Monday, June 26, 2017

Back to Brunei: Battle of the Bosses

Love Brunei

Brunei o Brunei. I have such fond memories of it. Never thought I would return there after my last trip in 2011. Anyway, the pot of shit over there had been brewing for years and years, and the shit finally hit the fan in 2017. The client complained about everything and did it directly to my chairman. He finally got sick of it and mobilized a team to take a look at the pot of shit. As luck would have it, my boss was appointed to spearhead the whole exercise, and I was roped into the team. Ack.

Jalan Pemancha

Chinese Restaurant

Signature Tofu

Salted Egg Pork

Long story short, we charged into the pot of shit, shook things up, rocked the boat, and came out of it with a lot of shitty details, that had to be documented. From then on, had to work my ass off completing the the damning report that shows how 'shitty' that pot of shit is. Had to engage all the internal teams for details but they weren't always forthcoming with information because they were either hiding something, or weren't part of the original implementation team in the first place. Gah.

Assorted Kuih

Traditional Chinese Restaurant

Since it was the Holy Week, I went to Maundy Thursday mass at Church of Our Lady of Assumption. Missed the Liturgy of the Word because I got the mass time wrong. Had to sit outside because there were loads of parishioners. At the end, spent some time at the Altar of Repose, then quietly left. Dinner options in Bandar during the late hours was quite limited, so I had a sushi dinner at Excapade Sushi. Took them twenty minutes to serve me although mine was the only order outstanding.

Clock Road

Maundy Thursday

Excapade Sushi

On Good Friday, I flew home to Kuala Lumpur, letting the pot of shit simmer. Once the details have been ironed out by the senior management, I would most probably be flying in again... Bah.

Jalan Pemancha


Saturday, June 24, 2017


Gamarjobat (actually means "Hello" in Georgian) is an award-winning duo who specialize in sketches, miming, and physical comedy. They are instantly recognizable with their red and yellow mohawk. They don't talk at all. Just a whole lot of expressive body language, whistles, and natural sound effects. Never thought that I would ever watch their show. For some reason, the tickets were going at 50% off, so KH cinched some cheap tickets for the VIP row. The show was held at HGH Convention Center, Jalan Ipoh as part of LOL Fest 2017. Spotted quite a lot of ang moh in the crowd. Among them, there was also a fan who came dressed like Ketch!, the guy with the red mohawk.

It was a very high energy performance with both of them bouncing up and down the stage. The good thing is that their brand of comedy is universal, something that nearly everyone can laugh at. Even mum could appreciate it. Supposedly kid-friendly, but they do have some naughty bits in the act. By the end of the show, they were sweating puddles and had already changed out of their coats. Perhaps I'll watch them again when they return in the future... preferably with a big discount. Hahaha.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Flurry, Fatty, Fried, and Fuwa Friday

Tonkatsu Restaurant

On a rainy Friday evening, I had a dinner date with KH at Isetan the Japan Store. Even before I reached Avenue K, I was half-drenched from the rain. Tried to shop for a T-shirt to change into, but I failed miserably. My first stop was at Uniqlo, but I left after seeing the super long queue at the checkout counters. Then I tried Isetan, but there was nothing cheap. In the end, I just walked into one of the changing rooms, stripped off my wet shirt, and zipped up my fleece jacket from Uniqlo. Nice and toasty! (and it makes it super easy for KH to access my nips). With that settled, I walked to Lot 10 via the underpass and sky bridge.

Gin-Jo-Pork Fatty Loin Katsu

Based on a recommendation from HornyBF and Simonlover, we ate at Tonkatsu Anzu, on the 6th floor of Isetan the Japan Store. Be warned that they have no English signboard unlike the other restaurants. The waiter put us at the counter where we were served by a young trainee. We took some time to decide on what we wanted and the kid was not much help at all.  In the end, KH ordered the Gin-Jo-Pork Fatty Loin Katsu, which was the most premium on the menu. 55% fattiness that melts in your mouth. I had the Pork Loin Katsu and Cabbage Rolls.

