Sunday, September 16, 2018

KH the AgeLOC Superstar

10MDC Lilian Ong

Near the end of May, 10MDC TEP Lilian Ong was in town to spread her wisdom again. Went to Aloft KL Sentral for the event. That day, KH was part of the ageLOC superstars, showcasing how DuoPack helped him to firm up his complexion. Took him ages to find a flashy outfit for the catwalk. Suprised that KH doesn't have stage fright.

Sambal Bendi

After the event, we went for dinner at Peranakan Place, NuSentral.

Order Here

Then it was coffee at Quartet. We waited for the barista to finish his buka puasa meal before we ordered. Spent a little bit more time together before my trip to Hokkaido in a couple of days.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Seeing Suzy: Rain Edition

Kuala Lumpur Train Station

Suzy was in town selling software instead of hardware this time. Her new company put her up in The Majestic Hotel. Really nice. My first time there really. Walked in the rain from Pasar Seni LRT station to meet her there. Her request was simple (or not so simple): "I want a good Maggi goreng for dinner". I fired up my GRAB app to get a ride, but before it got through I killed the app. The door man hailed us a cab instead. Directed the taxi driver to Pelita Nasi Kandar at Jalan Ampang. Thankfully the traffic was clear in that direction although the rain often screws things up.

The Majestic Hotel

Suzy got her Maggi goreng fix, and I had a thosai. She updated me on her new job, things going on at home, and of course her love life. Suddenly I got a call-- it was a GRAB driver! LOL. Guess killing the app didn't kill my request. Cham. Another discussion we had was on the conspiracy that KH was avoiding her. In the past few months, every time Suzy was in town, KH would surely be in Singapore! LOL. Talk about 'coincidences'. Until our next meet-up.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Four Seasons

He Did It

Got a shock when I heard that Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur was already open. Those PRC developers really work fast. I parked my car at Suria KLCC and walked over there with mum one Sunday afternoon after church. The anchor tenant is Robinsons. As befitting the 'Four Seasons lifestyle' the department store was even more 'atas' than their The Gardens Mall branch. Reminded me very much of Robinsons at Orchard Street, Singapore. 3Es -- Elegant, Expensive, Empty. Haha.

Shoppes II

Shoppes II

There's a Starbucks Reserve on the ground floor, and some interesting food options on the lower ground. Designer shops aplenty with very Instagrammable interiors. For pastry and coffee, there's Decadent. There's also Atlas Gourmet Market, selling imported cold cuts and cured meats. If you're looking for pizza, dine at Atlas Bistro. Fleur by RLD is a florist. For something easier on the purse, there's also Malaysia Boleh!, a smaller alternative to Lot 10's Hutong. One can actually find sub-RM10 meals there. Very cheap considering its in Four Seasons Place.

Malaysia Boleh!

Atlas Bistro

Mum and I had already had an oden lunch at Isetan KLCC before heading there, so we didn't try any of the food. Maybe next time. It has become a habit for me to stop at La Cucur KLCC for teh tarik. One of the best in my opinion. Saw laksam on the counter and bought that too. A little something for dinner.


Monday, September 10, 2018


Pork Belly with Egg

I seriously need to post more frequently. In my blog timeline, I'm only at mid-May, and it's now mid-September! And to make matters worse, I slacked off at some point and I'm trying to remember details from four months back. Wakaka. Anyway, this is going to be a very brief post. Mum had some association meeting and potluck, so she cooked up a pot of braised pork belly with eggs. Once I sent her (and the pork belly) to the venue, I went off to March Azalea Cafe to do my own thing. As usual, the owner was there in a dri-fit top and he greeted me with a smile. Got myself a cup of iced coffee and started to work on my backlog of posts and photos. So yes, this is a backlog post about clearing backlogs. Obviously I didn't do enough, else I would't be in this predicament four months down the road. Hahaha.


