Saturday, June 30, 2007

Gym Jenny

LRT Blur
Swiped from Battling Apathy.
For those of you who have been following my posts, you would know that I have evolved from free-loading, goyang kaki, gaji buta employee to workaholic zombie. Oh, how I miss being a burden to my company, just sucking off its money and resources with parasitic contentment. Anyway, I've been consistently working 12-hour days and thus I normally take the train home at 9:00pm. One would think that at this hour, the stations would be less easy, but usually it's the other way round. Maybe this has to do with that fact that many KL-ites work ungodly hours or the low train frequency naturally causes a build-up. If you regularly take Star LRT, you would know that the trains heading out from Sentul Timur either go to Seri Petaling or Ampang. Hence, there are alternating trains. However, on one fateful day, two Ampang trains came back to back!


Haha. Yes, I know, hardly Ripley's material, but it's exactly the point of my post (if there's one in the first place). Anyway, thinking that the back to back trains was a mistake, I got on anyway, to try my luck. Apparently, I wasn't the only one with such a though. Unknowing to me, another woman did so to. Halfway to Chan Sow Lin, she asked me whether the train was headed towards Seri Petaling. Talking to her, I realized she was taking a chance too. We both were proven wrong and had to alight at Chan Sow Lin to wait for the correct train. The woman was real chatty. In her mid-30s, very fair. She told me that she was heading home from the gym at Menara Maxis. I was quite taken aback as she was in full makeup (complete with fake eyelashes), perfect hair, and looking oh, so fresh (yes, I know there are showers). I guess one can't take any chances. Who knows if you might meet your Prince Charming on the train home.

She had a lot to say about going to the gym.

"I go nearly every day after work from The Mall. Some go to meet people, but I do so for fitness. Never say no time for exercise. Make time."

She had a lot to say about personal safety.

"Next time don't wait for the train at Chan Sow Lin le. So much quieter compared to Masjid Jamek. Guys also must be careful these days."

She has a lot to say.

"Wah, so fast reach already hor? The train ride seems so short when you have someone to talk to."

Yes. So short. Heh.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Human Stain

Stained T
Swiped from williamnyk.
Apollo was not working on Sunday, so he suggested a meet-up on Sunday. After church, I picked up KT and we had a little discussion on whether to drive or take the train to Bukit Bintang. It is the Malaysia Megasale after all and the idea of jamming at the Golden Triangle does not appeal to me at all. Her intuition was right, it wasn't jammed at all. KT is better than ITIS it seems. Will come in handy. But we did get a little confused after turning into Jalan Hang Tuah. Wanting to U-turn and park at BTS, we kind of ended up at a traffic detour at Jalan Imbi and was "ushered" into Starhill Gallery. A good "mistake", parking's cheaper than BTS by RM1. But I'm really pissed with their naming convention of Adorn, Idulge, Feast, etc. Trying too hard to be special. It's just plain stupid.

We arrived earlier than expected, so we walked around Lot 10 a while while waiting for Apollo and Frankie to get out of the house and for Takashi to arrive. Amazingly, Dome was quite deserted. Gasp! First the traffic, then that. Something's definitely not right. We later went up to Sg Wang Level 6 (T-Hop) to look for a makan place. Not many choices:

  • Gasoline - Loud music, over-friendly waiters (I saw them scare away 2 customers), sitting on floor - BANNED
  • Korean - Ho-hum, limited choices - BANNED
  • Bee Bubble Tea - No proper food - BANNED
  • Wizard World - Harry Potter-themed restaurant, lame, no customers inside - BANNED
We were left with Sushi Station. Jap food + local delights + steamboat. We opted for their buffet lunch at RM28.80++, inclusive steamboat, grill and sushi. The sushi is not served on a traditional kaiten, instead they use a model train, hence the name Sushi Station. Everytime the train whizzed by, we worry that KT's hair would get caught and she would dragged along ala Happy Tree Friends. Quite a satisfying meal. We didn't overdo it, but perhaps it's just because we got sick of the limited choices and the taste wasn't anything to shout about. Heh. During the course of lunch, I managed to spill teriyaki sauce on my T-shirt at 3 different locations and topped it all off with watermelon juice. Crud!

On the way down, I was mesmerized by a congregation of Jinjang Joe's and Sentul Sally's. They were all doing a primitive ceremony of worshipping a Para-Para Dance machine. One JJ strutted his stuff hip-hop style and after vacating the platform and busting a few moves on the floor, another SS came to take over his place. Scrawny as she may be, she danced with wild abandon, trying to ooze as much sexuality as her flat-chested, pre-pubescent body can afford. It was like watching a trainwreck, so horrible, yet I had to watch. Both of them danced while their groupies covered the screen with a Vaness Wu poster. Memorized all the moves, the little buggers! Would definitely look good in any curriculum vitae.

