Monday, November 20, 2017

Love Thy Lanterns

Fish Cakes

Once in a while, Nalanda Buddhist Society would organize a pindacāra event at the OUG morning market. Several monks would be making their rounds collecting alms-food. As the alms bowl can only hold so much, volunteers trail the monks with carts. Bumped into an elderly couple from church, and they told us that they were waiting for their son to fetch them home. Since they had to wait for another couple of hours, we offered to send them home instead. A great opportunity to visit their new home in 16Sierra. Previously, they lived at Paragon Heights, and made the move to 16Sierra because their grandchildren were now studying at Rafflesia International School ($$$).


Quite a funny story really because when we arrived at their gorgeous semi-detached home, the old couple were unable to open the door! It used an electronic key, and even with all the beeps and whistles, we were unable to gain access. Loitered outside for about an hour before their son arrived to save the day. Actually there was no problem with the electronic lock. The elderly couple just didn't realize that there was a secondary lock. The home was very-well designed. All the doors are much taller than usual, and all the windows and doors are protected with security mesh. Wood and steel is the theme, with much use of hidden doors, and partitions.

Balcony View

In the evening, we had to help out at the church's Mid-Autumn Festival. We were one of the two people who helped our 'artistic director' set up the tong sui stall. The theme of the stall was "Reunion" where a replica of a family having reunion dinner was set up. We even had a fake moon overlooking the table. Other BECs and ministries also set up food stalls-- roast pork, kuih-muih, fishballs, radish cake, cotton candy, vadai, steamed chickpeas, etc. In addition to that, the church provided a buffet line for dinner. All hell broke loose when it was time to eat. Some famished folks tried to eat our table decorations, and the adjacent stall's decorative radishes were also filched!

Mung Beans and Pandan

RCIA Stall

Well, it wasn't only about food, there was also a cultural aspect to it. Artistic people could participate in the creative lantern contest, and intelligent people could try their luck with the lantern riddles. Kids had their own story-telling corner, and the main stage was graced by musicians, singers, and other performers. Could hardly believe that there are kids in my church who can perform on a unicycle. At the end of the night, our stall was declared as the winner!!! Glad that all the hard work paid off.

Gu Zheng

Moon Cakes, et al

Lantern Competition

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Be-earlied Birthday

Rainbow Roll

It's been increasingly hard to meet KH these days although we are no longer in an LDR. But that doesn't stop us from putting in extra effort to make things happen. In a few days, he would be taking a flight to San Francisco for the Nu Skin Global Convention in Utah, so he took me out for an early birthday dinner. At first he suggested an Italian restaurant near my office but I felt that it was too expensive. In the end, we went to Komura in Corus Hotel (an option for a post-dinner check-in?). Neither of us dined there before, so it would be a surprise. Komura looks like a small Japanese village with cobble stone walkways and thatched roofs. There are no tables in an open area. Every table is enclosed in a tiny 'house' (tatami room). Such a concept gives privacy to everyone (smooch all you like, but keep an ear out for a rap on the screen door), but if you're claustrophobic, then its not the place for you. Food quality was pretty good, and the waitresses did provide good service.

Sashimi Moriawase

Grilled Hamachi

Little Village

P.S.: Do a booking via Eatigo to enjoy a 20% discount at Komura.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

October Eats

Grilled Vegetables

On a whim, mum and I went shopping at One Utama after Sunday mass. Lunch was an Espetada Carnival at Nando's which surprisingly mum couldn't finish on her own. There was also a free cup of galão and a piece of brownies in my Peri-vilege account, so I attempted to redeem that. Believe or not, they ran out of coffee and brownies. But the nice waitress offered me some replacement items-- Elderflower Cooler and a medium side. So totally different right? I took the offer anyway.

Espetada Carnival

At the center court, there was a mid-autumn festival sale going on. All the reputable bakeries were trying their best to sell their mooncakes amidst an atmosphere that reminded me of the Lunar Chinese New Year. The mall management probably recycled the decorations from CNY.

