Monday, December 31, 2007

Quiet Reflection

Every Christmas, I would be going around with my BEC posse to spread Christmas cheer via carolling. We'd be all dressed in red and we'd belt out songs in English and Mandarin, with the accompaniment of guitars and tamborines. However, behind that noble intent, it was our best money horse. Heh. Unfortunately, we didn't do any carolling. The parish priest had decided that carolling should only be done after Christmas, so that kinda potong our steam. No extra income, no lavish christmas party. I don't mind not having the giant Christmas do, but missing out on the experience of carolling is another matter. Nothing beats going around in a convoy of cars, singing our hearts out, reading some scripture and later makan-makan plus fellowship. Still, we made do. We just had a simple potluck and invited some friends. Managed to do our carolling. Our face-stuffing (my first time tasting salted-egg chicken). Had a little Gospel reading. Some sharing (an elderly couple's trip to Jerusalem). Some recap of 2007 with a great slideshow that brought back lots of memories.

Right after the recap, we did a personal reflection of sorts-- thinking back on 2007. I closed my eyes and waded past all that I had gone through. How I had been truthful to myself, how I had met a lot of wonderful people who have helped me along the way, specifically KH, how we had fell in love, how that love caused turmoil in my life and my family's life. How SK and JM's own challenges had affected me. How work had taught me many lessons. In a nutshell, it was a good year and a bad year. For all that has happened, I am grateful. It had to happen. It was required. For the culmination who I am today. I look back and I can cry, laugh and smile. Goodbye 2007... and Hello 2008!

Life is too short for regrets...

Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas, isn't Christmas...

Christmas coincided with KH's trip back to Malaysia, so that was definitely a plus. Brief moments together, but I guess it wasn't that bad. We'll see each other soon enough during CNY. On the 22nd, celebrated the Winter Solstice at home. Had the ginger soup variety. Mum gave the palm sugar and savoury versions a miss since since sis wasn't around. In the afternoon, SK, mum and I went to an RCIA mate's wedding at the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Puchong. New, but kind of small-ish with an interesting architecture. All glass and rounded (a Hispanic mud wall feeling), with a skylight above the crucifix and a golden sepulcher, seemingly held aloft by two cherubs. Couldn't help but notice the priest emphasising on the need to "remain in love" numerous times in the course of the wedding mass. Too many divorce cases? Hope not. The commentator was also quite enthusiastic at times-- he even read the portions that the priest was supposed to do. o.O.


The banquet was held at Oriental Palace, Jaya33. Very new and posh with multiple wall textures and interior wooden pillars and beams though it is located indoors. An interesting look. Food is average but I think the price isn't. The usual fare with the exception of the fish. Fileted. The flesh deep-fried and served with mayo and honeydew cubes, while the carcass was also deep-fried. Frozen in motion, like a carp jumping put of the water. Unfortunately, it sucked. Like eating sweet, fish-flavoured biscuits. Post-dinner was a meet up with Chester and KH at Coffee Bean, Citrus Park. The poor kid was sick, yet he came. Had my third free ice-blended drink courtesy of Citibank Clear Card, hehe.

On Sunday, went to church as usual. Mum was in a foul mood and I later found out that it was because of something I said. She said I should have been more indirect in the matter. That's old folks for ya, like to beat around the bush. Anyway, that kinda ruined my morning, but at night, we went to see my nieces and nephew perform in Calvary Churh's Christmas presentation, A Spectacular Musical. A fabulous affair once again. The have so much talent in their congregation. Six shows in three consecutive days, such commitment. The story is loose-ly based on those ghost of Christmas past kinda themes. Bill (the workaholic Scrooge) travels back in time with Victoria (not underwear model material) the angel to realize the significance of Christmas.