Downstairs, Apoll and Frankie bought some studs for their newly-pierced ears and not long after that, Takashi left to pick up my di. KT was also looking for a pair of shoes to go with her purple dinner dress and we hopped from shop to shop. She finally decided on a strappy, lavendar number from Nose. Feeling a bit thirsty, we decided to head over to Ampang for some drinks at Restoran Han Nam (KT's recommendation as she know's the owner). We had 5 Bean Tong Sui, 5 Treasure Snowy Delight, Barley and Gingko Nuts, Mocha Frappucino and a mixed platter of stewed beancurd, fatty pork, eggs, meatballs and taiwanese sausages. The food is quite nice, might consider trying their main dishes, but it is quite out of the way for me.

Later, we dropped off Frankie and managed to raid his room. I must say that I'm disappointed in myself for forgetting to get a firsthand look at his mooncake box full of condoms and lube. But I did manage to finally meet Rat Rat, Sharky and the Pink Lion. Subsequently, dropped off Apollo and KT. And I dropped myself on my bed... dead tired.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bite Me!

My throat and mouth is very sensitive. I would do anything in my power to keep my throat irritation-free and my oral mucosa ulcer-free. I watch my food intake and increase my fluid intake. Basically, I avoid all sorts of "heaty" foods. Yes, the sinfully-delicious fried stuff. I even avoid durians as more than 2 pieces will also give me a sore throat. And at the slightest hint of soreness, I will gargle with Bactidol or Propolis, drink honey, take herbal supplements or drink detox teas. As a result of my defensiveness, my body has a very low tolerance for these sin foods now. If the frying oil is oxidized from too much reuse, my body would react. If the food is too salty, my mouth and tongue would get rough and irritated.

And so, on one faithful day, I went to Sky Cafe at SS2 with Apollo. We sat upstairs where most of the patrons were playing Monopoly, cards or Jenga. Quite a cozy place if not for the abundance of smokers. Anyway, I wanted to order Yam Chicken Fillet, but they had run out, so I chose Golden Beancurd with Spicy Salt. Alarm bells! Nad choice. It turned out to be ultra-fried beancurd pok. Like eating beancurd biscuits. And boy, did I pay for it. Every bite I took out of the beancurd, it took a bite out of me. Halfway through, my mouth was bleeding. The picture isn't very clear, but you might see blood on the napkin. Serves me right.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Me, Myself & Mei

Weekends are supposedly the time when we get some rest and recharge for the week ahead. But I find that my weekends are equally as draining as the weekdays. We cram whatever we could not perform during the week into the weekends-- me friends, perform chores, etc. Everything except rest and relaxation. Heh. As usual, mum went gallavanting again, this time to Penang, Ipoh and Taiping. She gets out more often than me. And she's 34 years my senior. Pathetic la aku. As usual, I worked last Saturday. Until about 5:00pm, I picked up my mei, KT to do her scalp treatment at my stylist's place. He still doesn't want to cut my hair! Another month of shagginess. Later, she followed me to a BEC gathering where I got all sorts of 3 8 comments from all the aunties and uncles that she's my girlfriend.

We welcome Kai Ting to our BEC gathering tonight and hope that she will come again in the future.. Tough chance.

After getting sick of fending off their remarks, we went off to Sweet Bean Station again to order whatever it was that KT didn't manage to order the last time. Once again, they ran out of black sesame. It must be wicked. Everytime I go, it's out of stock. Hmmm. She treated me to Pumpkin Custard, Golden Sweet Potato Balls with Almond Flakes (1 out 3 was a dud as it was missing it's chocolate filling. Sounds so skanky hor?), Steamed Egg with Milk and an Apple Vinegar cooler. KT did her "out-pouring" and being the good kor I am (and after receiving her bribe of desserts), listened and gave my comments. But I think at certain points I got carried away and spoke too loudly that people for several tables away stared at me. I must've been mistaken for some jerk giving his girlfriend or sister a tongue-lashing. At the table beside us, a girl was painting her boyfriend's nails black. So desparate to impress her. I'm sure she'd be thrilled when he asks to wear her bra and panties.

Before calling it a night, we stopped at the OKR-Kuchai Lama juntion for Wanton Noodles, but they had closed already, so we stopped at the OKR-Taman Desa junction to have BKT. Shared one serving with cakwe. Nothing like hot bowl of steaming pork innards in herbal soup before bed. :P. Once again, KT attracted attention from wrong kind of guys. Was given smirks and sideway glances. She really knows how to attract attention... hehe.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Time Is Not On My Side

I need to deliver by June 30th. Seems like everything's not done yet. The content isn't quite there. The presentation is still sloppy. A hundred and one integrations still not looked at. Requirements change as frequent as GTalk status messages do. My table's a mess of documents. My mind's a mess of problems. I really hope my team won't burn out. Two have already packed their bags. Sick of their jobs? Trying to escape the situation? I really hope I can deliver. I really hope I need not run away. My other counterpart in the other team had already handed in her resignation, but it was rejected.

