Monday, February 28, 2011

You know what? Poslaju Sucks Too!

PosLaju note
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A continuation from this and this.

Citibank sent me an SMS sometime before CNY telling me that they had couriered replacement credit cards to me via Poslaju. Strangely, I did not receive anything. Not even a bloody failed delivery notice from national courier. I called their customer service hotline and quoted the reference number from my SMS.

"According to our records, out postman arrived at your house on the 11th of February and found no on home. He honked for six times. There were dogs barking"

"I don't have dogs."

"Maybe your neighbour?"

"Both houses beside mine are unoccupied."


Got her to confirm that the address was correct, so the LOGICAL answer is they fucked up. What a surprise. So I arranged for a repeat delivery on the 21st. Knowing their style, they would usually deliver repeat parcels late in the evening, but this time, they came up to my house at noon while my mum was out picking Cyan up. Sigh. Then a few days later, I received a "You were not home" notice from Poslaju. I was thinking, "Shit! Not another one!?". On Saturday, I drove to Taman Perindustrian Selaman (luckily I managed to arrive though I made several wrong turns) expecting to pick up two letters. Turns out that there's only one letter. The latest notice also referred to the letter on the 11th. That means that they actually made a serahan kali ketiga!!! So surprising. Poslaju Boleh!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Annual Pain

My company's annual dinner was held on VDay eve. Initially it was slated for VDay, but that was scrapped after many objections from the employees. Duh. I did not want to attend it this year (many colleagues argue that since the company never gives out any bonus, might as well go eat and drink on the company's account), but seeing that the venue was One World Hotel rather than the usual Tropicana Tai Thong, I decided to go regardless of the stupid dress code. Some draconian genius decided to ban sports shoes and jeans, making the dinner a little stuffier. Had to arrive at the venue before 7:00pm to register. Failing to do so would mean no lucky draw for you! Upon arrival at the banquet hall, I was shocked to see so many 'colleagues'. Hardly knew 5% of 'em. Kinda scary really to see such a concentration of staff. Ugh. The registration went by alphabet which made my queue very short. Pitied all the Lees and Chans. Hahahaha. By registering, one gets a $20 and a lucky draw number. At each seat was some printed materials. Handouts for my Chairman's speech. Gawd. Undecipherable drivel. Was grateful that his speech was only eight minutes long instead of the allocated twenty.

Nearly all of the service staff were Bangladeshis. The waiter at my side wore a very tight vest over his shirt. Two sizes too small? His tummy was bursting comically out of the bottom, like a herniated big pao. Drank some wine with the mediocre food. During the lou sang, we all wished for some lucky draw prizes. The sharksfin soup was green (entah pandan ke green tea) and cold. The entertainment for the night was several national wushu exponents, one of 'em being the girl who unabashedly asked for real estate after bringing home a gold in the Asian Games. Ho-hum. In between was a talented lounge singer, but most of the time, her voice was drowned out by my company's trademark vulgarity-- everyone was busy yum seng-ing. Haha. I did not win anything from the lucky draw, but I did manage to get a surpise gift during registration-- a 1TB Western Digital external harddisk! More space for porn!!! One hated colleague won the grand prize of a 42" Phillips LED TV. We moaned and groaned. Better luck next year!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Briyani Langit Biru

Briyani Langit Biru is an elusive persona on FB. Just suddenly appeared one day and made his presence known. Added him into my friends list and started chatting with him. Was a bit skeptical at first as he had just one small picture on his profile and even his MSN avatar did not show his face. But other than that, everything seemed to be in order. More than once I've had people asking me whether I know him personally and whether they should accept his friend request. On the sidelines, he also built a rapport with Nicky and somehow three of us always had message threads running about arranging meet ups and blah-ing about fluff. Every time our stars did not align. Either I only met up with Nicky, or only Nicky met up with him. Determined to break the cycle, I SMS-ed him on VDay eve to arrange a lunch date. At first I suggested Pappa Rich at 3 1/2 Mile Square, but he preferred it in Petaling Jaya, so I obliged (you owe me, Briyani!). His suggestion-- Old Town Kopitiam at Jaya One.

