Friday, April 24, 2015

Year End Dinner (2014 la)


To celebrate the closing of 2014, SK, KH and I went for a big Japanese dinner at Kaihomaru, Federal Hotel after work. Not many patrons at all, except for a bunch of smoking Japanese businessmen. Ordered a bunch of sashimi, sushi, unagi, tempura and some cha-soba. All were fantastic. The seafood was fresh because we came on the correct day. Every Tuesday and Friday, the restaurant gets their supply of air-flown seafood from Japan. And KH was very happy with the eel because its the flaky Japanese import and not the chewy China variety. The head waitress who took our order was a little too chatty for my liking. Kept on coming over to talk. At one point she remarked:

"You guys must be siblings, eating off each others' plates and feeding each other!"

A satisfying dinner indeed. Go give it a try. And they have another branch at Starhill Gallery with similar pricing. Before leaving, I went to the loo and when I pushed open the door, lo and behold, I stumbled upon a young Japanese businessman pissing. Opps. Gomenasai! Closed the door and let him continue. LOL. Too bad I couldn't get a clear view of his dick. :P.

Sashimi Moriawase IV


Sushi Moriawase II

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

SIN Din Din

Good Morning Singapore

With 2014 coming to a close (yes, yes, I am aware it's already past the first quarter of 2015...), both Nic and Tater made dinner plans with me during my last trip to Singapore for the year. Starting from the 19th of December, I cleared 8 days of leave, effectively giving me a fortnight-long rest period. Met Nic and POD first at Kok Sen Restaurant after work. Took a short walk from Cecil St. to Keong Saik Rd. Passed several familiar gay lou landmarks like DYMK and Taboo. Kinda weird seeing them in the daylight. Feels quite different. Found the place with little fuss. It was actually just opposite Taratata Bistrot, the horrible French place. Kok Sen was pretty full at 6:15 PM which was a good sign. Nic was in his post-work cranky and hungry phase, so he ordered all the favourites in jiffy. His choices were spot-on. The Big Prawn Bihun was in a tomyum-like soup with more than 6 large prawns. The other special was the deep-fried frogs. So rare for me to have frogs in a dry dish. But it was moist and flavourful. Loved it. With his belly filled, Nic was feeling much better but ironically he ate too much. Decided to go for a spot of tea at YiXing Xuan. Met Ally there, a very chatty and friendly lady who minded the tea house. They play a game there where Ally randomly makes the tea and Nic tries to guess it on the first sip. We had a matured PuEr that really helped settle our tummies and get at the fat. Talked about everything under the sun. I was introduced as KH's boyfriend, whom Ally remembers as the dude who brought a mouldy mooncake from Genting Highlands. LOL. And that happened years and years ago. Goes to show that people never forget embarrassing stories.

Good Evening Singapore

Painter Boy in Bow

Spicy Prawn Bihun

A Spot of Tea

I'm a Little Teapot

The next day was dinner with Tater. We met on a rainy evening after work at City Hall. Walked into Chijmes and found it quite different from what I remembered. Tater had a hankering for chicken, so we chose to eat at Harry's. Harry's Jazzy Burger kinda jumped out at me, so I had that. A great Angus beef patty topped with crispy bacon. According to the menu, it was supposed to come with a side of crisps, but they gave me fries instead. No complaints, cause that was what I was secretly wishing for. Tater was also in the mood for drinks, so I ordered a pint of Kronenbourg and he a large cocktail. He was nice enough to foot the bill. Hehe. We hung out at my hotel room after dinner. My room had a nice night view of MBS and the Singapore Flyer with cosy seats by the window. I made us both mugs of black tea and we chatted till late. He even gave me a Christmas present which from my magic fingers knew instantly that it was underwear. Haha. So sweet of him. At the end of the night, I had to pack as I was flying back to KL the next day and start my long holiday!

