Thursday, February 04, 2016

Underwear Rules

Suneo's Choice

For many years I have maintained certain rules when it comes to choosing which underwear to wear. For day wear, I would exclusively go for briefs. I never favoured trunks or boxer briefs under my clothes because I thought that it would be too hot with the extra coverage. All my trunks and boxer briefs were worn for bed or lounging in the privacy of my home. But of late, I found myself breaking that rule cause I was too lazy to segregate them anymore. Whatever I dug out from my underwear drawer or temporary storage (I have resorted to storing underwear in my luggage bags) I would wear. Turns out that there's no problem with wearing trunks to work. The next rule to break would be regarding jockstraps...

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Meaty Saturday

Christmas Flea Market

Mum wanted to do some shopping at Santorini's only boutique in town, so we ended up at Publika on the first Saturday of the year. As usual, Publika was decked out with a bunch of artsy-fartsy modern interpretations of Christmas trees. All sorts of uncommon materials-- wooden clothes pegs, rope, palms, canvas. All sorts of weird designs-- shaped like a teepee, doubles as a spinner.

Different Materials

Spinner Christmas Tree from William Ng on Vimeo.

Ate lunch at Coffee Société. Been meaning to give it a try. It wasn't that great really. The hazelnut latte wasn't as great as described in Foursquare. My croissant with smoked duck didn't look like much, but it was actually quite filling. And its one of those joints that are fully-operated by Bangladeshis.

Waiter: There's beef in the Big Breakfast.

Moi: No problem.

Waiter: I have to tell. If I don't some customers like to complain. So I have to ask. Sometimes I tell them, but when I serve it, they complain that I didn't tell them.

Moi. No problem, REALLY.

Big Breakfast

No trip to Publika is complete without a visit to B.I.G. to look at their huge selection of imported atas groceries and expensive fresh produce. Was so glad that we went because I was rewarded with a 小鲜肉 at the meat counter. What a coincidence. Yummy. Supermarket Celebrity: Meaty Matt had lovely arms and a sweet smile. Good skin to boot (must be the juice he was slurping).

In the afternoon, mum went to get a touch up for her eyebrows at Serdang. SK and I loitered at Par Tea Time while waiting for her to finish. I wasn't impressed with their milk teas but they do make a killer vegetable dumpling!

Vegetable Dumplings

The beautician called at 6:00 PM, just in time for an early dinner. Managed to secure the last table at Restoran Seoul Korea. The weekend dinner crowd is really crazy over there. Totally love their banchan and grilled meat. The spicy tofu soup's good too.

Sizzling Meat from William Ng on Vimeo.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Year of Abundance?

District 21

I spent new year's eve at IOI City Mall again. Brought mum to the many boutiques selling plus-sized clothes. Bumped into Pidut at Factorie. Every time I meet him, he seems to be with another cute guy. At around 4:00 PM, mum and I stopped for tea time at Sepiring. Used up a free voucher I had for a bowl of curry laksa. I don't think I will ever go back to that place. They don't seem understaffed nor overwhelmed with customers, but they just don't seem to function well. Can you imagine that they took my voucher and 15 minutes later told me that I had a choice of 3 items. What the heck were they doing? And many tables weren't cleaned up although it wasn't the peak period. Definitely corroborates with the tips left in Foursquare. The prawns in the curry weren't fresh and the additional ABC I ordered was possessed by the syrup demon. Oh well.

Nyonya Laksa


As usual, there was a special new year's eve mass at church. Surprisingly, SK tagged along. After mass, there was a fireworks display and a snack pack. Our yearly routine also brought us to Restoran Kayu Nasi Kandar at Dataran Sunway for teh tarik and roti tisu. By the time I climbed onto my bed, it was already 2:00 AM.

Mini Nativity

The first morning of 2016 didn't feel much different from 2015, but I did wake up feeling quite randy. Too bad KH wasn't sleeping beside me else I would be starting the year with a bang. Freshened up, had breakfast and did some chores. Mum and I had a Christmas / New Year party in the evening so she spent the afternoon preparing food for the potluck. She stewed eggs with soy sauce and pork belly, steamed a pot of yam rice and made some preserved mango. We arrived at church pretty early. A few others were already there, so we opened up the cafeteria and set up the tables. By 7:30 PM, most of the members of my BEC and guests had arrived. Like past years, we had a mini nativity scene set up. Unfortunately, our potluck fell short this year. Too many guests, too little proper food. Bringing some fruits or a small cake just doesn't cut it when you have your whole family along looking for mains. For the first time, pots and plates were picked clean just after the first round. Normally, nobody would bother with the white rice, chiffon cakes and biscuits. But due to more than demand than supply, even those unpopular items were depleted. I was initially shocked when a BEC member baked four large pizzas for the party. In the end, I applauded her for her foresight. The activities for the party involved ice-breaking, caroling, bible readings, discussions and games. Overall, both young and old were entertained.

Whole Eggs

Split Eggs

Thursday, January 28, 2016


The Number Nine

Today marks the 9th year KH and I joined our hearts together.

From not knowing much about each other we learned how to read each other's moods.

From being insecure and jealous we became trusting.

From being a single entity we started sharing all we had.

From just the two of us we surrounded ourselves with caring friends.

From cuti-cuti Malaysia we explored the world together.

From sugar-coated sex to graduated to something more primal.

From an LDR we progressed to living in the same city.

From the background, KH slowly eased to the foreground of my family life.

From boyfriends we progressed to hubbies (nearly got married!). 