Tonkatsu Sauce

Grind the Sesame Seeds

All diners are entitled to a complimentary appetizer of preserved radish, and cabbage salad. The salad comes with a choice of two salad dressings. I kinda like the creamy salad dressing that looked like plaster of Paris. Unfortunately, the cabbage was not quite up to par. Still had that raw cabbage-y taste. Can't beat Saboten's cabbage salad. Even the tonkatsu sauce had two versions, one original, one spicy. Don't like white rice? Don't worry, they have brown rice. The premium pork loin was really, really fatty and juicy. But I think a lower level of fattiness wouldn't hurt.


Cabbage Rolls

Right after dinner, we did some shopping in Isetan. Had some Tsujiri matcha soft serve ice cream and bought a loaf of Fuwa-Fuwa bread from Sol Levant. The Fuwa-Fuwa is a type of specialty bread that is super soft and fluffy. The whole bread is white, like a loaf of Albino bread. Taste-wise, it's salty and kinda weird. Won't be spending MYR16 on that ever again. LOL.

Fuwa-Fuwa Bread

Sunday, June 18, 2017

His Horniness

Pumpkin Beancurd

HornyBF is not an easy person to meet since he is not based in Malaysia. The last time I met him was in 2013. So, when SimonLover suggested dinner, I tried my best to turn up. HornyBF requested for Chinese food, so I let KH do the thinking. Originally, we were supposed to eat at Mun Kee, but somehow, we ended up at a different restaurant called Loi Fatt Fatt in Happy Garden. According to Foursquare, the lady boss is infamously grouchy. Our lucky stars were shining brightly that evening, so she was in a good mood. She recommended three dishes-- Nyonya Gravy Steamed Tilapia, signature pork ribs, and pumpkin tofu. I liked all the dishes except the tofu which I found had a gravy that was too thick, like some kinda blended pumpkin soup.

Steamed Tilapia Nyonya Style

Signature Pork Ribs

The power couple told us about their upcoming vacation plans to Okinawa, and HornyBF regaled us with his HK foodie tales. Also we got to hear about their adventures in New York! When the last of the Nyonya gravy was mopped up, we paid, and headed for coffee. Just a few doors away was Zen and Co. That night, I ordered the Matcha Lava Cake, something that was out of character for me. I didn't regret it because its really good. Hope we won't need to wait another four years to meet up again over good food.

Green Tea Lava Cake

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Shop and Win


Ventured to Atria Shopping Gallery after a few months of absence to find it bustling with people. For some reason people were lining up for some kind of registration at the center court. The queues were so long that they snaked along the row of shops. Needless to say, mum and I went to kepoh at the counter. One lady in line was nice enough to tell us that she was registering for a lucky draw. Months ago, these people had spent a minimum amount of MYR118 in the mall, entitling them to enter the "Spring Splendour! Spend and Win" contest. The grand prize was a Misubishi ASX. Since it had nothing to do with us, we just ducked into Kame Sushi for lunch. From our table, we could still see the queue beyond the noren. Ten thousand people praying very hard for the same prize.

Winning a Car

Once we finished our lunch, we headed to center court to catch a magic show that included a costume quick change. I think the audience preferred the costume quick change over the magic tricks. The emcees were Arnold and Jay from the Hitz FM Breakfast Crew. The announcement of the prize winners was kinda slow, so mum and I didn't stay for the grand prize.

We continued shopping and in the end sat down for a bowl of buburchacha at Lean's. In my opinion, that tongsui was horrible. What can one expect when it's made like a bowl of ABC? Take bowl. Put in boiled black eyed peas, yam, and sweet potato. Then put in pieces of tapioca jelly. Pour in sweetened santan water. Banned. However, I did like their vegetable cucur.

Vege Cucur

SK joined us for dinner at Bandar Kinrara. I suggested that we try the new PRC ramen place near Sakura Sushi. When we arrived, we were the only customers. We ordered two bowls of ramen, and a plate of dumplings. Surprisingly, I liked the weird spicy ramen that contained lots of peanuts, and minced meat. Anyway, don't bother looking for the place because it closed permanently not long after. I don't even know what it was called. Haha. Lets see what comes along next.

