Monday, October 20, 2014

Spycam Anatomy

After Swim

Anatomy of a spy cam shot.

You get off work. Take the 25 minute train ride to your station. Walk to the parking lot to get your car. Pass by a public pool and a lean, tanned CYT appears in front of you. Your eyes follow his cute, little ass and then it suddenly hits you that you need to take some shots! You fumble for your phone and your target continues to walk. You try to match his pace, furiously clicking the shutter button. You get a few shots, but the moment has passed. Back in the car, you review your handiwork. Crap, out of many shots, only one wasn't blurry!

Oh well...

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Suddenly Singapore I: First Wave


For my work trip to Singapore, my company had purchased an Air Asia ticket. Hence, I had the opportunity to experience KLIA2. A really huge airport that has more substance as a shopping mall than an airport really. The walk to the gate was really, really long. And the funny thing was that one had to go up and down. The escalators were few (like too small a small a swimsuit to cover Nicky Minaj's booty) and there was only one travelator. Hardly saw any buggies travelling the length of it. The old and decrepit will most probably take three days and nights to complete the journey. In Singapore, I tried to do as much work as possible as I was only there for a week before I go off for my Great Canada Adventure! The first thing I did was to tell my supervisor that I had already applied for my block leave prior the assignment. Tried to understand as much of possible about the initial requirements and came up with the database design and relevant documentation so that my colleagues could proceed in my absence. In that short work week, I also managed to meet up with an ex-colleague of mine. Treated me to dinner at Mont Calzone, Far East Square. There was a buy one, free deal on pizzas and beer and amazingly we finished all of it while filling each other in about ex-colleagues. Moonlightpiggy also met up with me. She was at a loss as to where to go for dinner, so we listened to KH' recommendation of Sushi Tei. Not exactly my favourite Japanese restaurant, but KH assured me that it was much better in Singapore. Unfortunately I suffered from the same Sushi Tei syndrome. The symptoms were the flipping of the menu from front to back but still end up with no idea what to eat. The only thing that caught my eye was the tempura crab legs. That's not something common. The five days passed by quickly. By Friday evening, I was back in KL with just three days to pack for my trip!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Non-Halal Comes to Pavilion

KH was hankering for movie time with me so we went to Pavilion on Saturday afternoon to watch "Guardians of the Galaxy". Noticed several new outlets there. Happened in just a span of few months. Now there's a new Taste Enclave there proving that non-Halal food courts are all the rage in higher end establishments. Another new place is Azzurro, an Italian Cafe-Restaurant. Also some upgrading in Food Republic and the newly-renovated ToastBox-Bread Talk pair. Basically went walking around since show time was in a few hours.

Old Cycle

No Outside Food Allowed

When we got tired, we stopped at The Morning After coffee and a bagel. Judging by their lack of business, their location near Harvey Norman must be really bad. While surfing FB, I noticed that tuls was also in Pavilion, so I left a comment on his status. In just a few minutes, he came waltzing to the cafe with an entourage of two twinks-- Pidut and Boy X All three were new faces for me. They were celebrating tuls' birthday. So nice kan? And we were also gonna watch the same movie. Tuls immediately suggested that we do a selfie. LOL. Priorities. Priorities. We didn't stay to watch the post-credits scene. Found out later that it was about Howard the Duck. Emmmm. That short paktor session was actually partially-triggered by the fact that I received a call from my GM on Friday night. The bosses in Singapore had requested that I be based in Singapore for a few months. Blegh. So ironic that when KH was working in Singapore, I was in Malaysia. And now that KH is working in Kuala Lumpur, I'll be going to Singapore. I feel an Alanis Morisette song coming up...

Caramel Latte


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Thai Trouble

Eat & Drink

Slept till 9:30 am after the night before's fiasco at Hospital Serdang. Went to breakfast with SK, mum and Apollo's mum at our usual WTM haunt. Really needed that comfort breakfast. Mum did her replacement marketing at the small grocery stores nearby. Back home, I backwashed the water filter, swept the floor and proceeded to mop it, cleaning all the cockroach stains from the floor (they tend to ooze juices during their death throes). A great workout. Retreated to my room after that and watched some movies on my lappie (bukan porno la). Mum cooked lunch with what she bought in the morning and it was yummy. Mee suah in chicken broth with prawns. Very satisfying. Later in the afternoon, KH came to see me briefly. Only had enough time to go buy 4D at Taman Kinrara. No time even for drinks as he was attending the Energizer Run in the evening. 15 km on the exact day of the Hungry Ghost Festival. Huhuhu. Interesting.