"Do you want more money?"

"Perhaps if we move you to another department?"

To her, it's all empty promises. The only release is by leaving. A change of scenery. Peace of mind.

The other day, Mel made this remark, "Notice how much troubles we have in our lives ever since we started working?". Come to think of it, I completely agree with her that my life has gotten invariably more complicated, but I don't know if it has to do solely with work. We spend most of our waking hours slogging in the office, so I guess it's natural that most of our headaches originate from work, but then, there are also far worse demons hiding out in issues of family and relationships. As we progress, our problems progress too.

Sigh. Panta Rei. Everything changes. I can only hope that it is for the better.

Friday, June 22, 2007


Since before the bak zhang festival, I had been ingesting the glutinous rice tetrahedra on quite a regular basis. Can you ingesting ingesting one at 8:00 in the morning? I'm sure the thought of it makes you feel zhai. But then, it's quite hard to resist the draw of fatty pork, black-eyed peas, chestnuts, salted egg yolks and mushrooms. To make it go down easier, I either have a refreshing cup of hot jasmine tea; or digestive pills (the goodness of papaya seeds); or coffee. And you know what? Coffee works the best. For some unknown reason, every time I drink coffee, I get really hungry. Like a black hole suddenly appeared in my tummy. A very hollowed out feeling. And when I get that way, my hands would start to shake.

Shaky hands are quite a genetic thing in my family. My father had them. My sister too. And I have it. It's at its worst when I'm hungry. Try shovelling food into my mouth with a spoon and you can see the spoon tremble midway. Try to scoop up some hot soup and you can see me waver. Quite troublesome. More so if I am a brain surgeon trying to spare some healthy brain tissue or an engineer trying to solder some complex circuitry. But recently, I felt that it has gotten worse. A bad sign? I really should go check it out, before I end spilling all the water in my cup before I even bring it to my lips. Heh.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

It Pours

What is the problem of having worked at numerous project sites where the bulk of your teammates have left the company?

Chaos. Pure and simple. When unfinished business and problems crop up, you get the call. And having current commitments and other immediate deadlines does contribute to the ugliness. Multiply me. I need clones. If possible, never stay around till the end of any project. To see it through, so to speak. Screw that. Liberate me.

Things are bad enough that I find myself doubting myself, my career path. To leave. To dump the problem on someone else. I feel lonely and helpless in the matter. Sigh. I guess it is time to make my voice heard in the lofty boardrooms of the management. Before I go nuts. Save me.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sloppy Grin

Stolen kisses on my cheek.

A silent whisper in my ear.

A strong grip on my hand.

A reassuring hug when I need it most.

A call before I retire for the night.

I stare blankly into space. A sloppy grin creeps up my face.

PS: Get well soon dear...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Little Too Much

Swiped from bayat.
Repetitive Stress Syndrome. Yes, doing the same thing over and over again can be hazardous to your life. Mouse users beware of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Too much tennis, Tennis Elbow. Constant staring at computer screens-- Dry Eye Syndrome. Spend too many hours playing MMORPGs you run the risk of No Social Life syndrome. For those who know me, my eyes are already aged from all the hours in front of the CRT or LCD. Need to carry around my little bottle of artifical tears in case of attacks of burning sensation in my eyes (kinda like the GhostRider's stare). To make things worse, I have become the casualty of yet another kind of repetitive action. Guess where....

Too get things out of the way, let me state here that it's not something down south. Blek.

I know everyone's disappointed, but I hurt my left thumb this time. The base of the thumb hurts. I was wondering how I had hurt it, then It came to me-- too much sms-ing. When I sms, I hold the phone in my left hand and just let the thumb do all the work. On average, I send more than 15 sms a day and I my hands are always itchy, going through past messages, keeping stuff that's sweet and dumping the "hi, bye" variants. KH has asked me to rest it (he had a case of SMS Thumb not long ago too!), but it's kind of difficult reconditioning yourself to using another hand. But I'm ambidextrous when it comes to the "other kind of repetitive action". :P.

Your body breaks down and complains when you subject it to repetitive tasks. So I'm wondering if our routine of "Work, Eat, Sleep. More Work" would one day render our souls to break down. Time to give things a short rest before we finally go for the "long rest".