Just before the last the last scene, Dato' Prince comes up to deliver his sermon, which is translated to BM and Cantonese on the spot. I can't help nut notice how different their view on religion is when compared to the Catholic Church. In the Catholic Church, we speak much of suffering, offering up our hardships and joys to the Lord as a sacrifice. But what I heard on that night was VERY optimistic. Believe, and all your troubles will be taken away. You will be made whole. You will have prosperity. I guess, Catholics are a more realistic bunch, not that we don't believe that God will deliver us, but we also believe that all things will happen in God's time, if He wills it.


On Christmas Eve, I succumbed to a stomach flu. Had me feverish with mild diaorhea. Was pretty bad by the time I was celebrating the Christmas Eve mass as the church has just been fully-air-conditioned (at a cost of MYR500k) and it was a rainy night. Nearly froze to death even with a sweater and a jacket on. Some oblivious people still came in sleeveless blouses and mini skirts. Hah! People will dress more modestly now not out of the respect for the House of God, but for the cold. Ended up at the clinic after church. Was kinda delirious in the car. Spent Christmas still sick, but my mum was on a cleaning frenzy. She thought it healthy for me to do some chores. Ugh. At times like this, I really wih I was at the office..... or better yet with KH. :D... sekian...

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Nutcracker Suite

On The Day of Sacrifice (coined in some blogger thread), SK, mum and I headed out early in the morning to One Utama. Early it may be, but that didn't spare us of a crawl on the LDP. An accident had rendered the road jammed. Blegh. Anyway, after the "clog", we reached our destination rather quickly. We spent a solid 6 hours shopping at the new wing! Really spent, spent and spent. Mum bought an Estee Lauder Pleasures EDP set and some stuff from Skin Food, while SK and I bought nearly 200 quid worth of clothes at Sisley. My first time buying that brand. They have really nice-fitting T's. SK also did her market survey for work, hopping from cosmetic counter to cosmetic counter. Overall, the service staff were quite unfriendly. Perhaps she needs a more Datin-y appearance. Was quite happy that the U Parkson staff mistakenly gave us an extra MYR20 cash voucher which I used to subsidize an Akemi bedsheet. Hehe.

Lunch was at Itallianie's. Just a salmon fettucine and a margheritta pizza cost us about MYR70. Quite OK food, and the complimentary bread with herbed olive oil and vinegar is superb, but I must say that the place smells too much of cheese. With our glucose levels restored, mum bought gifts for my nephews and nieces-- some cute-sy stationery, cartoon-y face towels and clothes. By the end of the shopping trip, my legs were near the breaking point. Phew! In my opinion, the christmas decoration at One Utama kinda takes the cake this year. The toy soldier theme is super cute and it looks very well done with great details and even complete with animatronics. They can actually drum! Better yet if they could hump each other, but oh well, good enough for our conservative society.

Left the place before 5:00pm and ended up at Plaza Perabot LDP to shop for SK's wardrobe. Conclusion, she'll stick to buying IKEA's el cheapo shaky wardrobe at MYR199, because furniture shops charge an arm and a leg. Also stopped at the Princess warehouse sale at Jalan Puchong. Didn't buy any footwear, but I did get some suede refresher for my shoes. Upon reaching home, we showered and went out again to dinner with sis and bro-in-law. A hearty dinner at Taman Universiti that only cost MYR60, way cheaper than my lunch. Claypot Steamed Tilapia (fantastic!), Fu Yu Yau Mak, Pork Belly Meat with Salted Fish and Bean Curd with Gourd.

To end the night, I met up with KH at Old Town Kopitiam for tea with a friend, Kit. An interesting guy. Luckily he never runs out of interesting topics. I was feeling a bit down and cranky after I found out that KH's trip would be full of scheduling clashes. No time for each other. Sigh. What to do? Have to just keep on smiling..... Make the best of what we have...

Friday, December 21, 2007

Southbound III (finale): The Tao of Love

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Continued from here...