Mid-Autumn Festival

While wandering around the mall, we noticed an interesting kiosk that created a marriage between coffee and cookies, aptly named C&C Cookies and Coffee. I saw someone raiding the cookie counter with a large bag, and the Cookie Monster in me immediately activated. I bought a coffee and cookie combo, and was given a bag... a wee bag that was no where near what I saw. What a rip-off. Anyway, mum and I did our best. The coffee was really quite aromatic, and the cookies were good because they were straight out of the oven. Yummy!

Cookies and Coffee

Mother and Daughter Team

In the evening, SK joined us for dinner at Rumah Makan Cibiuk. As she had yet to try this Sundanese restaurant, she ordered some stuff that I had not tried before. But the recurring theme is of course spicy and deep-fried. Good for the waistline, great for the throat!

Tilapia Goreng

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Food at Frank's

Cold Platter

Been trying to arrange a meet-up with Nicky05 and EJ for ages, but it never materialized. Our underwear exchange was really long overdue. Don't get me wrong, we weren't exchanging used underwear or anything kinky. It's all very innocent. About a year ago, Nicky05 tumpang-ed some 2EROS underwear on MySale account, so that has been collecting cobwebs in my room. On top of that, EJ recently tumpang-ed some Andrew Christian underwear on my MySale account, so it's nearly the same story. Not only that, EJ had helped me to get 3 pairs of underwear from the recent Private Structure warehouse sale, so I had to collect that from him (I had really forgotten about it). In the end, I only managed to arrange dinner with EJ on a Friday night. Last minute additions were both our hubbies, Buttias and KH, so it was kinda like a double date.

Iberico honey mustard ribs

Our dinner venue was El Iberico, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, a new restaurant, just 3 months old. The dining experience there was very memorable due to the head waiter, Frank. His service standard was very North American, and very, very friendly. Can tell that he's very enthusiastic about his job. The guy actually took the trouble to remember our names, he actually sang, and showed us pictures from his Elvis impersonator days. The food there was pretty good too, but truth be told a little pricey. The damage would have been worse if there wasn't the 30% discount on several items. We started with the cold platter, which was a playful mix of flavours, and textures, from marinated octopus, olives, to ham, and melons. Another starter was the escargot that was served on mushrooms, but I wasn't impressed. Meat-wise we had the Iberico honey mustard ribs, and herb-crusted lamb rack and loin. The former was excellent, but the latter was a bit too salty.

We bid Frank goodbye and headed up to J&D Espresso for some coffee. As usual, the place was very quiet, making it perfect for us to buat kecoh. For some reason, our conversation that evening was very vain, all revolving around weight loss, jawlines, collagen fillers, etc. And of course some gossip about Nicky05.

Flat White

P.S.: Nicky05 made up for his absence with a whole lotta snacks from his trip to Thailand. Seaweed, sweets, Thai milk tea, Pocky, spicy squid snacks, etc. That fella really knows how to shop! 

Thai Treats

Friday, November 10, 2017

Kids Then Klang

Babysitting continued: Big Monster's activities continued on till Saturday. At 9:00 AM, he had replacement home tuition for two hours. Once that ended, we had to rush him to Sri Petaling for his science class. Then it was breakfast for Little Monster at Jojo Little Kitchen for his favourite pork ball pan mee. We had an hour to kill, so we hopped from shop to shop. Sri Petaling suddenly gave birth to several specialty grocery stores, exclusively selling snacks and drinks from Thailand, Taiwan, China, Japan, and Korea. Once we got tired of walking, we sat down at Inside Scoop for ice cream. Got the small one a scoop of strawberry yoghurt in a chocolate cone. When the one hour was up, we picked up the big one and brought him to lunch at Jojo Little Kitchen AGAIN. These kids need more variety.

Ice Cream Parlour

At 4:00 PM, the kids had swimming lessons. Due to some misunderstanding, I thought that they would be picked up from home, but turned out that I was supposed to send them to KM1 East. So, it was another rush job when we received a call from the instructor. That was the last activity of the day, so we rushed back home to get ready for a wedding banquet in Klang. BIL's friend was tasked with sending the kids to SK's house. By 6:30 PM, we had picked up mum's friend, and were on the way to Restoran Taman Rahsna. When I walked to the front door, I congratulated a pair of old folks that I thought were the parents of the groom. But after letting go of my hand, they gave me a puzzled look and asked if I was friends with the bride or the groom. Actually, there were two wedding banquets there that night. I was supposed to go to the back. Opps. Food was quite premium (fish maw, sea cucumber, cod fish, large freshwater prawns, scallops), but the arrangements were a little lacking. The PA system sucked and we could hear all that was going on at the adjacent party. No door gifts were given out but they did have a instant photo booth for guests to go crazy.