Monday, June 18, 2007

Matthew & Jessica

Swiped from williamnyk.
Of course you're all wondering, "Who the fuck is Matthew?!". Well, Matthew is an ex-colleague of mine and I must say that we had kinda lost contact with each other, these past years. We do see each other on our MSN Messenger contact lists, but we never say, "Hi!" or the other generic tegur sapa variants. So, when the other day I suddenly received a missed call from him and a message in my chatbox, I thought to myself, "He's getting married". And it turns out he was. We later arranged for a lunch meet and he passed me the "Red Bomb". Tai Thong Tropicana. Lunch. Wait a minute..... Turns out that he failed to book dinner, so lunch it had to be (wedding lunches normally happen in small towns, but a Shanghai local told me that in China, first wives have their banquets during the day time, whereas concubines have them at night. o.O). It's kinda a blessing actually, I've never been to Tropicana and driving in the night would have been worse with my sense my of direction as screwed up as my moral compass. Should get myself a compass like Jack Sparrow's. I got some useful directions and landmarks from Savante and Takashi. Thanks guys, but I later found that the there was a detailed map at the back of the invitation. :P.

To make it to the wedding, I joined the 9:00am mass. That ended at 10:00am. I waited for a friend until 10:30am. Had 2 more hours to kill, so I went to SS24 for breakfast at 11:00am, knowing that weddings never start on time. Never. Never. Never. Bought a magazine. Bought 4D (Mel's bumper scrape). Read papers and the mag in the car. Beh tahan liao. Nothing to do, headed off at 11:30am. I reached the place at 11:45am after navigating the freakingly posh homes of the rich and famous. Nearly jumped outta my car and put on my Robin Leach impersonation. I sat at the parking lot for 15 minutes before going in. I was the first guest of the groom. A great honour. I got to bore myself outta my skull. Had the privilege to see the crockery still being wheeled out. The multimedia show being set up. Sienz. Matthew was glib enough to say, "Why you so early? I said 12:30pm mah...". Kanasai, lunch only started at 1:45pm. Food wasn't exceptional, but I liked the steamed patin and the crispy-skinned chicken. But the speed at which the food came out was amazing.

This was my second Tai Thong wedding and I must say that the service sucks in comparison. Form 3 kids and migrant workers. But even the captain also pengz. Have you ever seen a banquet where the groom is left to take care of the champagne fountain. No help at all. They just stand there watching him fumble with the thing. A lousy emcee as well. The whole function had quite a few other hiccups as well. When the bride and groom walked in before the first dish was served, all the lights were turned off. However, there was no mist, let alone a spotlight. If it was dinner time, there would have been nothing to see. And the toast was kinda screwed up. "Yummmmmmm... seng". With the "seng" going splat. Hahaha. Anyway, the pastor introduced a real eye-opening alternative, "Blehhhhh..... sing!". Lame. Haha. Overall a very quiet wedding. Very low key. Hardly boisterous. And towards the end, the couple didn't have enough time to bid all the guests farewell as their table to table toasting started late.

There's always something to bitch about at wedding banquets.... or perhaps it's just that I always have something to bitch about. Anyway, best wishes of wedded bliss to Matthew and Jessica.

Friday, June 15, 2007


Swiped from williamnyk.
If you've been reading the papers, you'd know that the flood on the 10th of June had been hogging the headlines for a couple of days at least. Well, the dust has kind of settled, figurately, but literally it has not. The flood has left the Masjid Jamek area full of sand and the amount of people kicking it up is quite choking. On Monday (the 11th), I went to work like any other day. As I walked out from the Star LRT station I found it strange that the side of the roads were a little muddy and that the McD was boarded-up thyphoon warning style. I shrugged it off. As I reached the Putra LRT station, I found that grass and garbage had been wound tightly at the bottom of the Dilarang Menjaja sign post (DBKL performs raids every other week, but the traders still come back to ply their wares). As I walked further towards AmBank, I saw that a part of the wall separating Masjid Jamek and Sg Gombak had collapsed and that the AmBank basement parking was flooded. It doesn't take Hercule Poirot to figure out what has happened. I continued on towards Central Market and saw that the Sin Seng Nam coffeeshop was closed due to a mudlogged kitchen. Upon reaching the Tower of Solitude, I was greeted by a scene of chaos-- The basement parking had flooded; 6 out of the 7 lifts didn't work; the only working lift only reaches the 15th floor; I bloody work on the 25th floor; And upon reaching the top, the air-cond gives out at 2:00pm due to an interrupted water supply to the chillers. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Such a waste that the SMART Tunnel wasn't operational at that time. They could've used the alternative-- activate the SMART Tunnel in our beloved Works Minister's head.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Four-skin, Four-play

Note: 'Infected' by Lanky Lex.