Xmas Present

Good Night Singapore

Monday, April 20, 2015


As an unrelated follow up from last year's gay-themed play "People Like Us", the producers presented "Long Term Relationship" and of course KH bought tickets. It was lovely to see so many gay lous congregate at KLPAC to catch some laughs and see some steamy action on stage. Last year we had Evan Siao, but this time we were only left with John Tan. In the previous play, John Tan played a guy who was swayed by Evan Siao's hotness. This time round, he played a flamboyant character. Must admit that his acting skills improved a lot. Much less wooden. A friend of mine commented that it was because he playing 'himself'. Haha. As the title suggests, the play revolves around a couple who had been together for years. However, infidelity, work pressure and lack of communication threatened to destroy the relationship. The story was narrated by Douglas Wong who played the super-loved tarot reader, Tata RoTata. Never a dull moment when he comes on stage. On a whole, it was entertaining, but not exactly a breakthrough performance. Interesting to note that there many couples around us, holding hands throughout the playm just like us. Honestly, not many parts of the play resonated for KH and I. What we saw on stage was more volatile and stereotyped (doesn't mean its not true though). However, KH could relate to the parts about the stubborn and ill-tempered boyfriend and how they worked it out. Bwahaha.

Rainbow Sky

Dinner plans were at 老酒楼 at Taman Bukit Desa. Something that KH looked up on Eat Drink KL. Never knew the existence of the place. Nestled within a housing area, that short row of shops has some interesting offerings-- Sanuki Udon (who would have thought that udon was this popular), Soda Factory and Encore Patisserie. Anyway, lemme talk about dinner at 老酒楼 first. The best description would be a kopitiam ramen shop. At MYR9 a bowl, one can't fault them if their broth has less oomph. In my opinion, it's pretty good. But some purists might throw a fit to find out that they serve ramen with sour chilli sauce. In addition to ramen, we tried their steamed chicken drumstick noodles. Huge portion on a bed of Chinese cabbage and herbal broth at just MYR12.90. Also tried a plate of smoked pork. Personally, I prefer the charsiew that was served with the ramen. Our paktor session continued a few doors down at Encore Patisserie. We actually walked in, then went for a short stroll around the block, then returned to the cafe! Like that helped digest our food faster. LOL. Anyway, tried their flat white (recommended and comes with one of their mini palmiers that are so crispy and has the subtle hint of caramel) and tiramisu (no, no, no and I nearly choked on the cocoa powder).

Hawker Ramen

Herbal Drumstick Noodles



During the drive back, he held my hand. And before I opened the door, he gave me a kiss like usual. He wished me good night and after he drove off, I thought... "Yes, this is my LTR".

Saturday, April 18, 2015

SEA Fish

Cheng Ho's Ship

Sunday was a rare day out with my colleagues (I normally ditch them to meet my gay friends). Went to mass at St Joseph as usual and was rewarded with the presence of the Apostolic Nuncio to Singapore. Also heard about their upcoming Christmas concert (special allowance for carols in the season of advent) which is to be attended by 22 ambassadors and the President of Singapore. Hope The Risen Christ choir will rise to the occasion singing carols in 22 different foreign languages. Before heading into Sentosa, we had lunch at Albert Centre. A horribly hot, chaotic and stuffy lunch.

Cylindrical Sea

Underwater Christmas

Then a quick train ride to Harbour Front station brought us to Vivo City. Used the monorail to get into Sentosa. Arrived just in time to enter the SEA Aquarium as the tickets were for after 2:00 PM. Saw some kids leading a blindfolded girl into the aquarium as a birthday surprise of sorts. Perhaps they were gonna feed her to the sharks. For some reason, there was an Admiral Cheng Ho exhibition there which included a huge ass ship right in the middle of the main hall. Didn't see the connection it had with the aquarium. As with other aquariums, the SEA Aquarium had the standard experience of an underwater tunnel, column and dome. Also an amazing top to bottom view, basically an aquarium of the sea. Of the smaller exhibits, my favourite was the jellyfish. Their petting zoo only offered starfish and sea cucumber (no jellyfish LOL). Didn't get many good photos. A phone camera can only do so much in low light conditions and wily subjects. Finished in about three hours.

