Friday, July 25, 2014

Medan Pasar Monday

Operation Bak Zhang

Monday was my replacement leave for YDPA's birthday celebration on Saturday. Woke up early and went over to my sister's place for a bakzhang breakfast. Little Monster was also up and he was super sticky to his mother. When she left for work, he threw a big tantrum and rushed out to the porch crying saying that his mum had not kissed him yet (although in fact she did). Once he had got it all out of his system, he was cheerful as though nothing happened. Fed him breakfast and played with him till lunch time. Went out to have lunch with KH after that. Took a walk to Central Market. Been ages since I've been to that tourist trap, but its Art Deco facade and vintage tiles still captivate. Precious Old China was our choice of venue as KH had not tried it. For some reason, the air conditioning wasn't working well that day, so it was quite a stuffy affair among all those antiques. We ordered the Devil Chicken Curry and Okra Kerabu. Unfortunately, the latter took very long to arrive. Soooo annoyed. But it was quite nice. Think I will attempt to make it-- steamed okra, ground chilli, toasted dried shrimp, shallots and lime juice. Perfect with steamed white rice.

Kuih Avalanche

Dining in the Old Days

Have A Seat


Since KH isn't a fan of Old Town White Coffee, we tried Uncle Wah Kopitiam instead, one of the new additions at The Annexe. Their signature drink is Iced Special Coffee which basically is coffee mixed with cocoa powder. Nothing special except for the fact that the cocoa effectively masks all taste of coffee in the drink. LOL. Did a little roaming around the area after that. DBKL had refurbished Medan Pasar, reviving the clock tower (however, since the plaques had been removed, many do not know that it was erected in 1937 to commemorate the coronation of King George IV), adding a water feature and repaving it. And I noticed that Sin Seng Nam is no longer operating by that name. Turns out they closed shop in February after 85 years. I remember the old Beatles and Elvis posters on the walls and the sturdy wooden stairs that led to the second floor. And the waiters that manned the place were old uncles who had been with them for ages. Always curt and no-nonsense, with a small tablecloth draped over their forearm. Little by little, KL loses its old world charm...

Sin Seng Nam is No More

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Japanese & Korean


Been ages since we tried out a new Japanese restaurant. So when SK sent me screenshots of an article about Kogetsu in the newspaper, I agreed to it in a heartbeat (already very quick by my fickle Libran standards :P). Initial guests were SK, SK's granny, mum and I. Roped in the fifth person, who else if not my boyfriend KH? But it wasn't entirely due to the fact that I let him into my pants-- with his CIMB credit card, the fifth diner eats for free. Haha. Drove to Saujana Hotel in one car. Went up to the main building only to be told that it was near the recreational club instead. Turns out that the restaurant is a low wooden building located next to a lake. Like a nice little ryokan in Subang Jaya. We were given a table with a view of the lake. Beautiful to see the rippling reflection of the sky while shoving sashimi into my mouth. LOL. FYI, the buffet at Kogetsu is ala-carte with 99 items on the menu. As with all places that attempt to do an ala-carte buffet, they usually degrade into chaos as the patrons increase.



Always be one of the first to arrive to avoid disappointment and mangzang-ness. Orders tend to get messed up, missed, sent to the wrong table. You get the idea. Something was very wrong with the sushi counter that day. Thrice did we ask the waiter to check on our orders. When it finally arrived, we got three times the portion. LOL. A whole platter! Luckily the cuts of fish was thick and the rice nice. Finished it without a problem. The BBQ squid tentacles were also well executed. Another favourite of ours was the teppanyaki prawns. Big and juicy. Funny thing was, after we had our dessert, they kept wrongly bringing food to our table. Triple orders of the same thing. Failed. But I'm sure some of the other starving patrons gladly took up those plates. Paid the bill and went for a photo session around the grounds. Mum wanted to show off the new Miu Miu handbag that my brother got her from Florence (and I got a Prada wallet!).

Lots and Lots of Sushi!


Lunch with a View

With our bellies sloshing with fish and green tea, we went shopping at Empire Subang. Mum managed to get some stuff at Tangs and Ms. Read, while KH and I lepak-ed at Espressolab. Dinner that night was at MaisonSK. Whipped up a complete meal within roughly half an hour. That woman is amazing. In the evening, KH and I went out again to meet Ivan. I asked SK along too. Once again he was in town with his dad for a short holiday. Good thing he dumped Radius International Hotel for WOLO this time. Since we had some time to kill before meeting him, did some shopping at Isetan Lot 10. The places closed at 9:30 pm and would you believe that the sales staff just shoo you out although you are standing there wanting to buy something. Goodness. Ivan was his usual self. I let KH and him talk shop while I scanned Tours Les Jours for gay lous. Plenty of sightings that night. Fearing that KH's sleep might be affected by coffee, we shared a green tea latte instead. I can confirm that I hate green tea lattes. Cake-wise, Ivans requested chocolate, so we had a Devil's Food Cake and a Black Forest.