I love you baby.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Force Awakens

Google Translate

On the 30th of December, KH took leave to service his car and spend time with me. To simplify logistics, he sent his car to the Honda service center at Taman Equine in the morning. Compared to the service consultants at Nissan, the people at Honda don't seem too experienced. Once KH dropped off his car, we went off hunting for breakfast. Packed some noodles and nasi lemak from Restoran Shui San nearby. Spied a stall with a sign that reeked of Google Translate. We ate at my sister's house with my mum and the monsters. A very lively affair.

At around 10:30 AM, we went back to my house to pick up some stuff. But that turned into a quickie sex session. Kinda messed with our schedule because we had a movie to catch at IOI City Mall at noon. We made it just in time to watch "Star Wars: The Force Awakens". Not a bad movie really and the title is really apt. Its about awakenings, though a bit too convenient. And I'm not very fond of the angst-y villain.

Star wars-The force awakens. Kylo Ren V.2.0

Exited the cinema after more than two hours and ate at the first restaurant we saw-- Namoo Grey. We ordered the dakgalbi lunch set and a plate of honey citrus fried chicken (imagine fried chicken wings topped with honey citron concentrate). Did some walking around after that. KH sent me back to my sister's place at about 5:00 PM but he stayed on a little longer for some coffee (no, that's not a euphemism for sex).

Namoo Grey


Honey Citrus Fried Chicken

Monday, January 25, 2016

Regia Christmas & KH with Kids

Giant Lingzi

Boxing Day saw me at the wet market. Once in a while, something interesting pops up like the giant lingzhi displayed by a Chinese medicine vendor. As usual had my favourite soup noodles but spiced it up a bit with curry chicken legs.

Curry Chicken Legs

Lazed away the whole afternoon and in the evening attended a Christmas party hosted by Janvier and The Chief. Like past years, there were several factions of party guests-- BFF (DanielH was missing this year cause he relocated to Manila), TTDI-ans and The Chief's family. The BFF were represented by KH and I, BeautifulMale, JJ, Bunny and SK. It was a potluck and as usual the hosts prepared roast turkey (perfect Christmas feel) and curry chicken (perfect Malaysiana feel). Food was great but the drinks stole the limelight. Janvier uncorked bottle after bottle of sweet-ish red that quickly made BeautifulMale tipsy. And when the vodka-infused watermelon was unveiled, we went crazy. For some reason, our conversation with Bunny that night revolved around full-time YouTubers and how they make their money. For the gift exchange, a got a Dilbert book to add to my collection.

Vodka-Infused Watermelon


The next day, mum had a massage appointment after mass. On top of that, sis left the kids with us, so I had to babysit. KH was nice enough to help me (he came all the way to Kepong XOXO). I holed them up in Nelson Tan Cafe which had a whole bunch of toys that they could play with. Fed them a large plate of spaghetti carbonara with sausages. The kids were familiar with KH which made things much easier. Even the little one didn't mind KH bringing him to the loo. Must admit that I did that on purpose and KH passed with flyng colours. Time passed quickly with his help and he didn't seem agitated with the task. Guess it's a glimpse of a possible future if we were to have kids. LOL.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas

Since I had six days of annual leave to clear by the end of 2015, I took Christmas eve off. Spent time with the kids. KH wasn't working as well and he came over with a Christmas present from KT. The kids pester me about about opening the gifts under their Christmas tree every single day, so I let them have a go at KT's present. They were ecstatic. Inside was numerous imported candies, biscuits, chocolates and minced pies. Their favourite was the chocolate eggs.

Chocolate Eggs

In the evening, the kids followed us to Christmas vigil mass which had a cantata and a small nativity play. Surprisingly, they were quite well-behaved. Perhaps it was the periodic Koko Krunch feedings that I gave them. Had a late dinner at Carbon Brasa, Puchong Jaya. The pasta and French toast was compatible with the kids. Before going home, we stopped by at Donutes to get some bread. Of all days, it turned out to be their member's day. Only one cashier was open and the queue snaked around the bakery. Best thing was, they had seven staff manning the counter which made it look like an assembly line. Waited twenty minutes before it was my turn. All that fuss for just 5% off, not even enough to negate the GST. What a mang zang way to spend Christmas eve!

Xmas Tree


Xmas Pasta

On Christmas morning, the kids woke up bright and early. They brushed their teeth and washed their faces before coming down for breakfast. Their parents had also turned up so we began the opening of gifts. They were so happy. The living room turned into Christmas present graveyard. The kids gave me a towel. Practical.

Xmas Presents

In the afternoon, mum and I went Sunway Pyramid for some shopping. Who would have thought it would be worse than my recent experience at The Gardens. Spent a total of eighty minutes jamming in from LDP and finding a parking space. Nearly went nuts. The Christmas decorations were quite a disappointment. An underwater Christmas. Looked quite drab in my opinion. Namor would have had a fit. Late lunch was at Paradise Inn. Similar price and taste with Pu Tien but much bigger portions. Tried the spinach in superior soup, dongpo meat in lotus bun (ordered this after all three appetizers that I chose were unavailable) and stewed chicken with mushrooms. Thumbs up for all of them. Shopped and shopped and shopped after that. My suffering was rewarded by mum being able to find some items that she liked. After all my years of experience, I roughly know which shops to avoid and which shops hold potential.

Xmas Under The Sea

Braised Chicken

Spinach Soup

KH came over in the evening with Sharky in tow. They wanted dinner so I brought them to Ipoh Home Cuisine at Taman Equine. Truth be told, I don't know what's Ipoh about that place. Half dai chow, half western dishes. Ordered a wat tan hor and found it quite good. Next was coffee and rum cake at Piccolo Cafe a few doors away. But we didn't stay long because halfway through, Sharky FFK-ed us. A very common occurrence with that fella. You owe us coffee!!!

Wat Tan Hor

Rum Cake