Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Swimming Instructor

KH was in town again for a company trip to Cameron, so we arranged a date at KLPAC. "The Swimming Instructor" was playing and he wanted very much for me to see it (ever since we saw the promotional postcard at Rhythmic Roots). He had watched it before in Singapore and found it good. And so, I bought two tickets for Wednesday night at KLPAC's Pentas 2. It had been a busy week for me. Everyone was rushing to complete a big proposal for a local bank and the instruction from the Gods in management was-- "Make sure we're shortlisted". Bah. My General Manager was in that day going through the document with us, and I was dreading that I couldn't leave work on time. Lucky for me, he only had time to review the main module, so I managed to escape. KH met me at KL Sentral at 6:00pm and we later drove to KLPAC.

I was worrying about the traffic, but it was suprisingly OK. Even had ample time to have our dinner at the 1-Stop Cafe at Jalan Ipoh. We had Hokkien Mee, Meat & Brinjal Mee (the minced meat tasted like my mother's cooking!), taufu fa, pumpkin paste and loh bak. It was all quite good. 'Artisanal' noodles I suspect. A very home-y taste. After having our fill, KH surprised me with a ring and a Suneo keychain (bonk!). So sweet of him. :). He received negative feedback about the ring, so when I told him I liked it, he was quite relieved. Red on stainless steel is quite uncommon. But then, I like weird. :).

Suneo Me, Suneo You

Since it was a mid-week night, KLPAC was quite quiet. We loitered around, looking at some naive art by Numpueng. Bumped into Ry's "maid" and one of the cast from "I Have a Date with Spring". By 8:20pm, the doors were open. A simple stage-- one corner of a swimming pool, 2 deck chairs and a table. With that, they played out the love triangle between Dave, Guan and Jan. Michael Chen plays Guan, the title character. His pictures really don't do him justice. Much cuter in person. And he has a great smile on an even greater body. :P. Niki Cheong (Bangsar Boy) plays the part of a jumpy and nervous advertising agency director. He played the part quite well, but he made a few mistakes along the way. And Davina Goh is the flirty and spoilt rich brat. Reminds me a bit of the sister from "Ah Steve".

90 minutes of sexual innuendos. 90 minutes of skin. Wet skin. 90 minutes of nylon and spandex. 90 minutes of womanly curves. 90 minutes of rippling muscles. According to KH, the play changes with each staging. According to KH, the story is more light-hearted, and more openly-gay. The ending was changed in addition to other tweaks in the plot. It was entertaining. At the end of the show, we shuffled back to the car. The dark and quiet parking lot tempted us to be cheeky and we had our short time together. After that, I drove KH home. I was drained from work and the exhilaration of seeing KH again...


P.S.: I think Niki was having a semi-hard on at one point of the play. :P


Cheryl said...

this is the ring he ordered when i was in sg lar.

Anonymous said...

my maid ay?


SJ said...

hey tat's a nice design on the ring

A smile from SJ =)

nicky05 said...

hahahaha......jln ipoh......I like the ring lol.....ahhh so thoughtful of KH.....hehehehe...XD

simonlover said...

I prefer the Suneo Keychain! So cute@! Cute like William!!! -- Hahahaha..Yer..Goosebumps!

Horny BF said...

Which brought to mind, is Niki one of us?
He sure fits all the criteria.

nicky05 said...
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nicky05 said...

Horny BF: I think he is because I saw his friendster profile set dating man changed....XD

conan_cat said...

well, can see their bulges through the play lor... huhu xD no hardon lar, sadly, haih!

and haha i guess it wouldn't be a surprise if niki is PLU... if michael is PLU then i will be really surprised. he's too straight, too desirable for the gays xD

beautiful ring! so sweet lar u guys :D

nase said...

gosh I luv that ring!!!!

Jaded Jeremy said...

Huh? So I was one of the rare ones who told KH the ring looks good ar?

Little Dove said...

Maybe Niki is just feeling his character in the play. ;)

p/s: Unique ring!

William said...

Oic... did you give any input?

I did not expect you to read this. :P

@SJ: @Nicky: @Nase:
KH will like you for liking the ring.

Not as cute as your ass. :P. Why goosebumps?

There are rumours. But nothing surprises anymore.

Yes, yes. Bulges. XD.

You hentai ma.

Very much in character. :P

Bengbeng said...

i think i prefer the key chain mayb it is bcoz i have never worn a ring except on my wedding day :)

deeperanddeeper said...

I love the play! Lotsa skin and bulges.... wakaka! Yummy!

Is food at 1-stop cafe generally good? I have only eaten there once!

simonlover said...

I can still rmbr vividly , i read fr his Bangsar Boy article in The Star, that he mentioned he love the drama Queer As Folk. So, back then i have already begin questioning his sexuality. Hmm..But so far, there's not much clues in justifying Niki's sexuality ( and also Will Quah! ) ler..If just there are reliable witnesses that are willing to provide concrete evidences to prove that we are right hor!!! Sigh.

William said...

Rings are nice accessories!

Horny "old man"! Haha. Yeah, the food's generally good.

People who are in the media spotlight would not openly declare I think.

Derek said...

If you guys noticed, the Suneo keychain looks like it doesn't wear any pants LOL

Glad you like the ring, dear. And I happy that most people find it nice! Haha ...c

Cheryl said...

i give the size of your finger and i did comment it is quite unique.

William said...

Skanky! Yes dear, I like it. ^_^

Thanks for giving accurate information.

J said...

Hmm... quite an interesting ring design. Is it crumbler? The "stickman" featured looks like that brand. :)

William said...

It does look a bit like "Crumpler" hor? Hehe. It's actually a Japanese brand-- Thundershock.

red said...

Oh gosh!! I love the swimming instructor too!! Love the play very much!

William said...

Welcome. :). I like it too.

Ultraman Jino said...

several days before me meet i was asking around if anyone has seen a ring with red colour at the middle part. now i see it on your fingers... so not common here.

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

William said...

He ordered it from Japan. :)