Espress Latte


Before we left for home, Ivan showed us around WOLO. Never noticed that the elevators at the back of the cafe actually led to a boutique hotel. The elevator was dark and filled with lighted strips ala Tron. The lobby also looked more like a hip dance club with weird art and ambient lighting. The walls were basically shiny black and the ceiling was installed with lighted clouds. Totally unconventional. I didn't get to see the room, but Ivans said that the interior was well-designed with loads of hidden panels to make up for the lack of floor space. On the way home, SK drove, so KH and I could snuggle in the backseat and smooch for a while...

Jump In

Monday, July 21, 2014

Do Movies & Birthdays Mix?


Mum ajak me pergi pasar on Saturday and a neighbour tagged along. The old lady seemed thrilled for the chance to go to a little-explored wet market. Found parking easily at the multi-level car park. Life is easier when you're willing to pay. The place was a little quieter than usual during the school holidays, but not by much. Breakfast was at Restoran Sun Sea which houses the famous pork noodles (more like the bastard child of pork noodles and seafood noodles) of yesteryear. Their business is a far-cry from what it was more than a decade ago. No more crowds. No more queues. But then, I did not eat that. Think their soup is a bit sickly-sweet. Simply ordered from wantan noodle stall at the back and boy was it bad. Mum's choice of mee kolok was much better. Also noticed that the Penang curry laksa stall is now manned by two twinks. From their looks, definitely the sons of the owner. Not bad. Back home, I swept and mopped the floor. High time to clear the cockroach killing grounds. The poison that I employed cause the roaches to go into seizures and pour out icky brown fluids. So even after you sweep away the carcass, you're left with the so-called chalk marks / blood stains / brown stains. LOL. Watched a Japanese movie after that (noooo, not by Coat West). A weird, fantasy movie called "Death Trance" that's based on a manga with the same name. The action is described as 'ultra-kinetic' but really, I wasn't impressed. Just a whole lot of thrashing around. And I won't speak of the storyline. Standard vagueness. LOL. Interestingly, Steven Seagal's son is in it.

A Better Tomorrow | X-Men: Days of Future Past Review

Showered and went out at 3:00 pm. Picked KH from SK's place and proceeded to TGV Setiawalk to watch "X-Men: Days of Future Past". Made a short stop at Coffee Factory to tapau a cafe latte. Felt that it was a little sour that day. Since we had some time, I gave KH a short tour of Grand Shanghai. Ten minutes before show time, KH went to collect our tickets. Turns out that if you bought tickets from their website, you don't need to collect the physical tickets. Just quote the confirmation number at the entrance. They will tell you your hall number. Gosh. TGV is going VERY green these days. And I was quite surprised that KH received no e-mail confirmation from their website after he bought the tickets. The best thing is, you can purchase tickets without a sign-on ID! All you need is the confirmation ID. Forget that and you're screwed. The film was quite entertaining. The early scenes had us ogling at Hugh Jackman's super manly physique. A bit scary next to the petite girl. Another time travel plot but without the complexity. Straight forward go back in time to change the future. And of course they succeed. Exited Setiawalk at about 6:30 pm. Waited for the end credits to see Apocalypse building a pyramid faster than you can say "Bryan Singer molested me at a drunken party". Anyway, we were running late for Apollo's birthday dinner.

Long Dinner

Snoopy & Woodstock

Rushed back home to pick my mum up, grab my cameras and change my shirt (found a stain on it, but I'm quite sure it ain't jizz). By the time we arrived, we were twenty minutes late. Opps. All the food was on the table already. Twelve dishes for twelve guests! Apollo's mum went into overdrive cooking a birthday dinner for her son for the very first time. There was fish maw soup, blanched kale, stir-fried mixed vegetables, caramelized lemon chicken, steamed egg, steamed pomfret, salad, deep-fried prawns, vegetarian ribs, baked salmon with mixed herbs, steamed herbal chicken and sweet & sour crab. Kinda difficult going through all the dishes without a round table. Basically no free space. And what's a dinner without drinks? Opened a bottle of Bordeaux red and Sk brought out the nuts. Interrogated Brian a bit about his new love interest. Based on past experience, we told him not to move too quickly. Apollo came up with an equation for him where a three day romance cause a three month's worth of emo-ness. Cut the birthday cake after that. Another Biolexus creation. Knowing how much of a Snoopy freak Apollo is, QueerRanter-D ordered a 3D cake for him. Not cheap. His mum quipped:

"What?! The cake costs more than the dinner?"