The clubbing did not drain me as much as I expected. Once again, I arose from my slumber with the first few sunbeams that found its way through the open windows. Sunday was even lazier than Saturday with nothing immediate planned. The whole morning had been gloomy with sporadic rains. Much time was spent on the bed. Things were leisurely enough that we finally had our little heart to heart. I was sulking a bit the night before and KH had noticed. It was noticed but I replied that everything was alright. Just a little prodding and I vomitted out my displeasure and concerns. My little jealousy pangs. Out on the discussion table was also some issues we had encountered the week before regarding our communication and interaction. It's uncanny how these matters can easily be resolved with a hug and a light kiss. And they always small and insignificant when honestly and sincerely talked about.


We had some kind of breakfast cereal (I suspected wood shavings and saw dust) with un-sweetened soy milk (that partner of mine is damn health-conscious). And I spent some time online, managing to send out Lex's birthday gift and had a nice chat with Joe, a friend's of Pikey. An interesting kid. With even more interesting friends. Heh. Our attempt at having lunch at the nearby foodcourt was foiled by unexpected rainfall. We both ran home in the rain. No love story material here-- no walking in the rain, hand-in-hand, oblivious of the rain. Ended up with a rotten mood and KH being the attentive spouse whipped up some hot instant ramen for me (^^). Feeling happier and fed we moved on to happier things and slept the afternoon away in each other's arms.


For dinner, we met up with SK and Khiam at Doby Ghaut MRT. All of us walked in the rain again (with umbrellas this time, thanks goodness) to Paradiz Center. Tao's was the name of the place. Pacific cuisine, whatever that means. To me it was basically western fusion. A hearty 7-course dinner with a waiter dripping with enthusiasm and attentiveness (he remembered everyone's choices and preferences). Quite professional with his recommendations. Since there was 4 of us, we nearly ordered everything on the menu, except for the flavoured tea and main courses. Here's my order:
  1. Mango Sherbert
  2. Mushroom Gratin with Lightly-toasted Bread
  3. Pumpkin Soup
  4. Grilled Mushrooms with Vinegared Vegetables
  5. Wai San and Wasabi
  6. Oven-baked Steak
  7. Grape and Mallow Flower Tea
  8. Creme Brulee

Post-dinner shopping was next. With heavly-laden tummies, we trudged over to Orchard in the light drizzle. SK managed to buy a T and KH and I bought more Private Structure (cheaper than Malaysia when on sale) undies. :P. We called it a night and headed home.


On Monday morning, we finished our last frantic moments together and had to start packing liao. Met up with SK at Lavendar MRT and we had our lunch at Tai Hwa Eating House again. Ordered pork noodles, hokkien mee, baked fish, breaded champignons and fried beancurd. Before boarding the bus back to KL at Jalan Sultan, we had some hot drinks at The Sultan's Kitchen. The farewell wasn't so emotional for me this time as I knew that he would be home soon for Christmas. And in my heart, that's the best Christmas gift...

GT and LV Dustbin

PS: Finally tried switching. Needs work! :P

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Southbound II: Kawaii Waiters, Daemons & Bitch-slapping Ang Mohs

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Continued from here...

Although I arrived in Singapore earlier this time, I still didn't get to sleep early. The need to be close to each other is still as strong as ever; even more so that we are usually apart for more than a month. Nothing skanky though, as we were both tired from the long day. We slept in as we didn't have any immediate plans on Saturday morning. This trip was more relaxing as we weren't rushing here and there. We had more time to enjoy each other's company and just move at a slower pace. By 9:00am I was already up as the sun was shining through the windows. KH was still asleep. The lazy pig was nestled in bed with the comforter. Always one to sleep in and laze in bed. I watched KH for a while. A cute scene. Feeling a bit restless, I read a bit of Stardust, then went online.

At 10:00am, KH was already up, beckoning me to the bed. I love morning kisses. :). After making up lost time, we freshened up and left the house to meet Jaded Jeremy for lunch at a Japanese restaurant in Suntec City (Honmahru I think). Had a fantastic sashimi bento set with an extra side of salmon belly and cute waiter (very Japanese as well! Love his tousled hair!). It was my first time meeting Jeremy. Previously, our contact was limited to e-mails and sms-es. If you read SK's blog, he's described as a "cute uncle". Hehe. KH usually descibes him as funny. And they would call each other strange. Oh well.

