Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Big Five O

National Day celebrations are in full swing. Buildings lit up. Flags in ever conceivable size and shape. Spotlights blaze through the night sky. Masjid Jamek is now carnival area. Food. Glow sticks. People are arriving in droves. Roads close. Cars stall. At Dataran Merdeka, a malay guy sings Peng You at full blast and with much gusto. I'm hauling my ass home.

Happy Fiftieth, Malaysia.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ko Chai Ku Ku, Ku Ko Chai

Swiped from axb500.
Inspired by Janvier and Queer Ranter, I have decided to do a song list guessing game of my own. Initially, I had wanted to follow the original format, but then I noticed that most of the songs in my play list, I can't find the lyrics to. So Plan B. Maybe if I sample the start or chorus of each song and upload it ala the MyFM game. Wait a minute-- that'll include editing, finding a suitable hosting site, and time (which I lack!). Crap. So I have decided to just publish the answers and hopefully with it, you can decide for yourselves what a weirdo I am in terms of music taste.

  1. Skater Boy - Avril Lavigne
  2. Puteri Ledang - Noraniza Idris
  3. Al Mostafa - Zmiya
  4. Solitude - Karunesh
  5. Future Proof - Massive Attack
  6. Diesel Power - Prodigy
  7. Spring Song - He Xu Tian
  8. Swordsman Theme Song - Sam Hui
  9. The Mystic's Dream - Loreena McKennitt
  10. Ice Cream - New Young Pony Club
  11. Bhajans - Sheila Chandra
  12. Urami Bushi - Meiko Kaji
  13. Zhui Lang Man De Shi - Zhao Yong Hua
  14. Slow - Kylie Minogue

Some of the songs above are compliments of the Jaylex Foundation, some from my brother and the rest from friend and my own diggings. I always have to rely on alms. I have not bought a music CD in like ..... ages!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Great Lengths

Swiped from dro!d.
It's amazing when we think about the amount of trouble we would endure to do something that we love. If your significant other stays in Klang and you happen to shack up in Kelana Jaya, it's never too far.

"Just a couple of tolls", you would say.

But when things go sour, or you just aren't interested anymore,

"Ei, for once why don't you take the bus over" would not be surprising.

Ditto for many other things. Humans lose interest rather quickly, but some things are quite hard-wired, as I mentioned before. Heh. This was the case on third day of KH's visit (the 2nd day was intentionally ommitted because it was family day for both of us). But before that, let me backtrack to the lunch I had with his friend, Oreal, and her boyfriend Friese.

Quite the golden couple. Oreal's fair with a curvaceous body, whilst Friese has a good build and he even wore a knitted shirt with a plunging neckline (!). Real nice people. Easy to warm up to. She was just curious to meet who KH was seeing, so it was basically to pat. Heh. Anyway, lunch was at New Formosa, SS2. We ordered the lunch set at RM98++, but it was more suited for a table of 5. And the fact that the Golden Couple were watching their weight didn't help. Dishes included Longan Duck, Stir-fried Bitter Gourd with Salted Eggs, Steamed Minced Pork with Salted Fish, Fried Tilapia in Home Style Sauce, Stir-Fried Vege Threesome and Ma Poh Beancurd. Served with white rice or unlimited helpings of Sweet Potato Porridge. Lunch ended with Yam Ginkgo dessert. Interesting Taiwanese fare, but I would suggest Go Zha Lang at Jalan Imbi.

After lunch, we rushed off to Vince's (KH's best friend) place at Damansara Flora. He was our second pimp for the trip. The place was a little scary. Nestled deep in the hills near Mutiara Damansara, one can still see the abadoned mines nearby. The place is mostly inhabitated by the lower income group and migrants, hence the tasteful graffitti and overall luin sui feel to the place. Not somewhere you would want to raise a family. Brrr... But beggars can't be choosy. Vince was gracious enough to let us use his personal space. He did his work in the living, while we did our "work" in his room He had his music turned up way high. :P. Quite an experience really, with dog hair coating everything. Who could've thought that one could get a hairball from kissing? :P. So you see, when there is a will, there is a way. Everything else is secondary.