Upon arrival at Jaya One, I felt it kinda a waste eating at Old Town with all the myriad of choices there. Something like gorging on white rice at a buffet spread. Seeing that Tappers Cafe had quite a following, I changed the venue to that. Although he stays in PJ, he was late (you owe another, Briyani!)! Looking through the menu, I was intrigued by the Nasi Dagang Terengganu. Unfortunately they were all out. Tried for the Nasi Gulai Ayam instead and it was also not available. Just my luck. In the end, we both ordered the Baked Soya Chicken. A bad choice. The whole dish was overpowered by dark soya sauce. Ugh. Looking and chatting with Briyani, it suddenly dawned on me that he could pass for Froggie's younger brother. The eyes, the build, but not quite the skin tone. Quite easy to talk to (not uber shy like Nicky, :P), definitely someone I would hang out with. One lemon tea and one cham later, we called it a day. Next time, perhaps all three of us can finally sit down together.

P.S.: I recently read in Star Metro that the Baked Soya Chicken is the pride of the chef at Tappers Cafe! The soya sauce is tea-infused to give a hint of smoked taste to the chicken. Errr... What do you think Briyani?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

CNY V & VI: Third Time's A Charm

Restoran TKS
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Stayed at home for first half of the day. In the afternoon, I went to Sunway Pyramid yet again! Three times in a week. Yuck. While waiting for KH, we tried to shop for some 3GS covers. Quite a challenge. Although it's nearly the end of the line for iPhone4, retailers are still not relegating their 3GS merchandise to the bargain bin. Blegh. Once KH arrived, we accompanied him for a late lunch at Kim Gary. Food and drinks weren't fantastic there. So disappointed that their "Coffee In HK Style" wasn't up to mark. No cuties either. Neither waiters nor patrons. But it was entertaining to sneak a peek at a straight couple going through their one foot high stack of 5R photographs. Some very nutty poses and the guy was semi-cute. Grat met us after he shoo-ed off the last of the visiting relatives at his house and we did some shopping. Managed to get a relatively cheap wallet from Braun Buffel for my brother's birthday. The poor fella was scouting for cheapo wallets in Jusco the other day. Visited SimonLover again too. Saved him from his boring routine. Wakaka. Dinner was at Restaurant TKS, Jalan Kuchai Lama. Ordered yee sang, clams in superior soup, house beancurd, steamed fish and stir-fried vegetables. JJ and Bunny joined us after a reportedly stressful drive from Kelana Jaya. JJ really needs smoother control of the wheel. Evann also came straight from work. Since dinner ended early, we made our way to K3K Benta Kaya for drinks. SK was tempted to enroll Evann into the Dear program, but it was hit by fierce objections! Perhaps next time, Snow White!

Lou Sang

The next day, I started work. Supposedly one of the better days for Monkeys to step into the office. Was in no mood to work at all. Gathered several colleagues to start a gambling session since the bosses were away. Some played cards while I played a more primitive game. Ever notice that in period dramas, gamblers will grab a handful of pebbles and slowly pick off the stones with a bamboo stick? If you guess the correct balance, you win. We used coins instead of pebbles. Hehe. Also lou sang-ed again. Did it in English. Haha. In the evening, I met KH again. A farewell at The Gardens Mall. He bought a piece of cabin-sized luggage from Robinsons and then we sat down at Austin Chase Coffee. Sat in the glass room watching streams of people walk by. And I wonder whether people noticed that two guys were snuggling close to each other on the sofa. Haha. Before leaving, KH visited the money changer and got MYR5000 to deposit into his CIMB bank account (the beauty of the currency exchange rate). Friends were waiting for him at Chilli's, so SK and I volunteered to help him out. Little did we know what a mistake it was. The cash desposit machine was nuts. The line was also super long no thanks to a Myanmarese guy who had stacks and stacks of cash to deposit. Put in 50 pieces of new notes and the machine will only take three notes at most. &*&^%$#%*&()*(). Took us thirty minutes to clear the line only to find that the machine would only take MYR1400. In a huff, I deposited the remaining MYR3600 into MY account at Maybank! Thanks for the parting gift dear! See you in April!