Chinese Restaurant

By the time we got back to KL and picked up the kids from MaisonSK, it was already midnight. As I ushered them into the car, they were practically sleepwalking.

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Chorizo Then Cemetery

Punjabi Cha Wala

Out of the blue, my sister and BIL went on a trip to Bangkok, and left the kids with mum and I. The amount of activities the kids have on the weekends are really astounding. On Fridays morning (Awal Muharram), we woke up at 7:00 AM to get Big Monster ready for his drama class. Once we dropped him at school, we dragged Little Monster to the wet market. He was kinda attracted to the sights and sounds, but he quickly complained that he had walked too much. I asked mum what she wanted for breakfast, and she suggested Cha Wala at Pearl Point. We parked at Pearl Shopping Gallery, thinking that we could use the link bridge, but it was way too early. Since the shutters were still down, we had to trudge back down and cross Jalan Sepadu. Found the stall at the food court, but it wasn't open for some reason. Ack. Dragged ourselves back to Pearl Shopping Gallery and ate at the only place that was open for business-- Take Eat Easy (their kitchen opens at 8:30 AM).

Spanish Breakfast

We had the cafe all to ourselves. Not a popular breakfast joint it seems. While waiting for our Spanish Breakfast to arrive, I helped Little Monster to cam-whore around the place. He plopped onto the bug armchairs and pretended to be a boss. The breakfast there really suited Little Monster's taste buds. He polished half of it (poached egg, toast, spicy chorizo, beef ham, chicken ham, etc) although he already had a bacon sandwich at home. As he ate, he kept muttering, "This is the best brunch ever!".

At 11:00 AM, we picked Big Monster up from school, and made a trip to Tesco to hunt for salmon. Every week, mum buys more than MYR100 worth of salmon steaks for the kids. Lunch was at a kopitiam outside Tesco. Although they had polished off two buns while in Tesco, they were still hungry. Got them chicken rice and pan mee.

In the evening, I took Uber out to Kwong Tong Cemetery for QueerRanter's father's wake. Shocked to hear that his father fell to his death in a monsoon drain right outside their apartment. Jin was also there to support QueerRanter in that trying time. KH was the earliest to arrive, followed by Apollo was quite close the QueerRanter's parents.



After the wake, KH and I went to Pisco Bar for dinner, a place he had been raving about for nearly a year. Drove to Changkat Bukit Bintang and was quite surprised that it was turned into a 'walking street' by nightfall. Parked at one of the open air car parks and was so shocked when the guy charged MYR15. Yikes. The place was pretty quiet for a Friday night, perhaps because it was a public holiday, and the after-work crowd was missing. We had a trio of ceviche, tiger prawn bruschetta, pork ribs, and the mandatory pisco sour. Food was pretty good, so perhaps we will go back there to paktor again.

Tiger Prawns

Pork Ribs

Monday, November 06, 2017

Old Underwear

Pile of Old Underwear

It's not a secret that I have a fetish for underwear. During my birthday, friends often help me add to my monstrous collection. An easy gift option when you don't know what to get me. I seem to just collect and collect. When a pair is no longer serviceable, I will stuff it into my old underwear drawer. Recently, while stuffing a pair in, I noticed just how full the drawer was. LOL. No point hoarding all that old underwear. Might as well do some spring cleaning. Mostly were briefs and trunks from various brands like Private Structure, Renoma, Skinxwear, Hush Puppies, GMW, Byford, Toot, Aussiebum, etc. From years ago. Kinda like ageing cheese. :P. So I grabbed a hotel laundry bag and stuffed it all in. SimonLover suggested that I sell the stuff online, but I don't think anyone would want underwear with exhausted elastic bands. Rarely get any holes in my underwear, it's always the band. Maybe cause I often hand wash my intimates. Anyway, I tied up the bag and thew it out with the trash. Perhaps some Alam Flora guys found my stash and are making good use of them. Haha!

Bag of Old Underwear