Later that night, we met again at a small bloggers' gathering with my mei, di, Takashi, Apollo, Magus and SK. At the behest of my mei, it was held at Sweet Bean Station, coincidentally the place where KH and I started 7 months ago. Much bitching and catching up until we adjourned to the mamak next door. Since it was a Sunday night, things had to end earlier, so we left at around midnight. In my heart, I was starting to feel sad as I knew KH would have to leave soon.... The great lengths we go through, to be together with the one we love...

Friday, August 24, 2007

The Birds and the Bees

Swiped from williamnyk.
Today, I present all of you a rare book review:

Title: Marriage Technique
Author: Drs. Rai & Airi
Publisher: Kiran, IndiaYear: 1964, 7th Edition
Price: MYR3.00

FYI, this book has been lying in my parents' drawer for ages. Some years back (after the death of my dad), my mum was cleaning out the drawer and she found this. She promptly handed it to me.


As you can see from the picture, it's all brown and I'm sure you can guess it smells funny. The book is still in quite good condition as the silverfish had spared it. Here's the publisher's note:

All the scientific sex knowledge of the world, concerning arried people, has been compressed into this single pocket book... This book is scientific without beng technical. It is written in a simple style so as to be intelligible even to the lay reader...

"Welcome, visitor. To the weird world! Go-slow"

What the?! To get a better idea, here's the table of contents:

  1. The First Chapter of Marriage
  2. The Choice of a Partner
  3. Golden Guidance for Merry Marriages
  4. The Mighty Male Machine
  5. The Fine Female Factory
  6. The Climax of the Coitus
  7. The Wedding Night
  8. The Caution in Conception
  9. Family Planning
  10. Sexual Attraction
  11. Problems of Sexual Adjustment
  12. Wooing, Winning, Wedding
  13. Special Study of Sex
  14. More About Birth Control
  15. Some Strange Practices

Some interesting "facts" from the book:

  • One drop of semen is produced from 80 to 100 drops of blood - Do cut down on the masturbation, or it's a trip to the blood bank for ya
  • Preserving the firmness of female breasts include fresh air, exercise, deep breathing, massage, cold water baths, nutrituous diet, plenty of sleep and cheerfulness - Dang, no chapter of male breasts!
  • Bed of Love: The bedroom should contain a double bed that is thickly mattressed and slisghtly depressed in the middle. It should be covered with a white linen sheet. The side table should have a jar of perfume, a jug of water, a mirror, a clean towel, a few books and a flower pot. The walls should be decorated with artistic pictures of beauty and love-making. - Time for me to visit IKEA
  • ...This goes on till there is a desire for penetration of the male organ into the vagina. By this time the woman's sexual passage is well lubricated and throbs for reception. Both partners become blind under the urge of a violent passion. The clasp each other violently and desire to have their bodies fused - I seriously have to relook my sex life. :P

Overall, the book is "quite informative" and amusing at times. A glimpse into the past. It should be good, without it, I might not be here today. Heh. Wonder if it can be found in 2nd hand book stores...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Keep Things Groovy

Swiped from williamnyk.
It had been 3 months or so since KH came back to KL. It was his mum's birthday and his brother's convocation, so it was apt for him to return home. That and of course it was his turn for a conjugal visit. Hehe. Anyway, we both had our commitments to spend time with family, so we had to schedule things carefully. On Friday, I took half day off to spend time with him. We did the most mundane of things, but at least we got to spend it together. After lunch, he headed out to Central Market to meet me.

"We gazed at each other from afar. The longing in our eyes were evident. KH ran through the street towards me, dropping the bag in hand. With the wind blowing in our hair, we met halfway in a deep embrace. We kissed deeply and passionately. Our hands....


Well nothing like that obviously. We were just happy to see each other. We walked side by side. Giggling as we went along. With the sun beating at our brow, the laptop weighing down my back (sweet KH did offer to carry it, and did!), we made our way by foot and LRT to BTS. Settled KH's missing SIM card. Next stop, Menara Time to settle KH's Time Gold account. Turns out that the kids renting KH's old house found out that the house phone was registered to the account, so they bloody made free calls to God-know-where. I offered to make a prank call:

Moi: Selamat pagi, saya William dari Time Gold. Boleh saya bercakap dengan Miss XXX?

