Friday, April 15, 2011

Long Vacation

Remember the Japanese series "Long Vacation"? Starred Takuya Kimura, the Japanese heartthrob with hair that by itself has star factor. I still remember my ex-coursemate telling me what her Japanese languange tutor said:

"I can't believe he married that cow! I'm much prettier than his wife!"

Goodness. I digress. FYI, this blog will be quiet for two weeks. I'll be off on a long vacation with KH. A honeymoon? Haha. But I will definitely be longest time we will spend together in one stretch! Don't think I'll schedule any posts. Not really my style. I'll try to post something if I get a WIFI connection.

Will I be missed? (I know ChatMate will) I know I will miss everyone in the blogosphere. So here's my itinerary:

The Lion City

Big Ben

The genius of Gaudi

Kölner Dom

Sacré Cœur

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Jet-lagged in Serangoon

The harsh reality of Kuala Lumpur

See ya!

P.S.: Lots of work will be awaiting me when i get back... but I'll try to sweep that under the carpet for now!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Goemon IV
Swiped from williamnyk.
With KH's limited connectivity at his new rented place these days, he no longer has any new porn for me to copy... So I had to resort to copying less stimulating movies. A Japanese production entitled Goemon caught my eye. Interesting cinematography. Very stylized. Elaborate costumes with rich textiles. Feudal Japan meets J-pop meets The Renaissance. Some exaggerated historical references. But the story is kinda unfocused. It starts off with a Robin Hood theme, but it seems to branch out to political ploys, loyalty, murders, love, etc. Entertaining, but not exactly a very good movie. I'll just leave you with some screenshots of the actor pouring a bucket of cold water over his toned body after a night of hot sex from the movie. Yes, yes, my movie reviews suck. :P

Goemon I

Goemon II

Goemon III

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

LRT Celebrities: The Thinker

Tohtonku and ThompsonBoy both sent me a link to "LRT Celebrities" definitely draws parallels from this interesting site. Who knows, if I ever get enough submissions, Malaysia may get its own version of TubeCrush. Wonder what would be a suitable name...? Care to brainstorm with me? I'll leave you with the second submission from Ash. A buffed Middle Eastern guy with big arms on PUTRA LRT. Not quite my type. I would have given the guy beside him a second look instead.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


The Rosary
Swiped from williamnyk.
It was the fourth week of Lent. Decided to skip Stations of the Cross that day as we had come early for the Holy Rosary session. Lunch was at a nearby coffee shop in Kg. Chempaka. Just MYR8.00 for two plates of chicken rice, a plate of liver and a big bowl of water cress soup. Cheap and tasty, but the shop was really dirty. Somehow kesedapan berkadar songsang dengan kebersihan. What to expect from a new village setting? Went over to The Gardens to escape the heat. The sky had been constipated for days, refusing to rain. As usual, SK started the ball rolling by buying a Radley handbag at Robinsons. Then mum joined the fray with an XOXO handbag and a pair of red Zang Toi shoes. After paying for everything, we were just in time for the Uluwatu fashion show. It was fashion week, and The Gardens was decked out with artifical albino flowers. Didn't quite like the concept. The images of the models floating about the catwalk in the handmade Balinese lace such a good impression that we went to the shop for a look (we arrived there quicker than items from the show). The clothes were cheaper than I thought. SK walked out with a nice white blouse. Haha. Amazing. Left at bout 4:00pm. I did not spend a single cent. Hehe. Made a stop at RT Bakery, Taman Desa. Took another detour at Taman United to buy chu cheong fun. By the time we arrived home, it was already 5:00pm. Coupled with a packet of Nissin noodles, the chu cheong fun was our dinner. Not really a fan of it, but the sweet sauce from that stall was quite good. Back when I was a wee kid, Sunday breakfast used to be chu cheong fun with just sesame seeds and soya sauce. No extras. Other times nasi lemak with no sambal. I would chop up the hard-boiled egg and mix it in the rice. Weird, right? Haha. All on a Sunday.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