An easy person to get along with. We immediately clicked. Going on and on about Bleach and Naruto and that left KH in a daze. Having our fill of the fresh fish and fresh meat, we went to Marina Square. Jeremy checked out some used CDs and manga figurines, while I managed to buy my new scadalously-orange swim trunks (thanks, dear!) at Bods Bodynits and a little something for QueerR. Next stop, Orchard. Bought my replacement umbrella (crippled during my BKK trip) and some scrumptious 1A currypuffs at Taka. Met SK and Khiam at The Paragon later. We hung out at our favourite section in the men's department-- men's basic and later helped Jeremy pick out a work shirt.

At 6:45, we watched The Golden Compass (my Daemon is a kawaii waiter!) with Benji and James. Didn't appeal to me. KH's crazy about the book, but the movie leaves a lot to be desired. I'll not bother to bash it here, you can read about it at Janvier, Adrien or KH's blog. But I must say one thing-- being the King of the Ice Bears is no fun-- you still have to do everything yourself! To kill time before our next stop, we had drinks at TCC. James ordered something really weird-- sirap ros + coffee. Definitely an acquired taste. And of course, we camwhored a lot!

To avoid paying the cover charge, we rushed over to Play, Tanjong Pagar before 11:00pm. At first Jeremy didn't want to join as it was past his bedtime (hehe), but after some persuasion from me and SK, he agreed! Yay! After getting stamped, we went back out the Maxwell Food Court for a little supper. Had some dumplings and we were back in the club. I was taking in the whole atmosphere, being the club virgin that I was. Loud music. Cranberry juice and vodka. The crowd. The open concept male urinals. The love seats at the back. The noted absence of ciggie smoke (thank goodness for anti-smoking regulations). By 12:00am, the dance floor was starting to fill up. Space had become a hot commodity.

I must admit that I have no rhythm in my bones. But with KH at my side, I managed to let loose (I don't think the alcohol was THAT strong) a bit. Danced with our hands on each other. Our own world. As the night went on, there was more to see. An ang moh and his local counterpart danced on the podium. All eyes were on him with his low neckline and smooth moves. As I was feeling that I was losing some hearing, KH, SK, Jeremy and I went out for a breather. Not long after that, the foreigner and his partner come out of the club too, arguing about money and bitch-slapping each other! Right up to the middle of the road divider. Passing vehicles honked at them, but they were oblivious to the traffic-- too busy tearing at each other's clothes.

The night ended at around 2:00am. Fell into bed with my ears still ringing. But it felt good. :).


... to be continued ...

Monday, December 17, 2007

Southbound I: Early Christmas

e 023
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It's not even a week yet and I'm already posting about my trip to KH-land? Amazing, huh? Oh well. When you feel like shitting, do go to the toilet, or it might result in irregular bowel movement. Hell, I think it applies to blogging too. So here goes. Primary objective: Spend time with KH before we go bonkers. Secondary objective: Christmas shopping and the famous Orchard Street decor.

Went down to Singapore with SK on Friday afternoon after a very early office Christmas gift exchange at RedBox Ria, Sogo. We went with the Secret Santa concept. Budget-- minimum MYR20.00. Got my colleague a designer key-chain. It's basically a metallic pig with a screw-on tail. Sorry, no pic. And in exchange for my early shopping troubles, I got a wine cooler. Quite useful when it comes to boozing at SK's. :P. And my colleague from Myanmar, Phyoe, threw in a Japanese fortune cat charm and a greeting card for everyone. My songlist for the day:
  • Theresa Teng's What Will You Say -- dueted with my colleague complete with hand gestures
  • The Carpenter's Yesterday Once More -- they didn't have my favourite Goodbye To Love
  • Cyindi Lauper's Girls Just Wanna Have Fun -- complete with nasal voice
  • ???'s Total Eclipse of the Heart -- a cover version by a HK artiste
  • ???'s Cross My Heart -- also complete with cheesy hand gestures
  • Rihanna's Umbrella -- Ella Ella Ella Eh Eh Eh