Austin Chase

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

CNY IV: MarketWhat(tm) CNY Edition

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On Saturday, went to the wet market as usual. Less traffic. Smaller crowd. Lovely. Preparations were on the way for Pai Ti Gong on the night of the eighth day. Religious paraphernalia was being unloaded by the truckloads. Most of the breakfast places were teeming with people, regardless of the price increase. Nothing much happened and I did not get to see KH since he was out visiting relatives. Fast forward to Sunday, it was the usual routine of church and lunch. Found a new coffeeshop in Aman Suria called Shang Yi Fatt that serves quite a good bowl of curry noodles. Kinda small town style. Due to got weather, we found 'shelter' at Jusco Seri Kembangan for a while before sitting down to cendol and coconut water at a mamak truck in Puncak Jalil. Went swimming at KH's place later in the afternoon. Donned the new pair of skanky swimtrunks he got me. Really looks more like underwear than swimwear with its bright coloured panels and fluting. His mumsy and dad had gone out visiting friends, so we had a little fun in the shower. Not quite Pluboy's full-fledged shower skank, but KH did help me strike off one item from my XXX "To Do" list. :P

Pai Ti Gong

At night, mum wanted to have dinner at Hoi Tien, but it was still closed for CNY. :S. So we settled for Restoran Taman Equine. A good choice. SK and her grandma joined us. The steamed tilapia with hot bean paste was wonderful. We practically finished all the gravy. Wakakaka. The steamed kampung chicken was also good, but what I fell in love with was the stir-fried garlic garnish. Very flavourful. Very fragrant. very oily. LOL. After dinner, we sent my bro to LCCT. Didn't quite talk a lot with my brother this time round as he mostly playing "Sam & Max" on his MacBook. Haha. But he did give me a great neck, hand and back massage after I hurt my hand lugging the giant basket of mandarin oranges at church. :D. Should be seeing him again in May for mum's birthday.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

LRT Celebrities: Kopitiam Karl

First of all, let me apologize that this isn't my SpyPic art at its best. The angle was bad and there were too many bystanders. Hehe. So this will just have to do. FYI, Karl is one cool looking fella. A mess of curly hair on his head and a pair of swishy crucifix earrings flanking his face. Paired with that facial hair, definitely pirate material. But that is not my main point, else I would have dubbed him Pirate Pete. With his earphones on, he was in his own little world. He was standing right at the entrance of the PUTRA LRT car welcoming all incoming passengers. I took one look at his face and proceeded to gaze down... you know what? His coffee shop was open! Seemed to be bursting open at that due to his tight slacks. Hehe. Lucky for him, his underwear was still not visible else it would have cause a makcik or two to scream in delight. I wanted to tell him, but with his loud music I think it would have been quite a challenge:

"Your fly is open."
"Your fly is open."

Sunday, February 20, 2011

CNY III: Cute Cameron

On CNY eve, SK & I received great news that Mel had given birth to a bouncing baby boy! After she had settled everything at the hospital and been discharged, we decided to give her a visit in Kajang. Upon arrival at her house, she couldn't find her house keys. She had left them in her car that was still parked at the hospital and her hubby had left for Seremban to attend his brother's wedding! In the end, we had to come in via the back door (I was nearly resigned to climbing over the front gate!). But still, we had to gempar the whole neighbourhood because she misplaced her keys to the back alley gate (and our government announces that the crime rate is down). The new mother was obviously still tired out from her new responsibilities and the emergency Caeserian, luckily her parents were down to lend a hand. Her mother was bathing the kid upstairs and I could hear him wailing at the top of his voice. Definitely his mother's son. :P. Little Cameron looks a lot like his mum. Eyes like his mum and a full head of hair like his dad. Very cute. Cooled off from the CNY heat with a glass of iced Ribena and some non-halal fruitcake. Got all the gory details and left hungry for lunch. Haha.


Made an impromptu call to CarpeDiem. Met him for lunch at Ajisen Ramen, Sunway Pyramid. Made it a point to order their imported ramen this time after I was cheated with their cheaper mee maggi variety. It was nice. The soup base was as good as I remembered it from the branches in Jakarta and Singapore, but the ramen seemed thinner. The chasiu was also quite good in terms of taste and texture. Did not spend too long at Sunway Pyramid as we were due to visit KH's home. Meekly wished my MIL a Happy Chinese New Year and proceeded to the living room. Quite usual for her to be busy-busy in the kitchen. Being the good son-in-law, I should have went in to help her, but decided against it as I'm sure she loves me too much to get my hands dirty. :P. Took the chance to cuddle close to KH on the sofa while watching the ending to Stephen Chow's "Forbidden City Cop" (his dad conveniently retreated to his room, hehe). Still funny after all these years. My MIL made some small talk with me and gave me my red packet. Did not detect any annoyance or hostility... so phewww!


