Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pos Malaysia Sucks!!!

Another reason why I hate Pos Malaysia. I ordered a pair of Movere Jeans off the internet early November and I have not received it until today. Feeling pissed, I wrote an angry e-mail to the seller and asked about the status of the delivery. He gave me a reference number and I checked with Pos Malaysia. I quoted the reference number to their customer service staff via csc@pos.com.my. I got a reply in one day. According to customer service, the postman delivered the package to my place on the 18th of November and left a collection card. Since I did not collect it after 2 weeks, they have sent my package back to the sender. However, I did not see the card's batang hidung. From my past experience, I found their stupid collection card on the road in front of my house once. It's not the red card, but a thin, yellow and white piece of paper designed to look like hotel's "Do Not Disturb" signs. With such lousy paper quality, I'm sure it would have flew away with the slightest of breezes! I replied that I HAVE A PERFECTLY FUNCTIONAL POSTBOX AND I DID NOT FIND ANY COLLECTION CARD IN IT. They have yet to get back to me. Stupid.


Gratitude said...

Please name me one govt or semi-govt org that doesn't SUCK?

Cheryl said...

got.. MPOB. they are pretty good

Bengbeng said...

i complained and ended up with a dead Oopi


the post office explained it as a temp staff :( why i failed t receive parcels

nowadays sometimes i receive lots of mail put in my mailbox addressed to lots of homes in my area. save trouble for him occasionally i suppose

Ed said...



Evann said...

They should have an online tracking system. Then again, knowing Malaysia, the website would always be down... Sigh.

Jaded Jeremy said...

Get it sent to Singapore, if you don't mind waiting for either KH or I bring it back to KL for you.

William said...

They can suck my cock. :P

Woho! Ada supporter.

Same here. The postman like high or something. Simply je.

I concur!


Yeah, I rerouted to your place dy. Hope it arrives.

Takashi said...

Who likes anything Malaysian?


They all fucked up pretty much the same way.. Another power provider? Another telecommunication provider that does not monopolise the cables? Another national post?

If cars can have two producers, why not post kan?

THe poslaju guy in my area, either hang the donkey on my grille door or stuff into my postbox from the front.. AND I have to go all the way to Jalan 227 to collect it..

And yes, I loved the way you replied... :)

fufu said...

lol i thought the service has improved but...no wonder some of my postcards still nowhere in the world ><

SJ said...

in the name of tanah melayu

A smile from SJ =)

conan_cat said...

aiks! pos malaysia really cannot be trusted = =" cmon, their cards arent even water resistant, and you know the malaysian weather! after rain sure kena gao gao one!

i oso dun like pos malaysia, lol. but other courier services are expensive xD

simonlover said...

Oh. The Movere undies u ordered while multi-tasking + chatting with me that time! Time flies~! Hmm! Curse that Pos Malaysia lar! So cham! Yalor. Better send to KH@Sg better!

Bravebear said...

hmmm... really hot in here ah~ chill yea William. Dont get upset cos of this kinda thing. smiles =)

Anonymous said...

tell me about it! not just pos-malaysia, in fact everything malaysian irritates me. the monorail is 1 thing, like, wtf??!!ISO standard? everyweek there will be at least 1 technical glitch! and don't even let me start on pos-malaysia! seriusly, wtf?!!
anyhoos, really like ur blog.

William said...

I wonder if Namewee will make a video. :P

So sad right?

Perhaps things were more reliable in the pre-Merdeka days?

The cards are simply scrawled. And sometimes, I wonder if they even bother to ring your doorbell.

Haha, such a good memory!

:(. I want my sexy undies!

Thanks. Haha. The monorail goes crazy nearly every Monday.


It never been good

Anonymous said...

Yep.. it is actually TRUE! Just incase, you don't have to wonder so much.. your original post was in year 2009 and guess what, now is 2011, they still using the same nick name which is "SUCKS" =D went there earlier this afternoon.. and i was there from 3.30p.m. to 5.00p.m.! Def. you gonna believe it.. guess u've been thru it too.. It was the most horrible service.. The system have got to be post mortem!

William said...

Haha. We aren't even a significant statistic to them.
Why did you need to spend 2 hours there?!

Anonymous said...

Most of Pos Malaysia staff is of a certain ahem...race, and the culture there is truly tidak apa. Even their call centre does NOT function. Sorry but the truth is the truth, even if it is not convenient. I cannot count how many times Pos Malaysia pissed me off. And what is more worrying is MOST of the staff that I spoke to, have NO desire to do a good job. So what do you expect?