Like some nasty strain of VD, this meme has been making its rounds among the usual suspects and it has finally landed in the dark, dank breeding ground which is my blog. Believe it or not, this is just my 2nd infection. Time to start another round of drug cocktails to suppress future outbreaks. But before that, the symptoms:

4 Jobs I've Had In My Life

  1. Freelance Tuition Teacher - I've had 2 students so far, teaching language, biology and maths for peanuts. 1 student stopped studying at Form 3, the other I don't know. Wanna be my student?

  2. Electrician's Apprentice - I worked at this job for 1 day. My spindly arms and twiggy wrists were not up to lugging metal light fixtures and scaffolding. At least I contributed 0.0001% to the building of Kuantan's first 'large' mall.

  3. Temporary Teacher - See the pattern? I was so into academia back then. I taught add maths and physics to upper secondary students at a boarding school. They gave me a bath towel during my farewell. I still use it today!

  4. Banquet Waiter - RM23 for 6 hours work and a free meal. The experience was great. Firsthand experience of how hotel kitchens can be a real nightmare. Don't go back there.

4 Movies I Can Watch Over And Over Again

  1. The Matrix - Even Keanu's balak-ness couldn't drag this movie down. The effects and storyline are cool, especially with the groundbreaking camerawork. I love seeing Trinity's floating kick.

  2. The Swordsman - I have always liked wuxia movies. And this is really a classic from Tsui Hark. They don't make movies like this anymore. And who could forget the theme song -- Siew Ngow Kong Wu. The closest contender to this movie would have to be Hero.

  3. Casino - At one point in my life, I watched this movie more than 4 times. It was very riveting watching Sharon Stone and Robert de Niro in this biopsy of the Las Vegas casino scene.

  4. Kill Bill - Trust Quentin Tarantino to come up with a fantastic movie of revenge. A potent mixture of katanas, great music, dramatic duels and David Carradine.

4 Places I've Been On Vacation

  1. Singapore - Been going to the Lion City since I was a kid. Was always fascinated by the sheer order and sanitized feel of the city state. I want to go there more than ever these days...

  2. Bangkok - Been there twice already. Food is great. Stuff is cheap. People are friendly. It's easy to get around. Sex. Sex. Sex. Shop. Shop. Shop. Need I say more.

  3. Langkawi - The island of obscenely cheap liquor. A great place to drive around. Go up the cable cars-- a breathtaking view not to be missed!

  4. Jakarta - Not exactly a vacation, but with all my weekends there combined, it can be called a vacation. A sprawling metropolis that puts KL to shame. A melting pot of cultures, the clash of an unbalanced society. Observe how the uber rich shop for LV, whereas the poor eat RM1 fried rice by the roadside.

4 Of My Favourite Dishes

  1. Salmon Sashimi - Dip it in soy sauce and wasabi and you're good to go. Can eat loads of it, especially if it's the premium kind that's freshly-flown in... yummm!

  2. Yellow Wine Chicken - The staple of post-partum mothers in confinement. LOve the smell. Love the taste. Love the warmth in the tummy from all the ginger!

  3. Yam Cake - Starchy yam bits suspended in savoury rice flour batter. Topped with fragrant dried shrimp and fried shallots. Best served with Kg Koh chilli sauce. And the leftovers can be fried, bringing the taste to another level!

  4. Old Lotus Root Soup - I'me very much a soup person. Make sure it's piping hot. Ahhh! Old lotus root, red dates, peanutes, dried squid, dried oysters, pork ribs... so nutritious!

4 Places I Would Like To Visit

  1. Bali - To go with my significant other.... the land of hotties in boardshorts. Oh yeah, not forgetting the culture. Yeah, definitely the culture. :P.

  2. Rome - The Renaissance. The Holy See. Must see. Must see.

  3. Taman Negara - The national parks in East Malaysia. Exotic caves and ancient forests. Would be breathtaking.

  4. Japan - From the crazy metropolis to the sprawling suburds to the Zen temples in the rustic countryside. And the food...

4 Most Overused Words

  1. Bengong - My favourite adjective to describe humanity at large.

  2. Celaka - I use it so commonly that I forgot that the impact of this word can be like a slap to the face. Forgive me.

  3. Baby - Ever since KH came into the picture... Annoys the hell outta people. :D.

  4. Nevermind - I seem to be on a different frequency from other people. So people don't usually get what I say.

4 TV Shows I love to Watch

  1. Iron Chef - Give me a bell pepper and I shall bite a chunk out of it like Chairman Kaga. Love these quirky Jap shows!

  2. The Simpsons - A most cheong hei series with witty jokes and screwed up storylines. It had a good few starting seasons, but I still watch it for nostalgic reasons.

