is definitely sexy. Kinda like Johan Paulik of Bel Ami fame.


Name: sho
Age:21 (during Sho Only Shining Star)
Birth date:Unknown (1985)
There is no girlfriend: Now there are ... ... (sho is very shy yo ~)

Dated for:Half a year
Type of girl he fancies:Petite~ Makes people have an urge to protect them, cute when running (in small steps)
Wants his girlfriend to call him:Sho-kun(翔君) (I can do that!)
First love:Elementary year 4, with a girl from the next class

First H:Freshman
Type of H he likes:Both parties desire it
First “solo” experience:Elementary years
Number of times a week:Doesn’t do it very often, mostly does “it” with girls
Right hand or left?:Right left right, changes when he gets tired (I can help!)
Sensitive spot:Right nipple (OMG, me too! :P)

Favorite color:Black
Favorite sport:Likes to watch soccer; Plays baseball, is a catcher (Shouldn't he be a pitcher?)
Favorite food:Meat (Definitely meat!)
Least favorite food:None~
Strangest thing eaten so far :Friend’s finger nails
Favorite clothing brands:Those which are privately popular
Favorite underwear:Boxers
Favorite animal:Penguins, the way they walk
Favorite alcoholic drinks:Beer, red wine
Favorite gambles:Doesn’t like gambling, but bets on horses sometimes

What he wants to be in his next life:Penguin (Good Lord... Happy Feet?)
What he thinks he was in his previous life:Warrior, because he can always see spears flying towards him in his dreams (Another bottom reference... hmmm)
Past he wants to change: History, such as making Osaka the capital of Japan
Future he wants to visit:None
Last dinner? (before his death):Just smoking~
Thing he wants most at the moment:PSP
Thing he wants most that can’t be bought with money:Young girlfriend (Pedophile! Hahaha…)
Sho, ten years ago?:Catch grasshoppers and all that and put them in his pocket
Sho, ten years later?:Will grow moustache/beard~ (Please don't!)
Secret?: Yes
Has he been molested by a male groper before?:Yes, on a crowded train cabin
Has a guy ever confessed to him?:No, only been kissed by his drunk friend
Product label: Appears to be strong but breaks easily

Q - Question
S – SHO!

Q: What will you bring with you to a deserted island?
S:Hmm…… Not a rice cooker, because no electricity there……. Not girls…… Not memories….. I’d bring…… a boat! (laughs) Then I’ll be able to come back, won’t I?
Q:Do you want to approach girls or be approached by them?
S:Generally…… I want to approach them.
Q:So far, you’ve been approaching them?
S:No (laughs), so far I’ve mostly been approached~
Q:If your relationship turns cold will you continue or break up?
S:Break up…… But I won’t hurt the other party…… It’s better to be tactful (laughs)……
Q: What are the benefits of dating you?
S:They can see what others can’t about me…… my true self~
Q: Example?
S:Despite how I look, I like children a lot. I’ll volunteer to take them camping and stuff.

Closing words: Thank you very much for buying this video. I’ll continue to work hard! (no pun intended)

Translation by: serpentcity