Monday, August 25, 2014


Vancouver - 31 Jan 14 - East False Creek Sunrise

Hi guys and gals. KH is flying to Vancouver today for his Society of Actuaries’ Fellowship Admissions Course today and I'm tagging along. All his years of hard work had finally paid of. Although it sounds like my ticket to Tai-Tai-hood, I'm not quite there yet. Anyway, we'll be in Canada for a fortnight, so this blog might grow some cobwebs in that time. Wish us a pleasant journey and hope that I can get lots of spy pics of Canadian cuties! See ya!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Fitting In

Market Infests the Playground

Replenished groceries and fresh produce at the wet market on Saturday morning. Nothing out of the ordinary at all. Wanted to eat my favourite breakfast soup noodles at the lorong, but they weren't open! Gasp. So unheard of. That's how the Chinese are-- work, work, work, work, work then take long leave during the Lunar Chinese New Year. Or for the more calculative, make a killing during that period. But anyway, if you're at the OUG wet market, you may wanna consider having the Penang curry laksa stall at Restoran Sun Sea. The uncle has retired and the stall is now manned by two twinks. Go check it out. LOL. Back home, mum fired up the juicer. A great combination of Taiwanese white bittergourd and apples. Not bitter, but the after-taste is very refreshing. Wanna get my hands on more of the stuff. During lunch, mum whipped up some mee suah in chicken soup and topped it with poached free-range chicken egg. Wholesome and yummy. In the afternoon, KH came over to show off his brand new Honda Civic. Quite a nice car and definitely worth it at the price that he got thanks to Talent Corp's AP. Just a short drive around my neighbourhood. Brought him to SuperSave to get an attachment for his rear view mirror. Wasn't wide enough, like my Almera. Ended up at Ocean Bubble Tea House after that. Still wasn't feeling all that great so I ordered a cup of hot tea. We had the whole place to ourselves so my hands were a little bit more adventurous.


White & Bitter

In the evening, we had a dinner date with Lifebook and couple of his friends from Penang. The dinner venue was Publika. After a long and convoluted discussion, we dined at Ante Kitchen & Bar. The place was fully booked, so we only could hold the table from 18:30pm till 8:00pm. That wasn't a problem because we the kitchen was still free and and there was ample time to eat. We shared everything, so it turned out to be a very porky course dinner. For starters, I ordered the cod fish and crab meat mash. The crab meat made taters so much yummier but truth be told, I couldn't detect the fish. Next was the smoked duck salad. Definitely smoky. LOL. A fusion dish came up too-- Char siew carbonara in curry cream (or dry curry wantan noodles). Super creamy. Can't imagine eating a whole plate of it. Then came the heavy duty meat dishes. First was the Hogger Pork Ribs. A full rack of lovely fall-off-the-bone porky goodness. Seriously a little bit too much even for the six of us. Last was the char-grilled pork steak, a signature of theirs. A very juicy cut with plenty of fat. Definitely the infidel carnivore's choice. Without the embarrassment of being shoo-ed off, we vacated the table before time was up. Did some wandering around Publika before sitting down again at Namoo on the Park. Took them some time to find us a seat. Brisk business. Shared a trio of sweet stuff. Think my favourite is still the Mat Tang with its wonderful oven-baked sweet potatoes, pumpkin and rice cakes.

Hogger Pork Ribs

Char siew Carbonara in Curry Cream

Challenging at times including mum in group dinners. Many would not risk it. Takes a certain amount of calculated confidence. Gotta watch what we say and make sure that mum doesn't get bored. And I have to balance it out between mum, KH and my friends. But I guess at times its not so difficult. Mum and I are kinda 'veterans' at it. When the opportunity arises, she does join into the conversation. And she knows to break from the group to look at outlets that interest her more. Practise makes perfect!