TanTan Ramen


Sunday, June 11, 2017


Balai Raya Kampung Chempaka

As part of the Lenten season, mum and I joined a community service activity that was jointly-organized by my parish and Kampung Chempaka. We were part of a clean-up crew to do what MPPJ failed to do-- keep the public areas clean. It qualified as a corporal work of mercy, an act of penance and charity which concerns the material needs of others. In addition to that, it was part of an outreach program to get to know our neighbours. Each weekend mass, they are probably pissed at us for causing traffic jams. Haha.

The morning's activity started at the Balai Raya Kg Chempaka where we met the Kampung Chempaka headwoman and her aides. They had prepared for us a breakfast spread of nasi lemak, karipap, and loh mai kai! All that food, and we had not even broke a sweat yet. Truth be told, that eating session took way too long. By the time we mobilized, the morning sun was already blazing. We took the tools, and split up to two different sites.

Mum and I worked along a road that was littered with rubbish. The drains were so clogged that we had dig up stuff with tools and sometimes our hands (thank goodness for gloves). Most of the rubbish consisted of polystyrene food containers, plastic bags, packing styrofoam, and bottles. The most suitable tools for the job were shovels, rakes and pongkes. When I was a primary school student, the pongkes featured regularly in my Bahasa Malaysia text book, but it took nearly 30 years for me to finally realize how useful it really is.

Thankfully, there wasn't much mozzies around, and the rubbish wasn't stinky. Traffic along the road wasn't that busy, and we got some shade from the trees. But with trees came lots of dead leaves and mulch on the pavement. With fifteen volunteers, it still took the whole morning to clean a stretch that was less than 200 meters long! At least we had about 20 bags of garbage to show for it. Once we were done there, we headed back to the church for a second round of clean up. Once again, fished out some interesting stuff from the drain-- pails, shovels, and more packing styrofoam. People think that acid or lava flow in drains that it can help them get rid of bulky stuff.

Nasi Lemak

By lunch time, mum and I were so exhausted that all we could think about was to head home to wash off all the sweat and grime, and put our feet up! Once we had rested sufficiently, we finally had the mood to think about food. Made arrangements to meet up SK and KH at Anson Kopi and Patisserie, Twin Arkz. They serve a variety of Asian food, and kopi at near-latte prices. But they also have gweilo cakes and some pastries, so it's a bit of fusion. The interior is spacious, modern with old school kopitiam touches. I wasn't impressed with the expensive kopi, and the curry noodles was mediocre. Hate that they deep-fried the long beans to a near-crisp. I would recommend the nasi lemak with chicken rendang, but a word of warning-- their idea of chicken rendang is fried chicken topped with rendang gravy. Clear soup noodles with YTF was also kinda good because the fish paste had an excellent springy texture. We also tried some of the cakes, but nothing impressed me.

Curry Noodles

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Dinner Was On Siew Keong

Beef Lasagna

Right after work on a Monday evening, Simonlover, SK, and I had dinner at a 5-star hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Not something we usually do if not for huge discount privileges. Our dinner was quite varied with scallops, spaghetti vongole, beef lasagna, and a couple of sides. Among those items, the scallops were the best. The spaghetti vongole was was way too salty, but we didn't bother to complain. Halfway through our food, a baby cockroach decided to scurry up the pillar beside our table. Alarmed, we alerted the waiter who tried to kill it with a napkin, but failed miserably. The head waiter came over to offer apologies, and offered us free desserts. Sincere enough, so we let it slide. However, the little roach wasn't done with us. It made a comeback, but a fatal one. Once again, the head waiter apologized profusely. Although we didn't throw a hissy fit, he declared that our dinner was on the house, and of course we would have dessert as well. Bwahaha. Thank you Mr. Cockroach!

Asparagus and Spinach


Spaghetti Vongole

Ice Cream Cake

P.S.: Now you know why I left out the name of the restaurant!