Freeloader: Err, salah nombor. Salah nombor!

Moi: Kami menerima laporan salahguna ya, jadi saya sekadar memberitahu bahawa akaun Time Gold yang berpaut pada talian ini akan dinyahaktifkan....

Freeloader: Tapi awak salah nombor la. (

I felt guilt dripping from the receiver. Heh. After all the telco chores were out of the way, we took a cab to Ampang Park and subsequently caught the train down to Sri Petaling. Drove to SK's for some "alone time". *wink wink*. SK is a true pimp. Haha. Perfect arrangements. That aside, we drove off to One Utama for dinner at Sushi Groove. Weird decor. Communal, canteen style tables. Woody interior. Insufficient lighting (read: romantic). Good food and service. The staff are very attentive and food is served fairly quickly. Mostly young 'uns that look just as good as the food. All of them have a button badge fetish.

My name is Vincent. I love Kinky QQ

Name. Fave dish. Gotta get myself some of that Kinky QQ. Fusion Jap dishes with nice presentation. The menu is clear as the weird dish names all have explanations. We ordered Extravaganza Roll (exquisite nigiri sushi rolls served with marinated ginger and cream cheese), Curry Rice Bibimbap (stone bowl Jap curry rice with succulent chicken bits and bonito flakes), Fusion Dragon Roll (interesting combination of beef and raw salmon), Tsunami Roll (hated this one the most due to the sweet caramel sauce and the toasted sesame) and Mango Tempura Ice Cream for dessert. The mango ice cream is really naturally-fruity. No esthers here. Wanted to order the pineapple crepe and mango ice cream, but was sold out. Must be good!

A groovy end to our first day...

Monday, August 20, 2007

Old School

Some months back, my ex-F6 classmate got married. WK's the name. For some reason, SK calls him "Dad". Some kind of pseudo-Electra Complex?! At first, I was supposed to attend the wedding with SK, but since she flew off to Germany, I used it as an excuse not to go. Not to say that I was exceptionally close to the guy, but he's an OK guy and I buy facial products via his wife with a hefty employee's discount. Definite Brownie points there. Anyway, SK and I were supposed to treat him to dinner since we both skipped his wedding. But it turned out to be a failure, like the whole Chia and Kiat fiasco in Singapore. WK invited a whole bunch of other ex-classmates, some whom I have not seen in 8 years.

What happened to you William?! I wouldn't dare to tegur you if I saw you!

I don't think I've changed THAT much la. I didn't eactly shed my geeky image. I'll just call it a little touch up. Anyway, it was nice meeting the rest. Quite a number of them are in the pharmaceutical line. Pharmacy Managers. Medicine Sales Executives. Found out a little nugget of information-- the little blue pill can cost up to RM70 per tablet by the time it reaches the consumer! Didn't know it was that expensive. Now I know why those tongkat ali quacks still do brisk business.

Dinner was at New Paris, SS2, where food is served in 10 minutes (little wonder since most of the stuff is pre-prepared anyway). Cheap too. Had all the customary signature dishes of Champagne Chicken (chicken and watermelon), Braised Pork with Deep-Fried Bun, House Beancurd (fried, with minced meat) and Stewed Ribs. We later adjourned to Kayu for a round of drinks and their famous Roti Tisu. The night ended real early. But it was long day for me, so I guess heading home was a good idea...

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Swiped from williamnyk.
After a hiatus of 3 months, I finally went for my swim with SK. I was worried that I had forgotten how to swim. That my movements would be awkward and I'd forget how to breathe. Well, I didn't forget. I guess it's like riding a bike. But I wouldn't know about that. Perhaps it's like sex? Yeah, I guess one would never forget. But then, swimming is not as hard-wired as sex. :P. Anyway, I only swam for like 40 mins before I felt like I had no more thrust. It was like I was static in the water. My spindly arms and legs had called it a day. The kids were also getting rowdy and a pair of little girls were giggling at SK and I the whole time, so we decided to leave.