A Peanuts Birthday

But it was super cute and became the center of attention. Can forget about the birthday boy. Haha. Due to its height, it was difficult to transport and it cannot be refrigerated. SK had to stash it her air-conditioned bedroom. I brought out the Instax and clicked away. Cute design, but Woodstock reminded me of mini yellow dinosaur. LOL. The base was chocolate cake with printed Peanuts characters all around it. Did a whole lot of camwhoring. Been a while since we had such a large gathering.

Half a Sally Brown

Friday, July 18, 2014

A & E

magic pills

In the same week, Little Monster visited the A&E twice. Scary, right? The first time happened right after the kid visited his paediatrician for fever and cough. The kid has mild asthma, so the doctor prescribed him some chewable medication. For some reason, his mum decided to dig out some of his leftover medication from the refrigerator. The blister pack looked very familiar to me. By the time I had realised that it was actually adult flu medication, it was too late, my sister had already fed him the pill. Yikes. I consulted Antinous on the matter. He warned me to look out for breathing difficulties during sleep. That kinda freaked my sister out, so she quickly brought him to TDMC. Since it was a school night, Big Monster was already sleeping, so I went over to keep an eye on him. While waiting, I tried out my new toy, which was the Chromecast that just arrived that day. Not a very useful device, but its two primary uses was good enough for me. One was its YouTube casting function from my Android Phone or Android Tablet. Another was that it could cast anything from my laptop's Google Chrome. Perfect to watch all those PRC series on YouTube. They came home at about 11:00 pm. The doctor on duty said there wasn't any cause for concern as the kid didn't seem affected by the medication. So alert even after two hours. He actually on fell asleep at 1:00 am. Goodness. Even adults get knocked out by Piriton. Glad that nothing was wrong.


Just days after that visit, another accident happened. This time, he knocked the bridge of his nose on the edge of the TV cabinet. Because the kid was rough-housing, the force was enough split open his flesh. So off he went again to the A&E. The doctor actually recognized him. LOL. Surprisingly the brave little soldier didn't cry and was in good spirits. Could still act cute. In the end, he didn't get any stitches. Just used a glue of sorts and stuck a couple of plasters on the wound. When he got back home, he started rough-housing again. LOL. Got to hand it to the kid.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Yes, DuanWu Festival

Dumpling Wrapping Contest

My church organized a Duanwu festival celebration after mass on Sunday. Just a small affair with presentations on how to make dumplings, dumpling wrapping competition, food, music and singing. The MC went on and on about the history of the festival but I don't think the audience was very interested. Everyone was hyped about the competition!

Moi: Wah, she really can talk hor?

Aunty: Sunday school teacher ma...

Lunch for me was a bit of porridge and noodles from the temporary stalls. Initially, there was a lot of confusion, but the activities went smoothly after that. They set up dumpling making stations-- tables underneath a suspended ladder. On each table was glutinous rice, fatty pork, black eyed peas, dried chestnut, dried shrimp, salted egg yolks and bamboo leaves. A bunch of ham sui chou were tied on the rungs of the ladder, suspended over each table. Mum entered the contest in the individual category and she came out with third prize. Not bad at all. Judging was based on uniformity, shape, cleanliness and other technical details. The prize was a book, a collection of essays written by a priest. The other winners got the same prize. :P.

Ham Sui Chou

Wrapped things up (excuse the pun) and rushed home. Just had a little time to change and go out again. KH had bought tickets to "Yes, Prime Minister" at 4:00 pm. The comedic play was held at The Temple of Fine Arts at Brickfields. A small place really, not much space for people to stand around waiting for the hall open. And boy were the ushers lousy. We went round and round trying to find our seats only to be told that it was upstairs. Can you believe that they number the seats with cellophane tape and marker pens? And when we were upstairs, they told us that it was free seating since it wasn't full house anyway. Pity the people that bought the more expensive tickets. We moved to the higher middle seats to avoid the glass bannister that was right in front of us, but it still was in the way. The usher also warned us of some possible sound disruption. When the show started, they also had to switch off some of the air-conditioning because the vents were quite noisy. Lecehnya.... Anyway, I nearly did want to fall asleep, but I didn't, much to KH's relief. Hehe. Guess the star of the play was Sir Humphrey Appleby who could spew nonsense like it wasn't. Wiki describes the character as a "master of obfuscation and manipulation, baffling his opponents with long winded technical jargon and circumlocutions". The actor who played him definitely perfected the art. No mistakes at all (most probably I just didn't notice).

