Thursday, January 18, 2018

Babysitting Birthday

Sausage Platter

Celebrated Cutiepie's birthday at Morganfield's, IOI City Mall on Prophet Muhammad's Birthday. Makes sense to celebrate a belated birthday on a birthday, right? She was supposed to ditch her kids, but her husband won out in the end. Doesn't matter since I brought mum and Little Monster as well. KH and SK also joined in. Arrived late because we were caught in an unexpected traffic snarl. Some smart ass decide to close 3 out of 2 lanes for resurfacing.

Smokehouse Club Salad

When we saw Cutiepie, she was a little disheveled. She told us that we just missed a shouting match between her children that quickly spiraled into a wrestling bout at the center court. Gasp. We quickly got seated at Morganfield's, but the fighting didn't stop. Very spirited siblings. Her youngest daughter is really feisty and cute. Haha. We ordered some ribs, sausages, fried pork, and salad. Service at the restaurant was a little icky as I think the service staff don't have a good grasp of the English language.

Next, we went to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to attempt some civilized conversation over coffee and cake. That did happen to a certain extent ... while the kids had a sparring match in the middle of the cafe. Lol. It was obvious that we were all no match for the kids.

French Beans

There wasn't any time for shopping as SK had to get back home to cook. She had arranged a convocation dinner for CK (he got his PhD) at MaisonSK. Gathered several friends (Gratitude and Apollo) to watch the live feed of the convocation at the University of Edinburgh. As his name was called, he would just walk up on stage, and they tapped his head with a hat. That's it. He wore nothing on his head. A different style. Congratulations again to Dr. CK!

Cheese and Meats

Monday, January 15, 2018

Decorating Your Christmas Kid

Christmas Wonderland

Whenever I go to Atria Shopping Gallery, mum and I usually end up spending some time watching events that happen at the center court. At the final Sunday of December, they had a kids Christmas pageant that saw the participation of more than fifty kids of various ages. We were impressed by the enthusiasm of their parents piling up all sorts of Christmas baubles on their children (or even turning their child into a giant bauble). Extra effort by their parents included handmade props and even wiring their kids with Christmas lights.

Kids Xmas Pageant V

Kids Xmas Pageant IV

Some were practically transformed into walking Christmas trees. Other kids were made to look like a toadstool, a gingerbread house, a giant Christmas bauble, and a Christmas present. The more conventional parents dressed their children up as Christmas princesses, angels and elves. One little girl of five impressed me with her showmanship. She actually had a rehearsed entrance and routine routine. And she knew how to work the crowd, pose, and move from position to position, making the best out of her costume (her dress had a special train that could flip up like a peacock's train). She definitely has a future on stage. Some weren't so comfortable being paraded around. Even the whole dressing up and extensive make up made some of the kids stressed out.

Kids Xmas Pageant III

Kids Xmas Pageant II

Interestingly, the pageant attracted the participation of several Malay families, and the champion was actually a pretty Malay girl with an extravagant headdress. And I was actually impressed thatAtria used proper Christmas carols, where one can actually hear about Mary, Christ, and Israel, not just the generic Jingle Bells, etc.

Kids Xmas Pageant I

P.S.: The Christmas decorations at Atria aren't very impressive. My mother actually commented that the igloo looked like a traditional Chinese tomb. Imagine the Butterfly Lovers emerging from it. Lol. They also have fake snow which looks like foam. I tried not to breathe that in. Eee.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Storm Celebrities: Bicep Brandon

As luck would have it, I arrived at BK5 LRT station to a storm. The wind was howling and it made it quite impossible to escape getting wet. Such winds were famous for being umbrella killers. As the walkways were only half-covered, I had to wait it out at the station. During a lull in the bad weather, I quickly hurried over to the shops. The rain intensified again, so I decided to wait it out at Old Town White Coffee. I chose a nice table where I was protected from the wind, and coincidentally gave me a nice view of Bicep Brandon who has heaving his coffee and toast. Too bad the lighting wasn't better. I took my time finishing my cup of white milk tea. Well, the rain stopped well before I finished. :P.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Hair and Tooth