  3. Dendam Nyipelet - I watched this for 1 year in Jakarta, much to the chagrin of my housemates. A story about a witchcraft and fighting. The Javanese Wicked Witch of the West.

  4. Senario - When it was starting out, it was very good. The classic episodes are those that have Saiful Apek and Yassin. The former moved on to Cicakman, whereas the latter is most probably in rehab.
There. I shall not tag anyone. Let one virus generation end here. Let it go into hibernation, silently waiting...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I was home alone during the weekend again. Mum had once again gallavanted off to Kuantan, following a group of friends who are afficiandos of Senior Citizen Singing Contests. Some are judges. Some are contestants. The contestants run around trying their luck. If you can't win in KL, go to Kulai. If you can't make it big in Kulai, try Kuantan. Masyallah.. Even my sister and bro-in-law went down south to visit the Singapore Zoo and the Jurong Bird Park for some camera work. So, on Friday, after dropping mum off at her friend's place, I went off to my di's place to join Takashi for supper. Only reached at 9:00pm. All I had to alas perut was a half-eaten box of Lian Bee full moon package from my ex-boss. It had muffins, hard-boiled eggs, gari, ang kee and portugese egg tarts. I just downed an egg and an egg tart. Due to some delays and a minor domestic dispute (:P), we only headed out at 10:00pm. Got to visit Takashi's new place at Bandar Utama. Was really nice. Watched Janice Dickinson's Modelling Agency on his Aquos LCD TV. Made the models all the more interesting to watch. We ended up not having supper. I reached home at 12:00am to have dinner! Mum had cooked. I told myself, "It's late, just have a little rice in some soup", but I whacked everything. Vege. Fish. Soup. Rice. All of it. Then straight to sleep! Ahhh, bliss.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Decade-nt Wait

Warning: Mini spoiler ahead. But I guess everyone has watched it already. :P.

Having watched Pirates of the Caribbean 3 the other day, one particular part of the story got me thinking.
The Curse of Calypso

The captain of Flying Dutchman would have his heart cut out and put into a chest.

He would be bound to the ship, responsible for ferrying the souls of those who had died at sea.

He is only allowed to make port once every 10 years, to be with the one he loved...

In the movie, Davy Jones would get down and dirty with Tia Dalma every 10 years.

Ditto for Will Turner who gets to shag Elizabeth only once in 10 years.

I told KH that I somewhat feel like we're in such a situation. And the great answer I got:

Well, you've waited more than 25 years, so what's another decade?


Saturday, June 09, 2007

Google Me!

Uninformative Blog

Just an update on the keyword analysis of my blog:

1) Nasi Kangkang -- Don't bother looking through my archives, the low-fat alternative recipe isn't there

2) Durex Play Stained Bedding -- It stains?!

3) Xenri -- Bingo!

4) TVB Feng Shui Class -- ?!

5) Sex Taman Desa -- Errr... not much going on at my HQ le...

6) How Shah Rukh Khan Eat KFC -- With his mouth?!

7) Aussiebum To Big -- Buy smaller lor....

8) Izzi Pizza -- Bingo!

9) Pratunam -- Bingo!

10) Apocalypto Prophecy Text -- Bingo!

11) Menoxidil -- Bingo!

12) Nasi Kangkang -- Errr...

13) Karunesh Solitude Lyrics -- Aku pun mahu...

14) Luke Harby Venice -- ?!

15) Camoufla monkey -- My cute little monkey!

16) Rose Chan Bone Setter Canada -- ?!

17) Yau Mak -- Sini bukan pasar la...

18) Aussiebum Before and After -- Before and after what?

19) Penang Pharmacy Vibrating Condom -- Penang no Guardian ah?

20) 2007 -- Thanks for the hits Will.I.Am!

21) 'huang yao shi' -- Bingo!

22) Learning to Swim, Bukit Jalil -- Bingo!

23) Intoxicated Pics -- !?

24) We are Pamparing -- ?!

25) Misi XX Ray -- I get a lot of hits from this.

26) -- Someobe trying to investigate me?

Oh well, a few hits, a few misses.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Sabbath II

Since mum wasn't home yet, I had to go to church alone. The homily was about the Holy Trinity. Three as one. One as three. The Sacred Mystery. Not to be confused with the Three Musketeers. Straight after that, I drove over to One Utama to meet my colleague YY. She wanted to get a wedding gift for her sister,

YY: My sister's getting married. I need to get her something.

Me: What does she like?

YY: I'm thinking of getting her jewellery.

Me: Har. Berlambak-lambak la relatives you akan beli... Does she wear jewellery anyway?

YY: Errr... nope.

Me: Get her something else then. Electrical products for the new house? (so damn practical hor?)