Poor Apollo was working the whole CNY, so we arranged a supper meet with him, his BF, Lifebook, KH, SK and I at Hainan Tea, SS2. Before that, KH and I broke our 'vegetarian fast' at his place while his bro was watching TV outside. XD. Such a coincidence that KH met his primary schoolmate there. I'm surprised that they could still recognize each other after all these years and kgs later. :P. Food and drinks were so-so, but we had a great time bitching current events. Lifebook asked me to help him to buy 2183 at Magnum, Da Ma Cai and Toto the next day and you know what? 2138 was one of the consolation prizes at Da Ma Cai. Better luck next time!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

CNY II: Happy Neo Year

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Since mum, sis and I made a trip to Teluk Intan in January, mum decided that we would be spending CNY in Kuala Lumpur. Staying put. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you! So what did we do on the second day of CNY?~~ do what all KL-ites do, watch inane CNY movies. SK treated us to "Homecoming" at IOI Mall (there was some Malaysia Book of Records longest tassel at 18.28m there... stooooopid). In my book, the movie wasn't that funny at all. It did have some emotional moments, but not quite intense enough. Overall it was entertaining enough for a lazy CNY afternoon, even if one has to put up with Ah Niu, Jack Neo in drag and the ever 'likable' Afdlin Shauki. Lunch was at Penang Village. I like how they collage the wall with loads of sketches of pre-war buildings. Food, however was a disappointment and the service lethargic. Can you imagine that the waitress took her sweet time cleaning the table next to us when she knew that we just sat down? Giler. The asam laksa was mediocre and the cendol was atrocious. A miniscule amount of palm sugar and the cendol were frozen solid. Yuck. Bro did some shopping after that at Brands Outlet and F.O.S. Stocking up on graphic Ts again.


Sis had come back from Melaka, so mum cooked another reunion dinner that night. The main dish was pan-fried scallops with teriyaki sauce. Had a hard time trying to the caramel-coloured crust right on the scallops. :S. More than a week away from my place turned little Cyan into a veritable monster. He did not want to set foot in my house. Goodness. Cried and cried and cried. Throwed tantrum after tantrum. Took some time before he settled down le. What's CNY without some sparklers right? Sis bought a whole box for Cyan from the night market only to have him hide in the living room when its lit. Go figure. Later that night, bro poured out a bottle of table wine into a Horlicks jar (no glass jug, so sue me) to make some sangria. Poured in Bombay Saphhire and Alize Passion and some chopped up apples, oranges and mandarin oranges. A yummy affair!

Friday, February 18, 2011


iPhone's auto-correction is driving me nuts. Muacks to Muscle. Argh. Why isn't it learning the new signature! No problem previously. Ish. Perhaps I should find some alternatives. Any suggestions?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

CNY I: A Red Sash

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Ever since mum embraced Catholicism, it has become a tradition for us to attend Chinese New Year mass at church every year. The church would be all decked out in red cloth, with lanterns and flowers. The giant crucifix would be flanked by a couplet which is more in tune with God and love rather than riches and prosperity. A record turnout this year with parishioners overflowing out the entrances. Even YB Theresa Kok was spotted sitting outside. So packed that the hospitality ministers could not stand at their usual posts at the back of the church. Helped out with the collection again, and was designated the coolie to carry the big baskets mandarin oranges for distribution. Mass proceeded as usual, but with the added ceremony of paying respects to our ancestors accompanied with a reading from the Book of Sirach. At the end, the priest distributed red packets and blessed mandarin oranges. Inside the red packets were some money and the Word of God. We camwhored in the church while most of the crowd watched a lion dance outside. To my delight, it was accompanied by red crackers this year. Lion dance without red crackers is quite incomplete in my opinion. No oomph. But these days, lion dances are generally lethargic. The secondary school kids seem high on adhesive fumes or something. Kan?


The rainy weather had fled together with all the people who balik kampung and it had become exceptionally hot and sunny. The drive home had me wishing that I had put on sunblock. Ate lunch at home. Finished up the leftovers from the reunion dinner. In the afternoon, SK and I made a visit to HP and her hubby at Seri Petaling. Her first CNY, hence we were craving for her virgin ang pao. Hehe. She was bored out of her skull with her MIL away in Singapore. As early as reunion dinner, she had the urge to drive back to Kuantan. Being her first CNY as someone's DIL, we advised her not to. Chit-chatted and looked at her wedding photos. Being in Seri Petaling, we decided to visit Rich's house too. Got to drink some refreshing tong sui there and received two ang pao's! Score! Managed to meet KH after that at D'Rich, Kuchai Lama. Nothing to recommend there, just that it was the only shop open other than the mamak joints. SK ordered the D'Rich Special Egg in Special Sourdough... So was it special? Hahaha. No comment.