Dry Curry Noodles

Several weeks after mum's tooth extraction, we were back at the dentist for dentures. Dr. Wong recommended cobalt chrome dentures because it would offer the best fit, grip, and chewing experience for mum's situation. A very simple process really. Mum just needed to bite into moulding paste. The paste started off, then turned yellow when set. That was it. According to the nurse, it would take at least 14 working days for the dentures to be ready. And mum would need to go through a fitting process. Total damage was MYR1,750! Huhuhu.

Although it was already 10:30 AM after we were done at the dentist's, we went to the wet market anyway. Just a short trip as the sun was already out and some of the stalls had begun closing. Next stop was Plaza OUG to visit my hair stylist. I was WAY overdue for a trim. The appointment was at 1:00 PM. so we had some time to kill. My hair stylist's ex-business partner was having a scalp treatment promotion (he has his own place nearby), so I suggested that mum go for that. Mana tahu, she added on a cold perm and hair treatment as well!

During my cut, KH dropped by to meet me (after his own haircut too), and I accompanied him for lunch at the kopitiam beside Sann Sann Vegetarian. The next day, he would be heading to Kuantan to meet some old friends. In the evening, mum and I attended a BEC gathering at Sri Petaling. Many of the aunties noticed that I had lost weight, but they preferred the plumper version of me! Oh why?

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Playing with Cosplayers?


Spotted Spidey at Comic Play, Publika. This cosplayer seems to be wearing a high quality suit. Very nice, and he has the build to pull it off. Reminds me of MEN's release in 2017-- "Spiderman, A Gay XXX Parody". Go look for it on Gay Torrents. Have you ever had fun with anyone in a full body suit?

And here's Naruto dancing with his posse. I don't think there's any Naruto porn, but I'm sure there's plenty of Slash of Naruto with Sasuke. You prefer Naruto as seme or uke?

Saturday, January 06, 2018

From Fossil to Fork


Thursday night was date night for me. But since KH had yoga til 7:30 PM, I had to kill some time. Coincidentally, there was  a Fossil warehouse sale at Menara Atlan, so I went there to take a look. This time round, they had Skagen timepieces and leather goods (strangely Skagen no longer sells in Malaysia). Nothing caught my eye, but I did help SK get something that she wanted.

Slow-cooked Chicken Breast

Once KH was ready to go, we headed to ROOST, a contemporary European restaurant located on Jalan Telawi 3. Since it's located upstairs, it enjoys a peaceful setting unlike the usual Bangsar bustle. The restaurant is very charming, and has an open kitchen concept. Really open, as there even isn't a pane of glass that separates the diners from the kitchen staff. The menu is minimalist, just two pages. We were at a lost as to what to eat.

Slipper Lobster Ravioli

The waiter recommended their pasta, so KH went for their slipper lobster ravioli, and I ordered the slow-cooked chicken breast (based on their name, their poultry must be good). As promised, the ravioli was good, and I also enjoyed the chicken. "From Farm to Fork" is their motto, so all the ingredients were fresh and sourced-locally where ever possible. Portions aren't too big, so if your appetite is bigger, do consider an appetizer or soup.


Had a short walk in BVII after dinner. No interesting deals at the Private Structure boutique. And it seems that The Loaf was replaced by Nala Designs. It was already open for business, but the interior was still work in progress. Didn't really find a suitable place for coffee, so we just called it a night.


Thursday, January 04, 2018

B Is For


Got this tank top from Private Structure from one of their so-called 11.11 Wonder Bundles during the Singles' Day sale. I was attracted by the large "B"! Of course the bundle also came with underwear, but I'm not posting a photo of that here. Huhu. Tumblr perhaps? What significance does "B" have for you? And did you buy any underwear during the 11.11 sale?