Jellyfish III

Jellyfish II

Jellyfish I

Sea Wall


Came out and was greeted by pouring rain. Waited for it to subside before heading back to Vivo City. Realised that one could actually walk from Vivo City via the Boardwalk, but take the monorail free when leaving Sentosa at no charge because there is no gantry. For some reason I had a splitting headache after looking at fishies. Luckily the French toast set that I ate at Vivo remedied it. Hmmm. Hunger-induced headache... interesting. Proper dinner was at Albert Centre with my colleagues. The youngest guy in my group enjoyed it so much that he wore a cardboard fish hat on his head from Sentosa down to Bugis. So child-like and innocent. LOL.

Around the Bend

Suntec Christmas

French Toast

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Timeless Tiramisu

On my next trip to Singapore, my brother invited me to dinner. Italian this time, his all time favourite. Dined at Trattoria Nonna Lina on Cantonment Road. The restaurant is named after the owner's Grandmother, Lina. Great food. Loved the spicy crab penne and the tiramisu is a must-have. My brother likes to gauge the quality of an Italian restaurant by ordering the panna cotta. Their rendition of that classic dessert passed with flying colours. Do give the restaurant a try when you're in that neck of the woods.

Perfect Panna Cotta

As I was getting ready to go out for a mall crawl on Saturday, I wished Tater good morning. Told him I planned to check out the Christmas decorations around City Hall. As luck would have it, he was free to join since his lunch date was cancelled. Following KH's suggestion, I went to Raffles City first. Not much to see except some giant Christmas baubles. Tater was oozing patience following me on my aimless photography session (ended up with nothing much to show for). Stopped for a coffee break at Starbucks. While we were sipping Gingerbread latte, I kept seeing glimpses of weirdly-dressed kids. Finally dawned on me that they were cosplayers. Followed a few of them to Suntec Convention Centre. Turns out the Anime Festival Asia was being held there over the weekend. A major event compared to what I saw at Bugis+ previously. But the crowds made it much more difficult for me to take clear shots. But still, I have attached a vomit of pictures in this post. Can't recognize most of the characters. Would appeciate some help there. Loitered till two. Didn't realize the time. Amazingly, Tater didn't go into black face mode.

Gingerbread Latte

Cosplayer XII

Cosplayer XI

Cosplayer X

Cosplayer IX

Cosplayers VIII

Cosplayer VII

Cosplayer VI

Cosplayer V

Cosplayers Getting Ready

Cosplayer IV

Cosplayer III

Cosplayer II

Kaonashi from Spirited Away

Cosplayer I

Cosplayers XIII

Rushed to find lunch at Raffles City before we collapsed from hunger. Tater had a hankering for Thai gogo boys, so we ate at Thai Express Bistro. The PadThai Talay was pretty good and appetiser of shrimp toast was something I had never tried before. Back to Tater's apartment after that for a rest before going out again to watch "Big Hero Six" at Bugis+. The animation was pretty well done. Rare oriental main character, the last being Mulan? But truth be told, the characters looked pretty much generic except for the slight Phoenix eyes. And the lead Hiro Hamada reminded me of the hero from "How To Train Your Dragon". Right after the movie, we went for an evening swim. Had the pool all to ourselves. But I would have preferred some eye candy of course (other than the sexy Tater la!). For dinner, Tater had pizza in mind (he might be pregnant with all those food cravings), so we went to Tony's Pizza in Bugis Junction. Flexible ordering where one can go for half pizza or per slice. And the pizza was served on a huge ass raised pizza platter. Not bad, ingredients were fresh and I liked the crust. Two slices were enough for dinner. Perhaps a little too much.

Padthai Talay

Shrimp Toast