After lunch, I went over to meet SK at Puduraya. The journey took more than 6 hours due to the rain and the jam at the causeway. On the way there, we were entertained by a Thai movie about a kickboxer who goes to the United States to rescue his elephant "relatives". Fighting all the way. I just don't get what a transvestite underworld crime lord would want with elephant bones. Passed by Geylang on the way to Jalan Sultan and SK and I both noticed the Gay World Hotel although the sign was quite small. XD. By the time we arrived, KH was nearly separa pengsan from tiredness and hunger. Sweet of KH to wait for us for dinner.

Dinner was at Lai Lai Family Restaurant at Bugis. They specialize in Taiwanese beef noodles. Didn't try it however. Ordered their dinner set of stewed beef tendons, fried squid with acar, Oyster Sauce and Rice Wine Kailan, herbal chicken soup and milk tea. As it was getting late, KH and I took a cab to Kallang MRT to get back to KH's place, while SK continued on to Geylang Bahru to bunk with an ex-schoolmate.

... to be continued ...

PS: It seems that the Christians in Myanmar have a tradition of wishing each other "Sweet December" on the 1st of December.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Negative Nancy

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So far you've heard about Uncle HeMan, Ungrateful Kids, Gym Jenny and other characters from my STAR LRT journeys. It doesn't end there folks. Let me introduce you to the newest member of the cast-- Negative Nancy. She's an employee of Sogo, KL it seems. On the fateful morning that I met her, she was sitting opposite me, grumpily inserting 2 fresh Eveready batteries into her cheap, plastic analog camera. Having done that, she tried snapping a pic. It would not respond. Turning the camera this way and that, she fiddled with every nob she could find.

At her wits end, she eventually opened the film compartment, effectively exposing a couple of negatives. She appeared oblivious to the fact that the film is photosensitive. Eventually, she removed the roll of film and found it hard to put it back in, nearly crumpling it. After a few attempts to bang it in like a neanderthal, she finally succeeded. And yet the camera remained staunchly unresponsive. Then, she discovered the film rewind. OMG. She clicked it. The camera was whirring away. Once again, she was oblivious to the ramifications.

She opened the film compartment again. Lucky for her, there was still a sliver of film left outside the roll. She pulled it back out and laid the film back on the tracks. A few attempts later, she managed to take some photos. At first I thought she was just taking a few test shots to forward past the spoilt frames. But after the 15th snap, I think she had lost her marbles. So painful to watch her and yet... Perhaps I should have offered to help? Oh well, its good to mind our own business.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Eric Cartman
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I'm not writing about the sequel to "Dare To Fail" (incidently, the author is looking for a wife that looks like Rosamund Kwan to accompany him on overseas trips to collect his book royalties-- good luck, man!). DareToLose is a new series on TV sponsored by the evil people at Mayfair Slimming. It is thinly camouflaged as an attempt to help people look good (read anorexic) but it actually has the sinister objective of propagating bad body image amongst the populace so that they can make a buck.

(wife plays the piano, husbands sits beside her with their wedding album)

"Dear, look at this."

"You're just insinuating that I'm fat. Not as thin as used to be when I married you!"

(the wife storms off)

Then they interview the husband. He's spewing a whole lot of crap about hoping that his wife will lose some weight for her health (yeah, right!). And if she doesn't lose any weight, well, that's OK too (yeah, right!). Pan to the wife. She's crying and looking all downtrodden. Like the world is going to end.

"I know I am fat." (sniff.. sniff..snoorrrrk)

"I'm disgusting. I don't want my husband to bring me out to meet his friends."

"I'm ashamed to be his fat wife."

You know what? She isn't even FAT to begin with. I feel like smacking her. I feel like performing a liposuction or lymphatic drainage on her head. Perhaps she can think better. And as for her husband, he should just divorce her, not because she's hideously obese, but because she's a psycho. A fathead. Who knows when she'll lose control and try to eat him.