Cornflakes Dessert

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Little Monster, Little Eats


Took half day leave on Monday to go to the lawyer's office. Woke up at about 8:00 am, freshened up and went out to buy breakfast. Ate the bittergourd noodles at my sister's house. At that time, Little Monster was already up and about. And his mood was exceptionally well that morning. Enquired my sister as to his lack of crankiness and she revealed that he had sufficient sleep the night before. In his hand was a large ham bun generously lathered with mayo. Sat him down at the dining table and his buffet continued:
  1. Milo
  2. Bittergourd noodles
  3. Bread with butter, blueberry jam and peanut butter
  4. Soft-boiled egg
My appointment at the lawyer firm was at 11:00 am. Didn't take me long to reach IOI Boulevard. Took the wrong elevator and ended up a housing developer's office instead. The dapper gentleman in tight shirt and heavily-pomaded hair pointed me in the right direction. At the lawyer's office, I was given a run through of the legal shit I was gonna get myself into. The lawyer pointed out all the salient points to me and subsequently left me to sign and initial the stack of agreements. By the time I was finished, it was lunch time. Unfortunately not enough time for me to rush back out to KL to meet Tater who was in town for a couple of meetings. Just had a plate of roast duck rice nearby. Not up to standard. Oh well, back to work.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Random Eats

Fish Head Bihun

Lo and behold, I did not have lunch at Paradigm Mall on Sunday after church. While mum was buying nombor ekor, I fired up Foursquare to look for some good eats nearby. B & Best Restaurant at Taman Rasa Sayang came out tops. Wondering where Tamana Rasa Sayang is? Better fire up Waze. So hidden in my opinion. Got there easily enough and there was ample parking. However, finding a table during lunch time was another matter. Full house! And the plaze was abuzz with activity. Seems that seafood is their specialty with all sorts of fresh, imported items. Mum and went for the basics first to gauge their skill. I ordered the dry seafood noodles while mum tried out their fish head noodles. I ordered the dry noodles because I noticed that was what the majority was eating, and for good reason. So much pork lard in there! Was nice at first, but got geli towards the end when the noodles got cold. The soup was full of grouper fish slices fishballs, fresh oysters and seaweed. I didn't like the soup as the taste was too overpoweringly sweet and salty at the same time. But the fishballs are definitely worth a mention. So springy! Amazing texture. Could practically bounce around in your bowl! Not quite "God of Cookery" standard, but good enough. On the other hand, the fish head noodles were much better. Plenty of meat in clear soup. Loved it. And their sambal is quite good. Each bowl cost MYR14. Quite steep hor? Another favourite seemed to be the fried beancurd skin with fish paste. A whopping MYR11.50 for just three pieces.

Seafood Noodles


Didn't loiter at the malls that day. Went straight home. Later in the evening, I made myself a cup of coffee and poured in a packet of Oat BG 22 cereal. Can't believe that they made the oat powder into cute-sy hearts. Chewy stuff. MaisonSK organized dinner again. Invited my sister and Big Monster along too. Little Monster was kidnapped by his dad and was whisked away for a day trip to Melaka. SK demonstrated her skills on the ukelele or to be exact, the lack of it. LOL. Still a long way to go...


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Missed Connections at a Burger Bar

Choose the Nest

For a long-long time, SK did not join mum and I for Saturday marketing at OUG, preferring to settle it in Puncak Jalil. Quite miracle that she joined me that morning. Must have woken up too early and couldn't get back to sleep. Nothing new at the OUG Wet Market, except for a new stall selling birds nest! Basically the type that they rear in swiftlet houses. Unprocessed and chock full of feathers and pieces of wood. Mum bought two pieces and that came to around MYR30. Breakfast was at Restoran Alisan, Seri Petaling for the famous Hakka noodles. Lovely texture and big portion (but a tad oily). Too bad the place is ventilated like an oven.

Hakka Noodles

In the afternoon, was supposed to have lunch with ConanCat but he didn't turn up at Burger Bar, Kuchai Lama. Didn't reply to the group chat and our calls went unanswered. Didn't think too much about, so we went ahead without him. We (KH & SK joined) tried all three types of meat-- pork, chicken beef. My jumbo sausage was similar to Taiwan's 'big sausage wrap small sausage' (don't mix that up with frotting between two guys with different endowment). Their drinks menu had recently been expanded to include coffee. Just MYR3.50 to MYR4.00 for a handsome looking cup of coffee! Truth be told, the presentation even beats coffee joints. Back home, brought mum to check out the latest 'shopping' joint in Puncak Jalil-- Setia RM2! LOL. Everything for MYR2.00, but some items are priced as composites, so its not quite MYR2.00. But many items are sold at that price, inclusive of food stuff, drinks, cups, sanitary pads, shampoos, etc. Not really stuff that I would dare to use. LOL. Think I'll stick to SuperSave.