Happy Feet

During intermission, we had a short tea break at the cafeteria. The Temple of Fine Arts only allows vegetarian food and drinks. The line was really-really long and the number of tables were limited. Just ordered some hot drinks. Got out of there at about 6:30 pm. Sent KH home and I continued to MaisonSK for a dinner appointment. No extra guests, only Apollo.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Pleasure After Business

Eat My Love

A major deployment was performed for my client spanning almost two days. Six am on Saturday, I went into their data centre to meet my bleary-eyed colleagues who had been there since midnight. They told me there was a problem when starting up the system. Had to do some manual intervention to make it work. I checked the logs and found that my program couldn't connect to the interface server. Koyak!. Contacted the IT PM and she quickly mobilized her network team. Settings and firewall rules had been 'settled' days before and yet we still see these problems on D-Day. As the hours went by, I saw the network and firewall team fighting with the AS/400 team on the What's App group that was created to coordinate our actions. So funny that they couldn't agree on the actual IP address to be used. Seeing that it was going no where, we went out for a nasi lemak breakfast at a nearby food court. During the whole meal, the tone was quite sombre because of the recent salary increment. The numbers were very disappointing compared to the rest of the group. Morale was very low. And yet there we were, working on a weekend. With a refreshed mind, we went back in and noticed some differences in the authority of the new objects. Quickly contacted IT Security to get it sorted out. Seems that solved one problem. The connectivity issue was only resolved at noon when somebody with clout came in to make a firm decision. Immediately packed and left after performing the health check.

His & His Pt. II

Left just in time for lunch. Went to look KH up. Definitely the perfect way to unwind. Found the first available parking in front of Burger Bar and ate there. Shared a Cheese Pork Burger. The bun was nicely toasted and the patty was juicy with a surprise filling of cheese. However, the green tea was a tad too sweet and the potato wedges not too good. And minus points for the indifferent staff manning the counter. The interior's kinda cosy, but not a place to lepak too long at. Got my coffee fix at My Character de Coffee. Got back home at about 3:00 pm and jumped into bed. Fell asleep easily. Woke up and spent some time online. Found an interesting read on GT-- "Ultimate Guide to Prostrate Pleasure". Downloaded it and did some speed reading. LOL. Very interesting. A good guide to finding one's hidden pleasure button. :P. Showered and made my way to Paradigm Mall for dinner. Apollo's mum was gonna go back to Sandakan for a while so it was a farewell dinner of sorts.

Eat Me

The fuel indicator was blinking, so we stopped at the Shell station beside the mall. An Alza was doing the same at the pump in front of us. All of a sudden, the whole car shook as though buffalos were humping inside. Someone on the front passenger seat was actually bouncing up and down with wild abandon as though a flesh-eating scarab was crawling up his anal canal. If that wasn't enough, a lady came down from the car and starting rocking the car from side. Goodness. What the Hell were those people trying to achieve?! By the time we left, they were still at it. Can someone explain to me what we just saw? Our dinner was at Purple Cane Tea Retaurant. Full house that evening. KH, Brian, QueerRanter-D and Adam also joined, but Lifebook FFK-ed us at the last minute. Lifebook has something called Weekendisitis, where one falls sick on weekends. For some reason, I wasn't impressed with the food there that night. Dessert was at Hokkaido Ice Cream. Ordered a whole variety of stuffed and passed it around musical chair style till it all was wiped clean! Everyone took an interest on the Niagara Wine Sherbet, not really being able to pinpoint the taste. Apollo thought it tasted like Vitagen, but it finally dawned on me that it tasted like the Marukawa bubblegum in a box that I used to eat when I was in primary school. Guess they used the same esthers. LOL.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

LRT Celebrities: Tight Todd

Tight Todd

Hi guys and gals! Definitely been a long time since my last edition of LRT Celebrities. At first I was wondering whether I should give it a rest during the holy month of Ramadhan, but I don't think my Muslim readers mind (not sure how many I have actually). Anyway... here's Tight Todd. He's not here because he's exceptionally cute or fabulous. I just want to use him as an example to highlight many of my gay lou friends' fetish for men in tight work clothes. Just look at the chest and sleeves. Don't see much excess material at all! Slim fit shirt + wide chest = drooling in the LRT. Fantastic equation. And lets not talk about slim hips and perky ass in tight slacks. That would membasahkan. Kinda reminds me of the guy on Astro's Brands Essence of Chicken advertisement. Could pop out of his shirt at any moment. Do you have such a festish?