We headed to MV to have dinner with a friend at Kim Gary. The place was packed as usual.

Waiter: Smoking or non-smoking?

Moi: Non-smoking.

Waiter: We have an opening at the smoking section at the moment, do you mind?

Moi: Is anyone smoking there at the moment?

Waiter: Errr....

Oh well. I'd rather wait. It's bad enough shoveling taste enhancers, permitted food conditioners and colourings into your mouth, so I'd rather not kill my lung cells at the same time. The table we were shown to had an excellent view of the smoking section in the open area. Directly in my line of vision, a guy was sitting at the table with a woman's handbag slung at his shoulder. He was holding onto it like it contained life-saving plasma. He would eat, talk and drink with it. I guess at one point in time, he caught me staring at him, so he put in on his lap. A weird scene. Please guys, if it doesn't go with your outfit, don't tote it. So salah.

After dinner, we shopped a little and I finally bought my most expensive pair of shorts (cropped pants sounds so classy) at MYR59.50. I so hate to admit that the price of shorts is on par with long pants. Headed home and rested. The next day, my calves and inner thighs were screaming for muslce-relaxant. I was walking like I had some kind of sex marathon. :P.

Anyway, what does one keep in a manbag?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Angry With Someone You Love

"It's not unusual to be mad with anyone"

"It's not unusual to be sad with anyone"

Is it true that we more easily show our anger to those we love? When facing outsiders, we are more patient. We maintain a veneer of civility and tolerance that we do not usually reserve for the ones we care for. Is it true that we tend to be more caustic, have a shorter fuse even? Is this fair? It's such a contradiction. Yet it happens everyday. It happens to me, heck, even I do it. Most of the time, I regret lashing out. The outcome always drags me down. Regret hangs heavily on me. Libran genes. Damn. Oh, how I wish I can think with a more level head. Gauge the situation before I open my mouth. Sounds fake? I guess if we love someone, we should do something to keep things loving. You happy. I happy. Am glad that with KH, I dare to ask and he dares to answer. Things are simple. Sincere.

"It's not unusual to be loved by anyone"

Thank you, Tom Jones.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Pelanduk Dua Rupa II

Swiped from williamnyk.
I'm sure people in my age bracket and those older would know of Doraemon. The robotic cat from the future that has a bottomless pouch from which it pulls out inventions after inventions to satisfy the unreasonable needs of his host, Nobita. Each story normally ends in disaster after the invention is misused. I used to love it. Will watch the horribly dubbed series before dinner. Enjoying the interactions of Nobita with the other characters- the quick-to-temper mother; the bully Gian; the ever-bathing Sizuka and last but not least, the showy Suneo.

With introductions over, I can go into the perkara pokok- I have been told numerous times that I LOOK and SOUND like Suneo Honekawa. !!!. Yes. It's that shocking. !!!. As much as I begrudge such a comment, let's do an objective study:
  1. Pointy Hair - Check!
  2. Pointy Mouth - Errr?
  3. Annoying voice - I like the sound of my own voice, but I really do sound a bit nasal when I hear recordings of myself.
  4. Muka celaka - Hmmm.
  5. Permanent Smirk - Hmmm.

Well that was an exercise in futility. Most of my readers don't know how I really look. And even fewer have met me in person. So I guess it's difficult to comment. But just put in your 2 cents anyway. I put it as my GTalk avatar for one day and KH immediately asked me to change it. Says it's ugly and untrue. Thanks baby!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Return

Swiped from williamnyk.
After two long months, SK has finally returned from her stint in Germany (but it has been a month since she came back :P). She's back at my side again and while this is good news, it also means that JM will now have to return to being without her at his side. There is always an imbalance somewhere, a rotation between us, a permutation. At the very beginning, we were three. Doing everything together during our Form Six years. When tertiary education came, JM and SK were both assigned to UKM, while I was in UM. During that particular phase, though we kept in close contact and frequently met, I think JM and SK grew closer. Became a unit of sorts, formed a deeper rapport. Then, as I joined the rat race, JM left the country and this brought about another change where SK and I built our own bonds. Soon after that, I too had left the country and only returned once a month, causing us to be effectively separated. Even so, our friendship held strong and I must admit that my bond with JM was held stadfast by SK. Even with so much shuffling, I'm amazed that we're still together, tied by invisible threads of spirit. The funniest thing is that a song comes to mind,

"Don't go changing, rearranging..."