Dog & Drink

Pork, Beef, Chicken

Went to Bukit Jalil for a prayer gathering in the evening. A parishioner's mum had passed away the week before so had a prayer session for her. Some makan-makan after that. Didn't take too long. The afternoon's Hakka noodles didn't agree with her stomach, so we stopped a while at Ocean Bubble Tea House for something sour. Sat a while and played Jenga with mum & SK. Think it was mum's first time. LOL. But there can only be so many pieces that you can remove, so the outcome is similar.


P.S.: Turns out ConanCat's granny was hospitalized, that's why he FFK-ed.

Monday, August 11, 2014

It's All in the Stars

Tarot Parrot

Do you watch Taiwanese and Korean dramas? At times, do you feel that the plots are far-fetched and all things that can go wrong will go wrong. And secrets always get out in the open with a bang? One doesn't need to be too creative really as these things happen in reality, with perhaps even more twists. One such example is my colleague of Ceylonese descent. Similar to India, society in Sri Lanka also favours arranged marriages. And with my colleague reaching marriagable age, his parents were already busy engaging marriage brokers and poring over catalogues of brides that are compatible with him from an astrology point of view. Wanting to be in better control of his future, he presented his own candidate to his parents. Lucky for him, they relented. Initial astrology checks did not raise any red flags so they continued on for more than a year. As the plans for marriage became more concrete, his future-in-laws consulted another astrologer. A celebrity astrologer mind you, someone who even appears on TV. And lo and behold, the stars were not in their favour. The reading was very bad. They even got a second opinion, and the results were not better. Just because of this issue, he had to fly back home several times. At wits end, he finally got his cousin to bribe an astrologer to give him a favourable reading. Unfortunately, the older generation weren't so easily convinced and consulted their own experts again. The whole issue blew up. Basically, he wasted two years and both families ended up not on good terms. Sadly, he wasn't ready to give up, but there wasn't much hope to get their parents' blessings. No cases of honour killings in Sri Lanka, but apparently suicide does happen from all this stress. Another local Indian colleague reported a similar case. Supposedly if he married his wife, he would end up a widower with no kids. But good for him that there was a way around it. During his marriage ceremony in the temple, the priest actually married him to a banana tree first, before chopping it down and burning it. So creative. I really don't get why people like to go for fortune tellers, palm readers and astrologers. If you hear something bad, you end up making it a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you hear something good, you go around trying to confirm it. What good comes of it?

Friday, August 08, 2014

Japanese & Italian


SK bought several discount vouchers to purchase air-flown fish from Kuriya, Bangsar Shopping Center. Ever since she visit Tsujiki and Kuromon Market in Japan, she had wanted to recreate that experience. We planned to arrive earlier to have a better selection, but many more patrons were more kiasu than us. But actually, the crowd was due to a tuna cutting event there. Labelled it as "Chef vs Pacific Bluefin Tuna". Not much of a challenge since the fish was dead, but still. Haha. It definitely takes skill to prepare a fish that large and expensive! We did not have much choice left in the air-flown fish department. The only affordable fish was the madai (Sea Bream) and uni (sea urchin). Started with a sashimi and later the head and bones were made into delicious miso soup. Also ate a grilled hamachi collar, teppanyaki prawns, nigiri sushi and handmade soba. Shopped a bit at The Gardens Mall after lunch. A big haul of clothes from G2000 and Banana Republic. Some great discounts. Later that evening, SK made a tomato and goat cheese ravioli dinner. She bought it frozen from BIG. All she needed to do was blanch the ravioli and prepare the pesto sauce. A simple and hearty meal.



Teppanyaki Prawns

Work Shirts