Idiots. Idiots. Idiots.

Sunday, December 09, 2007


sleepy soldier
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Hi guys and gals. If you didn't notice, I've been away. I'm down south, in Singapore taking some time off and fulfilling my conjugal duties. I will be back in KL on Monday, but don't expect a full report until like what... next week? Hehehe. Toodles!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Wayang Kulit

majlis berkhatan
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Upon reaching my office on a Saturday morning, I saw the darndest thing-- someone was spraying water from the fire hydrant right in front of the building. Was there a fire? A fire drill? Crowd control? Nope. They were actually hosing down some 20 kids. Why? To soften them up. Soften what up? Soften their skin up. Shrivel their little pistols. Yes, dear friends, a mass circumcision. The poor kids. The whole kampung turned up for the party. Cameras a-clicking. Food and relatives everywhere. When I came down for lunch, I was half expecting to see bloodied foreskin strewn all over the floor of the carpark. But I guess the Foreskin Fairy already cleaned up after...

If you're uncut, would you consider going cut now? And if you're cut, at what age did that happen? :P

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Serendah III: Long Night

...continued from here...

Exhausted from the game of twisted twister, we slept at about midnight. I didn't sleep well. Woke up at 2:00am, 5:00am and 6:45am. Too darn cold. Even tried sleeping downstairs. Seems that I wasn't the only one. Little Bull was up too. Said he was harrassed by insects (the whole toilet floor was bersepah with wings, a massacre of sorts-- we suspect Froggie had a late night snack). And his tossing and turning in turn bothered Magus. Froggie complained about cramped real estate, but the Birthday Bibik seemed to be most comfortable... illegal logging the whole night... Not being able to sleep, I went for a morning walk with my digicam. The insects weren't awake yet, but the birds were and the cool air coupled with the sound from the babbling brook were very relaxing.


After that, the rest of the gang woke up. Magus and I were the designated maids-- Siti and Haryanti, preparing breakfast. A hearty breakfast of microwaved leftover chicken wings, coral lettuce salad, blanched broccoli and starfruit. The cameras were whipped out again, this time camwhoring with props and makeshift costumes (the manifestation of the Our Lady of Serendah). Foregoing the jungle trekking (not quite keen to attempt talking to the caretakers again without a babel fish), we went for another swim. Plenty of camwhoring again. Caught plenty of rays. Horsing around and talking about everything under the sun. Before noon, we packed up and camwhored for the last time. The amount of fun one can obtain from a timer and a mini tripod. Priceless.


Our journey back to KL wasn't smooth, thanks to HINDRAF, police road blocks and road closures. KL-Seremban highway was closed and we had to take a detour to get to Restoran Kin Kin to try their famous dry chilli pan mee. DanielH ordered 9 bowls! The noodles have a nice texture and are done up slightly thicker than ramen. Very flavourful with an impeccably poached egg, minced meat and fried anchovies. A very clear soup with sayur manis. But the secret ingredient is the chilli topping. Nice!


We made our goodbyes and subsequently went to Bibik's place to wait for my ride home. We watched a little bit of the Disney classic, "Sleeping Beauty" as Magus was raving about Maleficent during the whole trip. Had fun pointing out kemiangan Aurora and the apparently butch Good Witch Merryweather. Before calling it a day, I had tea with SK at Sweet Deli Station, OUG. Just so-so. Just wanted to cool down with some tong sui. I was totally knocked out when I reached home, recovering lost sleep on the sofa...


...the end... or until DanielH cooks up another scheme...

Monday, December 03, 2007


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A little break from Serendah, so meme time! QueerR tagged me again, but I decided to bagi muka coz I can really identify with the number 8. No prize for guessing why.