Much to his mother's 'delight', I met KH again at Station One, Kuchai Lama. Had some drinks and some light snacks. That night, KH dropped a bomb on me regarding his delayed relocation plans, right after I had handed him my handmade anniversary-CNY card. After hearing it, I did not know whether to laugh or to cry. I was just kinda numb. It's been four years, what's another year, right? I don't know really. I can only be supportive of his plans. He thought that I'd be super angry, hugging me and kissing me. Maybe somewhere deep down I knew that him coming back to Kuala Lumpur this year was too good to be true, so when I heard this, I wasn't really devastated. Hopefully things would go our way and he would achieve his objectives faster than expected. Wish us luck!

4th Anniversary


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

CNY 0: 團圓

Reunion Dinner
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Since SK did not go back to Kuantan for CNY, we decided to hold a combined reunion dinner. Apollo had to work during the CNY stretch and conincidentally Eva would be in town for a few days before needing to fly back to Jordan, so we roped them in too. A potluck where mum would cook half and SK settle the other half. Unfortunately, come Tuesday, Eva FFK! So apt coming from an air stewardess. :P. Over dim sum breakfast (which happened near lunchtime cause she sleeps like a piggy) at Yuen Garden, she told us that she would be flying to Kuching to be with her boyfriend. Sigh. Guess that we couldn't blame her. Surprisingly, the wu kok that day was very good, else I would have been in a fouler mood. :P. Come Wednesday morning, Apollo FFK too! Blame it on the boyfriend again! Haha. Coincidentally, his boyfriend couldn't get a ticket out to Australia, so he stayed back in KL to spend it with Apollo. But then, I can't hold a grudge against them la. :).

Before dinner, did some last minute spring cleaning. Mopped the floor, washed the car, etc. The dinner was held at SK's apartment. Mum brought over lotus root soup, drunken prawns, stewed duck, steamed chicken and seaweed dessert. SK on the other hand prepared stir-fried lotus root, steamed pomfret, fried pomfret and stewed sea cucumber with pork, scallops and oysters. Accompanying the wonderful food was equally good wine~ a bottle of Pinot Gris 2006 that Apollo and his BF got me for my birthday. Nenek SK pun cakap sedap wain tu. Was really, really full that night. After doing the dishes, everyone camped in front of the TV to watch the CNY variety shows. Mostly Taiwanese productions with a whole lot of Hua Hee-ness. Twenty minutes past midnight, my neighbour decided to mark the occassion by lighting five long strands of red crackers. It jolted my mum from her slumber. :S. CNY really started with a bang!

Talking about red crackers, my manager recounted a story that happened in his neighbourhood in Puchong. His neighbour lit night flowers and it attracted the attention of a patrol car. Thinking on their feet, the neighbour quickly presented the cops with a red packet and they happily left. Having seen this, my manager's daughter recounted the story the next day while she was playing sparklers with her little friends.

Hey everyone, whenever we play fireworks, we need to prepare red packets for the cops le!

Kids really do learn fast.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

No Oil?

No Oil?
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I dunno whether you guys noticed this... but if you were out shopping for groceries before the CNY period, you would have noticed that peanut cooking oil was in very short supply. On the other hand, corn, flower, olive and canola oil was in abundance. In my opinion, the shortage of oil is far more serious than sugar. I can live without sugar in my coffee and I take Milo kosong anyway, but one can't even stir-fry a simple vegetable without cooking oil. Forget about the substitute cooking oils for a second. One can argue that it can be done with a non-stick pan or perhaps butter... but it just isn't the same hor? But I guess it's a good start to steaming and blanching one's food. Would do wonders for my waistline. But then again, i would still drizzle some oil over my blanched vege. :P. So what is it for you? Cooking oil or sugar?