I'm So Horny Tonight

Out of the blue, Briyani Blue Sky called me on Saturday evening. He had managed to secure a 'date' with SimonLover and HornyBf. Couldn't pass over such a golden opportunity so I agreed to the yumcha session. At around 9:00pm, there was still no news about the location, so I issued a veto-- Kissaten, Jaya One. Was tempted to drink at Brussels Beer Garden, but looking at the noise and the smoke, Kissaten was a much better choice. By 10:15pm, everyone had arrived. Finally saw HornyBf. No lovey-dovey antics from them. No PDA. Lou fu, lou chai they claimed. Grilled HornyBf a bit about all the things that SimonLover had said about. All the skanky exploits and 'insuated infidelity'. The poor fella was at a loss of how to expel the 'accusations' and regain his 'innocent reputation'. Tiada api manakan ada asap kan? Hahahahaha. Was cute to find that SimonLover actually 'reminded' HornyBf not to dress up too flamboyantly for the meet-up. LOL. SK and I were the most dressed-down with our pasar pagi look. I wonder what HornyBf must of thought of my umkempt hair. :P.

My throat was acting up again, so I ordered hot honey ginger lemon and SK ordered some salted pork slices for snacks (was served with chopped spring onions and leek and dusted with pepper. Quite nice). The iced long black she ordered was horribly watered down though. Not sure about SimonLover's burger, perhaps HornyBf will blog about it. The conversation veered from serious stuff like work, 'interesting' landlords to relationship histories. Quite interesting to hear how HornyBf and Briyani started their gay lives. They had a similar plot, but Briyani took the cake in terms of complexity. SimonLover and I on the other hand were both clear-cut cases. Bwahahahaha. Left past midnight. Poor SimonLover had come straight from work and SK and I had to go to church the next day. Took an antihistamine, gargled with mouthwash and sucked on a Strepsil to sleep (sounds better if Strepsil was replaced with dick... oh well...). Damn backflow problem... ish.

P.S.: I'm feeling much better now. No more coughing, but my throat acts up and now and then. Ish.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Whole Tummy Fire

Unlucky Number Three
Had dinner at Restaurant 83 the other day. Ordered wat tan hor from one of the stalls. Told the blur-looking Burmese my order and he gave me a number. A big #3. I went back to the table. After like twenty minutes, I saw a Burmese waiter walking around with a plate of noodles. I flashed him my number, he looked at me, I looked at him and he walked away. "Damn, my order is not ready yet", I thought. Waited for another fifteen minutes. SK had finished her pork noodles. I walked over to the stall and see a plate of wat tan hor there. I ask the fella if it's mine. He told me #3. Told him to bring it to my table. I gave the waiter MYR10. I took one bite and found it cold. As cold as our FLOM on her hubby's bed. I took it back and told them to reheat it for me. I waited for another ten minutes. Did the idiot understand me?! Furious, I walked back to the stall. Guess what, my wat tan hor was sitting there after being reheated. Shook my head in disbelief and took it back to the table myself. And you know what? The noodles were horrible. Tasteless to me. Or maybe because I was spewing fire from my belly! Mum asked me whether I had paid. I ranted that I was not gonna pay for that crappy plate of noodles. Then it hit me. I had already paid and the stupid waiter did not return me my change!!! Stomped to the stall again. SK helped me settle the matter. In conclusion, it was the worst plate of wat tan hor I had ever ate. Banned!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

'Free' Parking

Carrefour Endah Parade used to be a VERY happening place. The crowds there were unrivalled back in its hey day. Now, the whole complex is rundown with a low tenancy rate. And most tenants are seedy massage parlours manned by China dolls (no Ken dolls, sorry). And things became much worse after they imposed parking charges. Seri Petaling folks could not accept it and started going to other places to get their groceries. To counter the problem, Carrefour offers free parking for customers who purchase a minimum of MYR30. Mum purchased two packets of Milo and a bottle of ice cream soda (BIL had finished our alcohol mixer!). The total came to MYR29.98. Paid MYR30 due to the Central Bank's round-up rules. So we brought the parking ticket to be validated.

"Ini takde free parking. 29.98 sahaja"

"Oi! 29.98, tapi saya bayar 30 tau!"

"Tak boleh."

Celaka betul. Such an insincere policy. Padan muka dia bisnis macam nak gulung tikar!. Hmph!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Suami Tahu Rahsia Sulit Kita...