YY: No need. Fully-furnished.

(err......thinking hard......thinking hard....errr)

Me & YY: Lingerie!

So off we went to look for undies. Women's Secret was too teenage. Very cotton-ny and pastel-y. So it's not exactly wedding night fare. When girls are younger, they read Cleo and Seventeen. When they are of marriage-able age, they should progress to Women's Weekly and Pa & Ma. Likewise for undies I guess. LOL. We headed over to La Senza, steering clear of Xixili, Audrey, Sorella and it's ilk. Walking in, we looked at their selection of negligees. Amidst all the ruffles (at the bosom area?!), flowers, mesh, etc, we finally decided on a peach satin one with minimal lace and crossed tie ups on both sides. At RM119, it came with a G-string. Oh la la. To complete the gift, we bought a men's mesh G-string (I think Frankie owns this, :P) from The Under Shop. Hehe. Too bad we couldn't find a matching top for the husband.

After all that shopping, we were pooped and decided to go for lunch at the new joint, Sushi Groove. However, it was not to be as it was closed for some kind of maintenance. So we went to Genki Sushi to get our sushi fix. Some bitching about work, life, family... yadda, yadda, yadda. Standard stuff. We then visited several manicure bars (across several floors and wings) before deciding on my personal favourite-- Kuku Bar. I bid my adieu as painting her fingers and her little piggies could easily take two hours. I did a little bit more of window shopping and observed the festivities at the CinemaOnline event. The Predator, The Silver Surfer, Freddy Krueger, Darth Vader were all there. For some unknown reason, everyone wanted their photo taken with the silver surfer. I guess there's no resisting a guy in metallic, full-body tights. A not too accurate cosplay of the character though-- the crotch was suppressed.

DanielH ajak me to watch Priceless, but seeing that I had been out since morning and I had to kill three hours to catch the movie, I decided against it. Headed home. Did my laundry. Ironed some clothes. Cleaned the bathroom. Ta pau-ed a sinfully delicious pork spare part soup for dinner. Received a call from mum at eleven pm and rushed over to fetch her home from Sri Petaling. Surprise, surprise-- I had a dim sum supper at the same lousy place. Ewwww. Sekian.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Multiply Me

I can give you what you want.
I can make your heart beats short.
I can make you ice cream, we could be a sweet team melting in your vice dreams, sport.

I can be the sauce you crave.
I can spell what you cant say.
chocolate flavored love theme treat the treats you so mean covering your nights and days.

Let me give you what you like.
I can make you mouth run dry.
drink me like a liquor, c'mon and dip your dipper
show me what you're here for, guy.

I can give you what you want.
I can make your back real taunt.
fantastic flavored fancies sick like Sid and Nancy wicked as a joy ride jaunt.

What you want.
I can give you what u want. x4

This quirky song is titled Ice Cream from UK's New Young Pony Club. It was used in the Intel Core 2 Duo Multiply Ad Campaign that is currently running wordwide. I was immediately attracted to the ad due to this song and the quirky dance that the actors do. I asked an expert opinion from Thompson-Boy and his reply:


So bad meh..?!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Reclaim My Weekends II

Mum wasn't at home last weekend, gone gallavanting to a fundraiser in Kulai. Once again, I get some time to myself. Would have been perfect if the Significant Other was around, but it's not to be. After dropping mum off at her friend's place, I picked up KT for dinner. Had Teo Chew porride at Peng Hwa, Old Klang Road. Ordered the usual fare, stewed peanuts, french beans, century egg and salted, boiled fish. KT was picking at her food and I practically finished everything with two bowls of porridge. She had a hankering for cake, so went off to Secret Recipe, Taman Desa. However, it was closing time alredy, so we ended up at Boon Boon Cafe. Ordered a couple of ice-blended drinks, fired up the lappie to use the WiFi and browsed through Friendster for a while. That's when I received a chat message detailing that my Di is officially dating someone. Not that I didn't know, it was just some kind of open secret. Now that they have announced, I'm ecstatic. I went up to KT's to merestui them. :P.

Come Saturday, another working day. I celebrated the Agong's Birthday in the office. Had cake even. Banana cake. Heh. Work sucked as usual. Yadda. Yadda. Yadda. Crappy network making work all the much slower. Hopefully the problem will be rectified soon. Left work mid-afternoon to do some window shopping at Bukit Bintang. Was much motivated to do so after my colleague told me my horroscope for the day. Monkeys should relax, and go shopping! So I did. But came back with nothing to show for, just a sore shoulder for lugging my laptop around. :(. My horroscope for Sunday was to go and have a romantic day with my lover. Tough chance. Another :(.