P.S.: I'm sorry that the auntiness quotient of this post is way above regulations... I don't know what got into me...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wu's Rings

Wu's Rings
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Remember how I was raving about Empress Wu's chunky rings? Here they are! What do you think? Should KH get them for VDay? Wakakakakakakaka. Oh well, I'd be happy to get a card. With KH in Singapore, I'd be singing:

All by myself
Don't wanna be, all by myself anymore
All by myself
Don't wanna live, all by myself anymore

Amyway, Happy Valentine's Day kepada yang bukan beragama Islam. Kepada yang beragama Islam, Selamat Maulidur Rasul! Muacks! (just realized this sounds like SimonLover!)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rotten Apple

iPhone Dead
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On Monday, I took replacement leave for New Year 2011. I did not sleep in but woke up early to go to the market. My mum is amazing. If you bring her to the market every day before CNY, I'm sure she'd find something to buy each day. Never mind that, but at least that trip to the Taman United Wet Market gained me a mayorship on FourSquare. Wakakaka. Decided to settle some chores on that day too. Braved the long queues at TNB and Syabas to change the name on my utility bills. While waiting for my turn at TNB, I noticed that my iPhone blacked out. Just a minute ago I was fiddling with it with 22% battery left and the next minute it was dead! Peculiar! Tried charging it in the car, but there was no response. Tried it with direct power at home, but with the same results. My heart sank. So I grabbed my warranty card and headed for the DiGi Center at Sunway Pyramid. It was a long wait without a phone to fiddle with! But it was fun watching the other customers playing with demo sets and setting the alarm off. I think the guard deactivated the alarm at least ten times. :P

After explaining my problem, the service staff tried to charge my phone via his laptop's USB port. After ten minutes or so, it started showing some signs of life, but only 5% went in. Even he admitted that it was abnormal. He advised me to quickly sync the phone in case it dies again and monitor the battery life. Unfortunately, there are currently no iPhone 3GS's available for a one to one replacement. :(. Well, at least I got the chance to 'cleanse' my phone of questionable material before returning it if dies next time. Hehe. Temporarily put my Nokia ExpressMusic back into active service. Worrying isn't it, that the iPhone can't last longer than a year, even without any major physical trauma. And the best thing is that installment tenure is double it's life expectancy. :S.

Walked around a bit at Sunway Pyramid. Did not purchase anything significant and mum had no luck too. The only thing that excited me was Daiso. Haha. Managed to exchange some pleasantries with SimonLover and give Chester a wave. For dinner, we shared a naan and tandoori chicken at Restoran Rishadh. It was a most satisfying meal. We practically drank all the dhaal and asked for seconds. :P.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Belut Pulang Ke Lumpur II: A Foodie Goodbye

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The next morning, we celebrated the mass at St. Thomas Church. The celebrant was a visiting Vietnamese priest and I was quite shocked to see that the altar boys and parish priest wore non-matching batik. :S. What was more shocking was the fact that he was so openly anti-establishment. Lovely. Just like the ones in Penang. XD. Managed to take a peek at my old secondary school, St. Thomas Secondary School. Saw this sign out front:

Datang dengan harapan. Pulang dengan kejayaan.


I wonder if I qualify? Looked pretty much the same, except for a fresh coat of paint. So many memories there. Breakfast was BKT at Restorang Chong Sun near my brother's primary school. Opposite it was Kedai Ya Mah stationery shop where I would wait for my brother when I was young with a Mickey Mouse popsicle in hand. :). The BKT had a good fragrance and definitely better than what one eats in KL (not talking about Klang, so Klang-ites don't jump me on this one). After that meal, one needs to go church for confession. :P. Next was a stop at Capitol Chicken Rice. A favourite. I still remember the distinctive peppery taste of their dried vegetable soup. Just beside it was the old Golden Cinema. Today, it's a shop selling made in China products. I suspect that it's the source of lantern madness in Kuantan. The whole building was crawling with tanglung! The Hokkien Association used to rent the space for academic prize-giving ceremonies. After receiving my incentive, we would go have lunch at New Capitol and subsequently use the money for Lego!


What's a trip to Kuantan without Mui Heong salted fish? Made a stop at Chen Hing, Jalan Besar to buy salted fish for JJ's brother-in-law. Also bought some dried shrimp for mum and SK managed to buy some Lembing biscuits. Don't know what I'm talking about? Mui Heong literally translates to "rotting-fragrance". Need I say more? :P. Lembing biscuits on the other hand are big, square biscuits baked to a brown complexion and lightly-dusted with flour. One of the specialties from Sungai Lembing. Another specialty from there is Lembing noodles (a curly boric acid-free variety of yellow noodles), but it is no longer sold, as the business died out with the uncle who made it. Went home to pack, then headed for Gambang. On the way there, we stopped by at the famous Restoran Zaman. Nasi dagang was sold out, so we settled for nasi kerabu. Equally good.

"Aik, apasal nasi kerabu ni warna putih?"