Swiped from bumblebin.
That's how an advertorial in MStar starts. In case there are question marks above your head, let me translate... "my husband knows my intimate secret". And it comes with a picture of the lady boss cum spokesperson with a super sloppy grin and a sexy pose (but it looks like she's in an epileptic fit, but I guess that can be attributed to the fact that she's wearing a girdle three sizes too small). It never fails to amuse how blatantly these sex-related products are sold in the Malay market. Here's an excerpt from the write-up:

"Akar Serapat pula herba yang boleh merapatkan faraj dan memberikan bau yang enak di sekitar vagina.... Gabungan herba ini mampu mengeringkan luaran vagina untuk kelihatan sihat dan segar...."

It basically means that the herbs can help to 'tighten' an 'over-stretched' and 'over-used' vajayjay and at the same time giving it a refreshing aroma. WTF. I think these claims are as spurious as penile enlargement pills! And yet there are women who lap it all up. So obsessed with sex. Anything to keep their hubbies from chasing after younger, nubile girls. You want a tighter c*nt? Don't spread your legs so much! P*ssy smelling like a rat cemetery? Try Febreeze or Ambi Pur!

"...segar agar si suami kekal tersenyum manis pabila merasai nikmat rahsia sulit kita."

I'm not smiling. =_="

Sunday, April 03, 2011

New Ventures

Swiped from williamnyk.
Typical marketing on Saturday with the only variation being that I had to pick up a flower arrangement from my friend at LRT Seri Petaling. Ordered it about a month ago for the opening of SK's new company. Nearly forgot if not for the SMS reminder I received the night before. It was beautiful white Phalaenopsis orchids potted in a glass vase. Knowing my friend's artistic talent, he embellished it with an intricate bamboo structure at the base and a mesh ribbon. I like his style. Must be his Ikebana training. Later in the afternoon, mum went out with friends and I stayed at home till dinner time. SK treated me to some Chinese dishes at Mama's Kitchen, Bandar Puteri Puchong. Our original plan was Restoran Drunken Tiger at Jalan Kenari, but after spending 40 minutes looking for it only to find it closed.... we changed plans. It was a real pain getting her Garmin to work. "Awaiting Better Accuracy". "Awaiting Better Accuracy". How useless. For a change, we did not have the claypot loh shu fun that Mama's Kitchen is famous for. Ordered dishes instead. Had stir-fried kale with roasted pork, stir-fried prawns with premium soya sauce (recommended!) and steamed tilapia in ginger sauce (sigh, doesn't anyone chop their garlic instead of blending it anymore?). This branch is much better than the one at TTDI where it's fully-manned by immigrants. Better food quality in Puchong.

After dinner, we made a stop at IOI Mall to look for mum's dustbin at Daiso. Found that all the travelators and escalators weren't in working order. And half of the lights were off. Was thinking, "What a cheapo mall". Couldn't find what were looking for, so we had guai lin gao at Koong Woh Tong. Only upon reaching home did I realize that it was Earth Hour. IOI Mall was trying to conserve electricity. LOL. Oh well. Did I do my part for the Earth? I think not. LOL. Slept very early that night. Even missed KH's regular call. But he understood and was glad that I finally teng wah and got more sleep. Hehe.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

A V-Power Saturday

Note: This post is to commemorate the MYR0.20 price increase for RON97 starting today. It now costs MYR2.70 per litre.

The Shell Station at Bandar Kinrara 5B opened with much fanfare last last Saturday (don't you love stale stories?). Balloons. Flags. Pavilions. Loud music. Inane emcees. Stupid jokes. Police dog demonstrations. Cheerleaders. Live band. Amazing. I made a stop to pump some petrol and in the process was solicited by a girl in a short skirt to use V-Power 97. I just uh-huh-ed and went on my way. Fetched SK to my place. Was thinking of lunch when I suddenly remembered about the carnival at the petrol station. Free food. Yes, free food! So, mum, SK and I made our way there though it had started to rain. :P. Made our way to the food. A generous spread of nasi minyak, nasi lemak, beef rendang, ayam masak merah, ulam and dhaal. Then there was pau inti kelapa and fried anchovy sambal buns. On top of that, there were goodie bags, freebies and lucky draws! Impressive right? Hehe.

"Sekarang anjing polis akan mengesan dadah dalam buku-buku di atas lantai!"

"Anjing ini namanya Hao."

"Apa maksudnya tu? Ni hao?"


You get the picture.