Ended up at Hang Tuah LRT near evening and I messaged Mel for a possible meet-up. She picked me up at Pandan Jaya LRT (the first time for both of us there, she has such great navigational skills) and it was raining heavily. We joined the fantastic jam on the MRR2 and ended up in Sri Petaling for a dim sum dinner. We walked to 3 shops before deciding on the fourth shop, Dim Sum World. It's now a mere shadow of it's heyday six years ago. The staff are all migrant workers and they have no supervisor around, so the service is quite bad. The food was hot for a change and the taste quite OK compared to the last time I was there. Or perhaps I was too famished from my early lunch of roasted pork over rice at Lai Fong.

After dinner, we went off to Kinrara Curry House for our usual mamak-ing session. Some catching up. Some bitching about relationships. I headed home after that, really pooped from the long day. I sat in front of the laptop, munching Tong Kee Brothers egg tarts, trying to force myself to watch another episode of Heroes...

Saturday, June 02, 2007


Note: One week late, but biasalah... :P

Just like my Saturday, the sabbath was not a day of rest for me either. After mass, mum and I drove down to Taman Desa to meet up with KT for breakfast at A1 Steamboat. We ordered their specialty, which is the fish head noodles. Each bowl costs a whopping RM6.50 (ater several price increases), but it really is quite good. You can choose from two variants-- fried () or unfried (smooth belly meat!). You can even ask for additional rice wine if you like. Go early. They're open from 7:00am and if you go late, be prepared to wait or face disappointment. Two bowls are quite sufficient for three persons.

After the late breakfast, mum left and I followed KT's car to The Curve to celebrate David's birthday. We arrived an hour early, so we visited the flea market. Mostly girls' stuff. Could tell that KT was quite bedazzled by all the handmade accessories and other trinkets, but I guess an anorexic wallet kept her grounded. At ten before one, we met Jase and Eric.

Jase: What did you get David?

Me: A book.

Jase: Booooooring! What did you get for Robb?

Me: Robb? Oh yeah yoh.... (fuck! fuck! fuck!)

I knew that Robb was on the guest list, but I completely forgot that his birthday had just passed and I should at least get the fellow a belated birthday gift. So, I franticly went off to flea market again to find something. Wanted to get him a T-shirt in a box, but most of the decent designs were out of M size, so I decided to get him a leather bracelet instead. Not much other choices, unless he fancies bikinis or halter tops. By the time we arrived at Italianie's, most of the guests had arrived. I finally met Xavier, Savante and SenaiBoy. And another two new guys, Mark and Ren. It was also nice meeting Frankie's "gf", Leesha. Ren who is twenty but looks seventeen remarked that I look twenty two (rightly so, since I am twenty two, :P).

My entrance with KT must have really left an impact as I received an sms from across the table asking me about KT. :P. Lunch ended 4 hours later with a bill of RM608. o.O. As usual, it was quite a boisterous affair. Luckily, we were seated at the front section of the restaurant away from the other customers. But I wonder if we were annoying the hell out of the kitchen staff. Since the table was long, I had to play musical chairs in order to get to talk to everyone. Alex was trying out his brand new portrait lense, so we got some amazing photographs of the meet.

Once lunch was over, we went our separate ways. Jase, Eric, KT, Robb, Zach and I had bought tickets to Pirates of the Caribbean 3. We had one hour to kill, so we spent it at the Early Learning Center (bitching about how lucky kids these days are) and Metrojaya (rummaging through BODS swimtrunks). Since The Curve can only provide so much entertainment, we dashed over to Cathay Cineleisure. The movie was quite long-winded, but I guess pace is fine. But I really found the whole Davy Jone's Locker thing quite off key. And I reiterate here that Calypso is no help (thanks KH, DanielH and Savate).

I was hungry halfway through the movie and it only ended at 9:30pm. We headed over to the KFC at Jalan Universiti for our chicken fix. I ordered the rice combo. So Zemien, I can finally comment. The rice is quite sweet. But edible la. However, I find that the quality at KFC is getting from bad to worse. The pieces of chicken are getting smaller and smaller. I know miniaturisation is in, but not in the food business ma. And I couldn't even tell the OR from the Hot and Spicy. KFC better buck up! Later that night, KT sent me home and it was zzzzzz for me.... The end.

Friday, June 01, 2007



My significant other is away. Usually also away, but not so away starting from today. God, it rhymes. Anyway, we're usually separated by the Straits of Tebrau, but this time that giant parit has been dwarfed by the South China Sea. But then, does it really matter since it's basically the same? Same time zone. Same absence. Just less SMS-es. Less calls.

"What's a little more distance?", one might say.

As trivial as it sounds,

as silly as it sounds,

as sappy as it sounds,

I think I feel it.

Missing you...

PS: Dedicated to SK and JM too!