Starving Asian

A new Thai restaurant called Restoran Andy had opened in Puncak Jalil, so mum and I decided to give it a try. And best of all, they were having a 50% off promotion for customers who walk in with their flyer. Based on the comments on my community Facebook page, I was prepared for bad service, but I never expected that it would be chaotic. Firstly, there was only one woman taking orders and they had limited menus. She seemed to dart from table to table but coudn't get a single thing done. One table had three dishes brought to them and all three were rejected cause they were not what they ordered. Alarm bells right? Anyway, we sat there for ten minutes before the table beside us offered their menu. Tried their lemon steamed Tilapia, stir-fried sweet potato leaves and a seafood tomyum. Surprisingly, the tomyum arrived very quickly. But the steamed rice didn't come for fifteen minutes. From where I sat, I could see that they had no rice! A whole bunch of people were fretting over the rice cooker. When the rice finally came, it was just half-cooked. LOL. But at least the waiter offered to reheat the tomyum. Plenty of prawns and cuttlefish inside, but a tad too salty. The vegetables came next and the fish was last to arrive. Surprise, surprise, the fish wasn't very hot and some parts were not very cooked. The last nail in the coffin. If they don't buck up, I'm sure they'll close down soon enough. Think the boss was around when I was there. All he did was walk around and chat with his fiends. Didn't lift a finger. My first and last time there!

Lemon & Lime

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Dr. Ika?

Slow Emergency

Got a frantic call from SK on Friday night telling me that Apollo's mum cut her finger on her car door. Huh? Car door? What's sharp about that? According to her, the cut was quite bad and the bleeding didn't stop. She wanted to know whether the Klinik Alam Medic near my place is a 24 hour clinic. Half an hour later, she called me again. The doctor referred her to Hospital Serdang! Funny thing was, the locum doctor was writing her a referral letter.

Kalau dah nak pergi Jabatan Kecemasan pun nak referral letter ke?

SK had just touched down from Vietnam that evening and was quite exhausted. So she requested me to drive them to the hospital. During the drive there, I questioned her regarding the injury and the visit to the clinic. Turns out that Apollo's mum slammed her the car door on her finger. And the impact made her skin split and finger turn swollen. Now that made more sense. And the locum doctor gave many excuses not to give her stitches, saying that he was unsure about the extent of the injury, it was too close to the nail bed, she seemed diabetic (wouldn't anyone's finger get bruised in such a situation?!) and that he had no sterile environment (this takes the cake). In the end, he just gave her a tetanus sent jab and sent them away.

Thankfully, Hospital Serdang was just a short drive away and there was no traffic jam. Dropped them at the Accident & Emergency while I went off to find parking. Found them at the Non-Critical department. Apollo's mum was being looked at by the nurses where they cleaned the injury and bandaged her thumb. They said it was minor and just needed a few stitches. There was a second screening by a more senior nurse. She read the letter and wondered aloud, "Apa injection dia bagi la?". The lousy doctor didn't specify. Such a joke. Then SK told the nurse the locum doctor said that the nail might need to be removed and she laughed. I really wonder if the locum doctor was a Dr. Ika (a fake cross-dressing doctor who was arrested in Batu Berendam after a patient's wife complained of his 'extreme concern' for her husband).

We were then sent to the waiting area where your 'queue number' is just a 'calling number'. What this means is that, it does not follow a sequence. In front of us were six doors. Three red and three yellow. The number that we looked out for was 1114. We had seventeen patients in front of us. The number had three prefixes. 1 - elderly and children below two; 2 - God knows what; 3 - minor issue where I don't even know why you want to go to the A&E for. Basically many of the people there seemed fine to me. Only a few seemed to need immediate attention. One Malay dude was obviously feverish, with his bloodless face, dry lips and shivering. Another kid was in a wheelchair with a swollen foot. One more kid had a big wound on his face, but at least it had stopped bleeding. Wanted to get some drinks, but the vending machines were all out of mineral water and would not accept notes. Had to settle for canned drinks. The numbers moved very slowly. And whenever a number was missed, it would just stop there for fifteen to twenty minutes. SK would get agitated and have a peek. The room was empty. By 4:00 am, there were still seven numbers to go.

Judging by the speed, it would be at least 7:00 am or 8:00 am before it was our turn. We made a final check on Apollo's mum before deciding to leave. The MYR50 that we paid was just for the dressing. At 8:30 am, SK and my mum drove Apollo's mum to a clinic in Bukit Serdang. That doctor helped stitch up SK's foot and my mum's finger last time. Surprise, surprise, he wasn't there as he went for a course. By some divine providence, the replacement turned out to be a plastic surgeon from Ipoh. So, think twice before using the A&E at government hospitals. But how much choice do we have?