Tell me if you guessed the song and artist. Heh. Corny. Anyway, this post so out of character for me, so I'll get on to the more material aspect of things. As with all SK's trips, she's bound to get me something. A representative token of the place she visited. Find out more at And since this time she went to Germany and a whole bunch of other places in Europe, I received loads of gifts, hehe.

  1. A 2008 Calendar from Milan
  2. A porcelein kissing couple from Amsterdam
  3. A T-shirt, Notre-Dame coin and postcard from Paris
  4. A striped Esprit shirt from Heidelberg
  5. A wooden elk carving from Stockholm
  6. A Mr. Old-Butt keychain from Mannheim that spews out skanky phrases each time you press it
  7. A button badge from an information counter
  8. An age coin from a bar. Admittance to 16 and above
  9. Loads of chocolates from around Europe
  10. A wooden toy that waves its hands and legs everytime you pull the string that's attached to its ass

Coincidentally, SK's housemate, HP also went to Hannover for training and she bought me a mug with very big 3D boobs!

And JM, please let us know that you're OK...


Thursday, August 09, 2007

Meme 27

Roll The Dice
Swiped from taylorkoa22.
Supposed to have posted this as a filler in case you guys have gotten sick and tired of my bed sport exploits down south. But as usual, things got pushed around. Hopefully this will really help, but even not, at least I have tried to get in touch with some of my feelings, which I'm sure my Significant Other would approve of. The details are found here.

  1. A person is only as good as ... his word

  2. Friendship is always about ... giving and receiving

  3. To love is to ... give one's all

  4. Money makes me ... lose sight of the important things in my life

  5. I miss my ... innocence, my father, my KH

  6. My way of saying I care is ... by giving you the brutal truth with 15% of tact

  7. I try to spread love and happiness by ... being more selfless

  8. Pick the flowers ... to brighten up someone's day

  9. To love someone is to ... to love ourselves

  10. Beauty is ... subjective

  11. When I was thirteen, what I remember the most was ... masturbation (:P)

  12. When I was twenty one, I remember ... life as an undergraduate

  13. I am most happy when ... everyone around me is at peace

  14. Nothing makes me happier than ... to see the same happiness reflected in my loved ones' eyes

  15. If I can change one thing, I will change ... my doubting heart
  16. .
  17. If smiles were ... exchangable for cash ... then I ... would be a rich man

  18. Wouldn't it be nice if we could ... love each other unconditionally?

  19. If you want to ... win my heart ... then you have to ... accept my shortcomings

  20. Money is not everything but ... it's better than nothing

  21. The most touching moments I have experienced is ... having my eyes opened to realisation that I am blessed with true friends

  22. I smile when ... I see cute kid

  23. When I am happy, I ... want to pass the feeling on

  24. If only I don't have to ... live a lie .., then ... I would be truly happy

  25. The best thing I did yesterday was ... to have a sense of accomplishment at work

  26. If I ever write a book, I will give it this title,"... Hurtling Through Life ..."
  27. One thing I must do before I die is ... make my family truly understand me

  28. Doing this meme, I feel like ... I have raised more questions than answers

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Pelanduk Dua Rupa

On the left we have McD's Dip Jack. On the right we have Bleach's Urahara-san. See the resemblance? Two brothers, born of the same parents. Separated at birth. One taken in by the Golden Arches, forever trying to eke out a living in Ronald's shadow. He got his big break peddling McNugget sauces that nobody'll appreciate. A tragedy waiting to happen. The other joined Soul Society. Gained his fame as the first head of the Technological Research Department. Later self-exiled to Karakura Town, making a living by opening a convenience store. Will they ever meet? Will destiny bring them together? This and the Two-headed Elvis Clone on the next edition of "This Is Your Life!".