Saturday, September 08, 2018

Drive Me


My family trip to Hokkaido was coming up in a couple of weeks, and I was the designated driver for the trip. In order for me to drive legally in Japan and rent a car, I needed to produce an international driving license (Geneva Convention). So I woke up early on a Wednesday morning to get it settled at JPJ Petaling Jaya. Wednesdays are the statistical off-peak business days for government offices in Malaysia. The office opened at 7:45 AM. I arrived 5 minutes before that, and there was already a queue at the door.

JPJ Queue

There were actually two sections. The main building was for road tax matters, and licensing was at the adjacent building. It was much quieter at the other building. For some strange reason, a lady swapped her earlier number with mine. The process was so quick that the officer nearly sent me off without collecting payment.


Hopped onto the LRT and still managed to get to work on time. Was feeling as sleepy as the LRT celebrity Sleepy Samuel on the Kelana Jaya Line LRT.

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Mum's Day Out

Chili Oil Chicken

Right on the heels of my mum's birthday was Mother's Day. Brought her jalan-jalan at One Utama after church. Not my first choice due to the size of the mall and regular parking kerfuffles. Guess its better to clock more steps on my pedometer since mum and I had a sinful buffet dinner at Latest Recipe, Le Meridien Putrajaya the night before. The spread was quite good actually. Anyway, back to Sunday-- picked Amber as our lunch venue because we rarely ever have Chinese Muslim cuisine. Shared a bowl of tomato broth beef ramen and big plate of chili oil chicken. Quite satisfying, but for some reason, their business ain't that good.

Tomato Ramen

Did our usual round of shopping and by 4:00 PM my feet were screaming for relief. Right outside Isetan was Jardin Coffee and Tea, a new addition to the cafe scene. The flat white was decent, and I kinda liked their croissant. And they even gave out carnations to all the mums.


Mother's Day Gifts

Massimo was having an event at the old wing. By going through a circuit of activities, one could get a free gift. A weird mother and son Mother's Day activity. Got ourselves a free instant photograph, a free chiffon cake, and a piece of "I LOVE MUM" toast.

Massimo I Love Mom Toast

As a close to the day's activities, we went up to One Utama's "The Secret Garden". That rooftop garden is a botanist's wet dream, a veritable collection of plants from all over the world. If you want to take a look, be sure to find the elevators closest to Dontaku on LG. One Utama dedicated 30,000 square feet of roof space for their green initiative. The garden has great landscaping and is very Instagrammable! Check out for the stringy Cissus roots, and giant Amazon water lilies to name a few. A perfect place to chill and do some exploration.

Plant I

Plant II

Cissus Roots

Plant III

Plant IV

In the evening, I accompanied KH for a later dinner at Restoran QQ Puncak Jalil. Although he was obviously tired from the day's ST events, he still found the energy to meet me. Gratitude to my hubby.

Steamed Clams


Sunday, September 02, 2018

Malaysia Baru

Meat Platter

I woke up to a new Malaysia. So surprised that the incumbent BN government didn't pull out all the stops to cling on to power. Much gratitude for that. Everyone was in a state of euphoria. Pakatan Harapan was finally going to form the federal government. However, there were still a lot of rumours fying around, and some drama regarding the swearing-in of Tun M as the new prime minister. Mum and I went out to OUG for breakfast. Barisan Nasional's loss after sixty years in power was on every lip. Coffee shop talk was livelier than usual. Met up with ex-manager who was in town to vote, and of course the main topic of our conversation was GE14.


That evening, mum and I went to AEON Equine Park for some grocery shopping, then had dinner at Jack and Steve Grill. We shared a platter of pork ribs, pork chop, and pork belly. Came with a side of mash and an iced pineapple juice. Not bad. Back home, we watched the swearing in of Tun M as Malaysia's 7th prime minister (he's also the 4th). An amazing nonagenarian. Age is just a number to him. Mum and I were analyzing the YDPA's facial expression and body language. No love lost between the monarchy and Tun M. And it was so interesting to see ex-opposition leaders in Istana Negara. Must be such a surreal experience for them. The door is now open, make the best of it for Malaysia.

Tun M Swearing-in