Friday, October 03, 2014

A Birthday Bunny


As usual, Saturday morning was spent at the OUG wet market. Mum bought some ciku that day, my least favourite fruit (such a vile fruit! Icky taste and texture!). Ate my favourite soup noodles, but topped up with some curry chicken feet this time. Later in the afternoon, mum suddenly arranged to get her hair permed at Taman Salak Selatan. The address was just "Flat 6 Tingkat" with no road name. Yikes. At noon, I drove her out to find the place, cause I had to attend Bunny's birthday celebration later in the evening. Was very surprised by how many low cost flats there are in the area. All decaying and dingy. Couldn't find it at first until a call to the stylist revealed that it was behind a building called "Flat 12 Tingkat". Cute right? Anyway, the mystery was solved cause that's the tallest building in the area and could be easily spotted. We went to lunch after that at New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice. Saw a cutie in a tank top that was cut to his waist at the side, revealing a smooth, meaty torso. Wanted to take pictures, but I had no excuse to be standing around his table! Sigh. Ordered up some Hainanese chicken rice and was surprised that mum went for a side of meatballs and fishballs. So unlike her.

Spicy & Clear

Hainanese Chicken

Meatballs & Fishballs

Every year, Bunny or JJ's birthday would be celebrated at Sushi Tei due to the fact that Bunny likes their soba. No exception this year when we received the invitation via e-mail. However, it was later revealed that Sushi Tei had discontinued that item, so were perplexed as to why we were still going to Sushi Tei (KH, SK & I don't really like the restaurant). Appealed to JJ and Bunny to have it at Senyu Sushi, Bangsar Village II and thank goodness we succeeded! And the birthday dinner turned out to be a huge party of surprise guests. At the very last minute, Lifebook appeared with a 'friend'. And Apollo came with three others. With the restaurant's rigid seating rules and full booking that night, we nearly couldn't secure the extra tables. In the end, we sat at two different tables. Normally JJ doesn't take well to strangers at his gatherings, but this time, he seemed OK. Ordered a little too much that night, took us a while to finish. Not wanting to leave so early, we adjourned to Starbucks. Truthfully, we just wanted to set up an interrogation for Lifebook's friend. Used the pincer strategy where we seated him in the middle of group and positioned two of our best interrogators on both sides. Hahaha. Ended the night with a big group photography session. Been a while...

On Ice

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Japan IV: Sayonara Osaka

Leaving KIX

Checked out of Swissôtel at 7:00 am. Took the train to KIX and had a breakfast of curry katsu udon at the terminal. Before heading to the gate, we made a toilet stop and when I got out, nobody was around. So I thought they had all went through the security check. As I was lining up, I saw SK and The Tribe, but mum and KH were no where to be found. Opps! I rushed back out to find mum at the toilet. Gosh. What a lapse of judgement to just go off without warning. And I saw KH making his back from the money changer. Past immigration, we did some last minute shopping. SK's colleague had the gall to order ten boxes of Royce chocolates. What a nutty request. She ignored her. We took longer than expected because there were limited cashiers. Finished our leftover coins at the vending machines and convenience stores. During the flight back to Kuala Lumpur, I watched two Asian movies. The first was "The Great Shurara Boom", based on a Japanese novel. The story revolves around two feuding families who have special powers granted by the God of the Biwa Lake. Laughed out loud at several of the scenes. Entertaining.

The Great Shu Ra Ra Boom-0

Secondly, I watched "Personal Tailor", a movie by Feng Xiaogang. A comedy about a company that grants temporary wishes to people for a fee. Made up of many short stories, they poke fun at social situations in Mainland China in an extravagant way. IMDB describes it as 'didactic'. I still had time for one last movie-- "The Grand Budapest Hotel". Fantastic style, great dialogue and a gripping plot.

Film Review: The Grand Budapest Hotel

My favourite scene, the origins of the name Zero Moustafa, the Lobby Boy:

You're now going to be
officially interviewed.
Should I go and light
the candle first, sir?
What? No.
Hotel Kinski, Kitchen
Boy, six months.
Hotel Berlitz, Mop and Broom Boy,
three months.
Before that I was a Skillet Scrubber...
Experience, zero.
I studied reading and spelling.
I started my primary school.
I almost...
Education, zero.
Why do you want to be a Lobby Boy?
Well, who wouldn't,
at the Grand Budapest, sir?
It's an institution.
Very good.

In-flight Soba

Didn't quite finish the movie. I had to watch the ending at home. Didn't have to get acclimatized to Malaysian weather, as it was hot as heck in Osaka. But it was quite disconcerting that there were no taxis available. Most probably due to the fact that it was the second day of Eid. In the end, we got the only thing that was available, a van. An old and bumpy vehicle that I felt was going too fast. Back home, we had Chinese for dinner! Five dishes and we finished it all. Felt so hungry. LOL. Had to work the next day... Arghhh... I miss Japan already!

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