And to answer the requests from my hair post:


Sorry about the smudges, but I'm still under the Witness Protection Programme. So far I've revealed the upper half of my head, so now you get to enjoy my spindly arms and the shape of my face. Happy?

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Low Down: Bak Cho Mee and Textile Center

Carry My Heart
Swiped from williamnyk.
The bus back to KL was at 3:00pm, so KH and I had some left over time to spend together. Even took half day's leave to see me off. We woke up at around 9:00am, but practically lazed in bed till late, just enjoying each others' presence and finally getting to talk. Issues were dug up. Things were brought into the open. It is something KH enjoys doing though it makes me uncomfortable at times. For KH, problems should be tackled head on. Take the bull by its horns. I am slowly adapting to this gung-ho and open attitude to things. I know KH means well and just wants things less murky. But I must also point out that KH does not apply this in all things, but this also something that I accept.

From his HangZhou trip, KH bought me a little memento. A grain of rice suspended in a glass vial. On the grain of rice, is written:
"I only have you in my heart". And on the other side, KH's name in Chinese.

KH put it around my neck. I had actually noticed it lying around on the desk a few days before, but I didn't bother to look. I was really surprised that it was for me. A sweet gift. And I also gave him a sweet gift of my own after that. ;P.

During dinner the night before, my brother recommended us to have lunch at a place in Lavender that is famous for its Bak Cho Mee. Even printed out a map for us. That's my brother for you. It's kinda like Pork Noodles, but with a Singaporean twist. Quite a crowd there, but I didn't really like it. We also had lamb chops from a stall beside it at Tai Wah Food Center that is also supposedly famous since it has been featured on TV and in newspapers. The time to part arrived. SK and I hopped on the bus, KH headed back to the office. Already missing KH. Just another month I told myself...

On the way back, I slept like a log, but I also had a heart to heart with SK regarding my situation. My brothers' concerns. His take on my mum and I. I have learnt more about him from her than he ever told me. Sigh. I know he has his problems, but my problem is now somewhat his and I am so blessed that he is thinking of ways to help me. Thanks bro. Also talked to SK about her stuff, but it is always a vicious cycle. I just hope she can endure her sudden deluge of problems. The grass is always greener on the other side, but sometimes, I'm really glad I'm on my side of the fence. Fini.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Sunday Brunch

Though I frequently distend my tummy by going for buffet dinners, it has been t least 8 years since I had a high tea. Since I had a free high tea for two compliments of Milennium Hotel (formerly known as Regent Hotel), I finally went to break the dry spell. Truth be told, not exactly FOC also la, I already paid for it when the telemarketer suckered me into joining their membership. So, if anyone wants to eat there or rent a room, you can give me a ring and you'll get 50% off the bill.

It was a family outing with my mum, sister and brother-in-law. A nice cozy buffet of Western (scallops and raw oysters!), local (ever had Char Kuey Teow with Salmon and Cod fish slices?) and Japanese cuisine, dim sum (siew mai and crispy deep-fried wanton!), seafood barbeque (sweet, succulent lobster!), cute-sy desserts and free-flow beer. In addition to the food, you have guitarists crooning oldies like "Mr Bojangles" and Gypsy Kings fare. There was even a clown (didn't get his name) who showed us magic tricks at our table and made balloon animals. A very enjoyable experience.

After brunch, I did some shopping in Lot10 and bought myself a kiddy bedsheet from Aussino. Before heading home, stopped a while at Nichii, Sungai Besi, my mum's favourite fashion haunt. The place was riddled by sienz husbands and boyfriends waiting for the wives and girlfriends go ga-ga over the clothes. By the time I got home, I was dead tired and I just crawled into bed to sleep. Woke up at 9:00pm after receiving a call from my dearest KH. Just had a few slices of Turkey Ham Loaf from Bread Story and a cup of Milo before sleeping some more! The nap really did me some good, a much needed recharge. Berusaha!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Low Down: Kiasu and Sling. Paprika and Fabbrica

Swiped from williamnyk.
A continuation...