"Sama je dik. Nasi tu letak kaler je. Sama sedap."

If this was the case for everything, try to imagine a white nasi kunyit. But anyway, it was delicious, especially with the super-spicy bird eye chilli sauce. SK also packed a piece of roti canai for her granny... and when she ate it in the car... the aroma was so overpowering that I nearly jumped to the backseat! Fantastic! I am craving for it right now... The drive back was worse than the day before. Visibility was bad. I took over the wheel from SK. Stopped by at Sri Jaya to buy pau at Restorang Sin Tong Kok. SK had been eating there since she was a kid. Twenty years and the quality was not compromised. The big pau was my lunch. Heavenly filling of pork and chicken with a hint of rice-wine. Yummy. Also bought loh mai kai, peanut pau and kaya rolls. Reached home at about 04:30pm and had a makan-makan party with mum. Hehe. A good trip back. Kuantan, see you in another decade? Hahaha.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Belut Pulang Ke Lumpur I: Baby Boy

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Ever since I left Kuantan to pursue my tertiary education in Kuala Lumpur, I never once revisited the East Coast. So kacang lupakan kulit, right? Hehe. So, when SK asked a favour of me to follow her back to Kuantan to pick her granny up, I readily accepted. We left KL at about 1:00pm as SK had a physiotherapy appointment in the morning. Zoomed onto MRR2 only to be greeted by a massive crawl from Pandan Indan right up to the Genting Sempah exit. Really infuriating. Wasted one hour there. :S. Had my lunch behind the wheel. While I cursed the traffic, SK would stuff char siew bao into my mouth. Basically, it was smooth sailing from Karak onwards. Potty stop was at Temerloh and we bought a packet of sub-standard steamed peanuts. On and off it rained, making the drive not so pleasant. Arrived at Bukit Setongkol, Kuantan in under four hours. Great timing as it was SK's nephew's full moon celebration (got to eat some angku). The kid was really cute and did not look his age. Quick to smile too! Glad to see that the mother was much better after battling for her life in the ICU for the past 3 weeks due to an acute lung infection. From there on, SK's brother brought us to her uncle's place in Indera Mahkota where her grandma was staying after her knee replacement surgery. Her grandma was so happy to see us. After stuffing all of her luggage into the car, we headed for dinner at Mexica Garden Seafood Restaurant. A halal Chinese restaurant with lots of political affiliations.

Heard that the place is the 'in' thing at the moment. When we walked in at 6:00pm, most of the tables had been reserved. We took the last available table and ordered. Veered towards the expensive that night with steamed sun hok, double boiled superior soup, stir-fried kampung chicken and vegetables. Dessert was jellified mixture coconut water and coconut milk. The bill was on the high side no thanks to the fish, but at least it was worth every penny. Then we headed to SK's brother's house in Galing to spend the night. Just 260k for a corner lot with a huge built-up area and high ceilings. Only in Kuantan I guess. Did some unpacking and later headed out for supper at 9:00pm. Truth be told, dinner had hardly moved down the alimentary tract, but Restoran Kim Kee's famous Golden Dragon Noodle was waiting for me! Still as good as I remembered, but not as dry as I expected. Confused? It's actually hokkien mee, but with an unbeatable wok hei and taste. Ordered grilled fish too. Hehe.


Next, we visited my old housing area to see the new developments there. One thing I noticed about Kuantan-ites is their fervour for over-the-top CNY decorations. Each house had at least two giant lanterns, two strings of red firecrackers and a whole bunch of mini lanterns. And most people spend money for electrical wiring and also put up lampu lip-lap. All sorts of tacky designs made it to the porch. Goodness. Next stop was Teluk Chempedak. Two giant fast food joints now dominate the beach, both with drivethrough counters. The wind was very strong that night, and the high waves crashed against the reclaimed beach. Felt like an alien there as we were the only Chinese! Walked a stretch of the beach with the wet sand between out toes. With nothing much to do there, we went back home, showered and slept. It rained the whole night with howling winds rattling the windows. Zzz...

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

LRT Celebrities: Macy Gray

For some reason, LRT Celebrities is one of my more popular segments on my blog. Quite surprised that a reader approached me with his own contribution. Brings a warm feeling to my heart knowing that I managed to encourage people to become LRT voyeurs. LOL. Who knows, maybe one day, someone would submit a picture and I would go...

"That ass looks very familiar... OMG, IT'S ME!"

