Thursday, February 05, 2009

A Scholar in General

Gay fiction in the Chinese language is completely alien to me due to
the fact of my banana background. Even those in English are limited to
short erotic stories the web that make Mills and Boon look like kiddy
lit. So far I've only read a Singaporean novel by Johann S. Lee that
was brought to my attention by Chester. Back to my point- in Chinese,
one can expect stories set in ancient China, and that is a premise
that holds much fascination for me. Wu Xia and historic epics are made
even more attractive with elements of gayness. Joe, my president reads
one such novel. He tells me that it's about a scholar who saves a
general who lost a battle and nurses him back to health. It goes
without saying that they fall in love in the progress and the general
subsequently takes charge once he's back in the pink of health. And
so, after I putar-belit for so long, what do you see yourself as if
you're cast in the movie adaptation of the novel- the scholar? Or the


*Anton* said...

I'd probably be one of those in the dungeons, in chains, waiting to be whipped. :P


Little Dove said...

Didn't know Anton was into SM. lol

Can I be a martial arts warrior, dressed in all white,flying across rooftops, with an enchanted flute that doubles as my weapon?

JD Cole said...

i would love to play the role as the scholar~ ;)

jase said...

aiyor.. xiao di also ask me this leh.. he's like "are you a general or a scholar!?"

aka.. top or bottom..

Derek said...

What would u rather I be? You choose first la .. LOL

Ban said...

Hrm. I'd more likely be a diplomat or advisor in a chinese novel. That or the type of general that d=plans and strategies but not actually fight himself. Maybe follow the cliche of having to send lover into a suicide battle. :P

Cheryl said...

i think i am none of them :P... i be the director of the movie la...

William said...

Hahahahahaha. I can think of a few tortures...

Wah! Like "Sin Lok San Cham".

Hurray for the scholar.

Hehehe. Not necessarily that metaphor.

I want to be nursed back to health.... helpless and weak. :P

General=Manager? lol

Porn director. :P

Cheryl said...

my comments might be better le if i am the director... i judge differently ma, i can see the diff view in men :P

Janvier said...

How Bangkok Love Story.

Jaded_Jeremy said...

Depend on my mood.

savante said...

Definitely the general. But why not the emperor - I've always been a bit power-crazy.