Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oh Begitu!!

Swiped from Photo David.
Note: This is the follow-up to my last irate post about DiGi's service

My problem with DiGi's SMS reload registration finally comes to an end. By any decent customer service standards, the SLA has long been violated! And you know what, they could have closed the case if their staff were a little bit more knowledgeable or were smart enough to escalate the case to the relevant people. Buuuuuut.... as usual, I was given the ding-dong treatment. Well, on Friday morning before my dim sum breakfast at Deli Taste, Serdang, I logged on to DiGi's D'Chat. I had no patience for their IVR that day. As usual, I was greeted by Nur Syuhada, the name they chose for their customer-facing. I repeated my problem and once again I got the standard answer of..... "they will contact you". Cheh! So I got bitchy. The customer service officer even insinuated that I did not fill in the form properly and suggested that I get a photocopy of it from the BTS center. I outright rejected that stupid "suggestion". Why the hell should I waste my time to prove their incompetence?!

"I assure you that I registered a total of 4 numbers in the form. The numbers ARE THERE UNLESS SOMEONE USED LIQUID PAPER ON IT!"

Sensing my temper, the officer apologised and repeated the same old spiel about a later contact. I harumphed and logged off. To their credit, someone actually called me the next day to explain that I could fix the problem myself by registering at their OCS website. It worked! But why did it take so long and so much customer dissatisfaction before they could pass me that piece of information?




but i still think DIGI's service is better than MAXIS :P

Gratitude said...

you=bitchy? Nah, can't be.
You alwiz forget to growl, only purr!

conan_cat said...

because the goddamn customer service are trained only to answer calls with template-answers and not solve problems.


and lol ant xD

Bengbeng said...

anyway just be glad yr problem is solved eventually. luckily u didnt hold yr breath waiting for the problem to be solved

nicky05 said...

Damn you Digi......*pijak- pijak.....hehehehe..XD

Janvier said...

It's lost somewhere in someone's Inbox.

Jaded Jeremy said...


TZ said...

it's holiday season dude... The Yellowman is in the mode of helping Santa to send Present to the unfortunate children in the world :p

William said...

The Maxis must really be shit!

Ask SK.

Yup. Like robots.

I waited long enough!



I think it's a little-used feature.

Then they better give me free reloads!

nicky05 said...
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