A probable future. LOL. Anyway, today's episode is sponsored by Ash Eats Godiva and it definitely isn't me! Here's what Ash had to say about her.

"you know what...her hairstyle brighten my day and make me feel my fever better....may god bless her and may she spread the happiness like"

Her hair is kinda interesting. Definitely reminds me of Macy Gray. Who would have thought that an afro has the power to spread happiness. :). Keep on clicking!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Guān Yǔ

Guan Yu
Swiped from kam kah zen.
To many Chinese, Guān Yǔ is a familiar figure immortalized as a Taoist diety in many homes and business premises (if you watch HK triad movies, he is worshipped by the cops and criminals alike!). He is often depicted with his Green Dragon Crescent Blade, either standing majestically or riding a horse. Sometimes, the idols are made of him sitting down with a book. From the stories, he is described as someone with a dignified stature, a red face and a long beard. Quite a sight, no? Now, why do I blog about this? Well, because I am a sucker for period dramas and I'm currently watching "三國" although I hardly understand 20% of the dialogue. Episodes 25 through 26 really brought out the cool factor, kinda like how Taiwan pop-star idol shows do it. Much screen time was dedicated to him, where he "crossed five paths and slayed six generals". So invincible! And gotta love how he flicks his beard and wields his blade with a flourish. Hahaha. I think I'm one step from building a fan page. :P.

Friday, February 04, 2011


Chu Cheong Fun
Swiped from williamnyk.
Overheard at the Taman United Wet Market. All in the same morning.

Scene 1: 10 year old kid sitting on the chu cheong fun seller's motorcycle.

CCF Seller: Boy, you sleep alone ah?

Boy: (nods his head)

CCF Seller: You not scared meh? Later cat come and bite you how?

Boy: (has the call-the-paedophile-police look in his eyes)

Boy's Mother: (rushing over) Wei, don't teach my son yang bukan-bukan.

CCF Seller: Aunty... Can't be too careful. Nowadays 10 years old also got watch XXX film lo!

Scene 2: Two aunties having a chat at the kuih-muih stall and the Indonesian maid from the coffee shop brings her a cup of kopi-o

Smoking Aunty: Hey, hey, you got boyfriend ah?

Maid: (confused) Huh?!

Smoking Aunty: 男朋友 ah...

Maid: 没有!

Smoking Aunty: Ahhh... I recommend a good man for you!!! Very good one! How old are you ah?

Maid: 35 (quickly makes her getaway)

Smoking Aunty: (telling her friend) Aiyah... 35 still OK ma. Can still make babies.

Must be the new year mood throwing the universe into chaos. LOL. Hope that you guys are having fun! And for those of you in LDRs, hope that you are reunited with your loved ones... <3

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

You Know It's CNY When...

You know it's Chinese New Year when...
  • You hear tok-tok chang on radio. Wrong.
  • You see houses decked with lanterns and faux red crackers. Wrong.
  • You see a mad rush for bak kwa. Wrong.
  • Banks start giving out red packets. Wrong.
  • People start shopping for red clothes. Wrong.
  • You see the wet markets inundated with waxed meat, assorted nuts and new year cakes. Wrong.
  • You see la la zhai after la la zhai buying new underwear. Bulls eye.

Happy Chinese New Year to all my readers. May you be jumping with joy and f*cking like rabbits in heat. And that your renunion brings your family closer together. Enjoy the holidays, drink more water, eat less junk food, don't play with illegal fireworks, do not gamble and drink excessively and drive safely! Hehe.


Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Emperor's New Clothes

At Salabiance, One Utama, I caught sight of a middle-aged aunty trying on a new dress. Polka-dotted with a flowery sash. And best of all, it had a big flare with some kind of underwire and lace at the hem. She was a petite woman and that dress managed to make her look like a blimp. It's magic! Doubtful at first, but after looking at herself in the mirror and getting more convincing comments from the saleswoman (she can really lie through her teeth), she bought it in the end. Such a scene repeats at the many hundreds of retail outlets in malls across the country. I for one don't need to buy any new clothes this year. It's a blessing really not needing to frantically join the shopping rush. Sitting in my wardrobe are several surviving new articles of clothing from 2010. A couple of T-shirts, one short sleeve shirt, one long sleeve shirt, one tank top and countless briefs and trunks (goes without saying kan?). The only thing lacking is shorts I guess. Nothing in red too. But then, I don't really need to buy any more clothes.

How was your pre-CNY shopping experience?