8 Things I Am Passionate About
{"KH", "$$$", "Anime", "Undies", "Camwhoring", "Friends", "Health", "Food"}

8 Things I Want To Do Before I Die
Note: Magus did mention something about climbing Ayer's Rock in drag like in "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert", but I don't think so...
{"Married the person I love", "Found job satisfaction", "Found financial freedom", "Reveal my true self to the world", "Travel the world", "Tried every weird cuisine in the world", "Tried out acting", "Get a tattoo"}

8 Things I Say Often
{"OMG", "Wahsei", "Yes, my dear?", "Beh tahan", "Hi, baby", "Shit la you", "Aiyeh", "Har!?"}

8 Books I've Read Recently
{"Fragile Things", "The Sandman: A Game of You", "Dune", "Shadowbred", "The Sandman: Season of Mists", "The Sandman: Fables & Reflections", "8", "8"}

8 Songs I Could Listen to Over and Over
Note: I don't think there is any song that I can listen to ad infinitum... but here are a few I fancy.
{"The Carpenter's Goodbye To Love","Madonna's Vogue","Madonna's Take A Bow","Robbie William's Road To Mandalay","8","8","8","8"}

8 Things that Attract Me To My Friends
{"Some are skanky", "Some are fabulousness", "Some are cuter than others", "All are sincere", "Some are funny", "They know how to have fun", "They make me feel at peace with myself", "They make me happy"}

8 People Who Should Totally Do This Meme
{"People who are 8 like me", "8", "8", "8", "8", "8", "8", "8"}

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Serendah II: I'll Huff and Puff and Blow your House Down

...continued from here...

The living quarters for our trip was the Glass Shed. As you can guess, the concept is transparent living. A whole lotta glass, wood and metal mesh. Stark. Semi-spartan. IKEA. Smack dab in the middle of a forest. Upon entering the place, we dumped our bags and immediately the shutters were clicking. True cam-whores. Only after a while did it hit us that we should be putting the perishables in the refrigerator (what camping trip has a refrigerator you may ask? Well, this one had. And a microwave too!). The pictures in the website are better, but I guess that is to be expected. The hammock and the stretched canvas awnings were missing. Oh well, macam gambar depan mee maggi, serving suggestion only.


Upstairs is the bedroom with 2 queen-sized beds and whole lot more glass. The bathroom has a large gash in the ceiling (open shower concept) and anyone upstairs can just pull up a chair, munch on snacks to see the free show that starts during every shower time. We made a quick dash back to Rawang to do some last minute shopping and have lunch at the McD there. :P. Back in Sekeping Serendah, we lounged by the poolside and eventually dipped in to avoid the heat and sleepiness. Tried teaching the Little Bull how to swim, but we kinda failed. Our pool frolick was ended by the arrival of a whole murder of pesky kids and their parents, so we dried off and prepared the barbe.


Everyone chipped in, but DanielH had the most important task of getting the fire roaring in the BBQ wok. Yes folks, a wok. If it was on a metal tripod, it wold have looked right at home in a Conan the Barbarian movie. Anyway, DanielH's uncanny lung capacity had the charcoal at peak temperature in no time. It was a dinner of chicken wings, fish, squid, prawns, corn, sausages, starfruit, green tea and beer. The smell of fat dripping into open flames eventually brought the caretakers bitch (which we dubbed Maria, suspected as Bibik's distant cousin, twice-removed) a-sniffing. She had the scraps and the occasional carbonized and carcinogenic chicken wing.


Dinner ended by 8:30pm and we were already starting to get bored. Too full to do anything, we just sat around, not even bothering about the grill. No TV. No handphone coverage. Kinda stumped about what to do next (no wonder orang kampung banyak anak :P). Feeling too full, Little Bull and I went for a little walk. I found the big family in one of the bigger units near the entrance, accompanied by the clacking of mahjong. One by one we washed off the stink of smoke and then proceeded to play Twister! My first time and I must say that the game gained much momentum when we decided to do away with the stupid spinner and use a more evil method-- decide what goes where for the next person. We kinda screwed each other over. Never been so contorted in my life. Had my knees bucking too. Too many double entendrees? Well, stay tuned for the finale...

collageserendah5 be continued...