On Sunday, I dragged KH to to church. We went to the Church of the Blessed Sacrement somewhere in Alexandra Road. The mass time published in the website is wrong so by the time we arrived, it was already the homily. A very triangular church with a woody interior. The liturgy is fancier than I'm used to. Much use of incense and they even have a gong! I noticed a few things about the church. Firstly, the collection is really ineffective. They really should use longer poles. Secondly, I met the most kiasu Catholic. He actually went for communion twice! Talk about finishing your quota for the day. Pengz!

We left church, then headed to Chinatown Point to look at the SportsmenAsia shop. A very impressive collection. KH actually got me someting from there. Thanks dear! As my throat was a bit sore, I bought gui lin gao there, from a shop called Hong Woh Tong, a blatant rip-off of KL's Kwong Woh Tong. Everything looks the same, except the spelling. The gui lin gao sucked. SGD5! No choice. I also bought a pair of black leather work shoes there. Cushy and light. Time to give my old pair a rest. After ta pau some pastries from DeliFrance, we rushed to the Picture House to catch Paprika. An interesting anime about an invention that allows people to share dreams. Quirky themes and catchy music. The movie aside, I settled on my new fragrance, cK Eternity: Summer. I know I have always demonized cK, but hey, this one's good.

Later, we headed over to New Urban Male at Heeren to fulfill JM's wish list of AussieBum underwear. SK whipped out her list, and the store assistant, Sherwyn did his best to layan her. The stuff there is really expensive. SGD50 for a tank top! Masyallah. She bought SGD75 worth of underwear, and after Sherwyn tempted us to top it up to SGD100 to get a 10% discount and a member card, we chose a C-IN2 push up brief. It uses a sling to accentuate your crotch (perhaps noose is more suitable a word). It was really funny seeing Sherwyn explain to us how it is worn. For a couple of times, he avoided saying the word "penis", and finally settled on using the word "profile". But he didn't seem to have a problem with "balls". Haha. So complicated. So Leceh. So strangling. o.O.

Dinner was with my brother at Fabbrica, Dempsey Road. A posh italian place in an old army camp. We ordered a cheese and eggplant starter, arugula salad, Tagliata of Angus Beef (succulent 200-day old beef), a swordfish wrap with mango salsa and Papperdelle with Duck Ragout. We washed it all down with a bottle of Merlot. Dessert was a Chocolate Lava Cake (a cake filled with melted chocolate, topped with ice-cream) and Panna Cotta with Raspberries (a custard-like dessert). Very nice. And very expensive. But it was my brother's treat, hehe. My brother met KH for the first time and it was a pleasant meeting.

SK told me that she talked quite a bit with my brother and I must say that the things he tells her is more than he tells me. He has always been aways from home. In boarding school since he was 12 and lived and studied in Singapore for more than 10 years. I know he loves me, but he really is distant at times. He tries his best to be a good big brother and I know that he is. We just have to talk more. Finale next...

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Mow The Lawn

After Mowing
Swiped from great_sea.
After 2.5 haircut-free months, I have finally shorn off my unruly locks. It had grown really thick and any attempt to style usually ends in failure. It just swallows all the products I put in it. Heh. The whole thing started when my stylist, KK decided that I should change the length of my hair. I visited him twice and both times he turned me back. So when the day finally came to cut my hair, it ended up pretty much the same.

"Eh, what's the difference ah?"

The front part is just slightly longer. That's about it. Well, I don't really care, at least I save RM72 worth of haircuts. And my head feels much lighter now. But I guess my shampoo and hair wax usage increased. Can't win 'em all. Bah! But, KH approves of my new / old look. Says my hair used to get in the way when trying to get to my ear... ehehe. It tickles!

When I was there, I also got to meet Mike, Snips' CEO. Only in his 30s. Not flamboyant or anything. Tried to help my stylist by having a fake conversation with him:

"Wah, business not bad hor?"

"You spruced up the place ah? Wah veeeeeeeerrrry nice wor..."

"Looks even classssiieerr than Peek-a-Boo lehhhhh..."

** rolls eyes **