Monday, January 16, 2017



There was a big breakfast gathering at my house as mum called in my sister, BIL, and SK to finish the leftover food from the day before. So much meat in the morning. LOL. We did our best. Whatever we couldn't finish we fed to the malnourished alley cats. It was also the day I sent in my car for a minor service. Managed to collect my car just in time for Big Monster's class in Sri Petaling.

Salted Egg Pasta

Loitered at The Store for a bit before eating lunch at Twenty5. KH joined us. That cafe had a STRONG vibe with quite a number of sisters among the customers and staff. Wai confirmed that it is a pink establishment. Lovely. Foursquare recommended their Salted Egg Pasta, but I didn't really taste the salted egg. Perhaps the curry cream overpowered it. However, the portion was delightfully big. Also love their White Affogato with its strong espresso.

Baked Chicken

At 1:30 PM, I picked Big Monster up from his class. It was quite a long walk for the kid actually. Big Monster took a look at the menu and wanted to order the salmon. We tried to discourage him from ordering that because they have salmon day in, day out! He got kinda sad... so in the end we relented. Once again, I was surprised by the portion-- a big piece of salmon fillet for less than MYR30. Value for money indeed.

Coffee and Ice Cream

On our way back, we paid a visit to Le Pont's latest branch in Sri Petaling. Kinda interesting that they put a 'cable bridge' on the second floor. From the looks of things, they weren't operating at full capability yet. Ini takde, itu takde.

Le Pont

In the evening, we had a BEC gathering at the church cafeteria. A annual get together for the BEC core teams and their families. As usual, it was a big potluck with praise and worship, and games. The organizing committee actually came up with a wefie game. Really a sign of the times. I busied myself taking photographs of the event while the kids went nuts, running up and down. Zzz.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Forgot Your Brolly?

Persiaran KLCC

KH suggested that we paktor at Brolly, Menara Felda. Looking at Google Maps, the building is accessible from Jalan Ampang but when I walked there, the MRT construction seems to have blocked the connecting road (a part of Persiaran KLCC). I doubled back, choosing to access the restaurant via KLCC Park. It was actually my first time walking the whole length of the park.


Emerged at Platinum Park which was very close to Brolly. Luck wasn't on our side because the restaurant was closed for a private event. From the looks of it-- a Christmas party. There was even a guy who came dressed as a Christmas tree. Yes, a tree.

Sitting Red

Red Bus


Back to our problem of dinner. We took a look at the adjacent building, Naza Tower, and found BLVD House. The place looks handsome with much 1930s charm-- revolving doors, wood and brass, upholstery, black and white tiles, and bentwood chairs. My only complaint was the loud music. For starters, we had a fruity beef carpaccio that was kinda tasteless in my opinion. Mains were duck, and fish (with clams), both from the December festive menu. I liked both of them. Since it was a rainy evening, we stayed on for coffee and affogato.


Fruity Beef Carpaccio

Fish with Clams

Duck Confit

Once the rain had subsided, we walked to the Ampang Park LRT station. Found the hidden pedestrian walkway that I had missed on the way in. Perfectly quiet to walk all lovey-dovey in the light drizzle (and of course perfect to get mugged too).

KLCC After the Rains

My eating didn't stop there. Back home, I had a heavy supper of grilled chicken wings, curry chicken, briyani ayam, and satay! Those were all leftovers from my neighbour's wedding caterers. Burp! Now you know the secret to my waistline.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Supermarket Celebrities: Isetan Ichiro

Isetan Ichiro

Gosh, it has been a long while since my last spycam post. My apologies. Today I'm featuring Isetan Ichiro, a Japanese that I found at the Isetan KLCC checkout counter. Such a moody fella with a frown on those thick lips. I'm sure those same lips part artfully when he's being taken on bed, his shirt open and his nips tweaked. Can imagine him moaning with his thick mop of hair all disheveled. Huhu. I watch too much Japanese GVs. :D. Iku iku!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Upside Down Christmas

Upside Down Christmas Tree

With the Klang Valley saturated with malls, mall management offices try their best to come up with the most creative Christmas decorations within their budgets. Atria Shopping Gallery tries to be different by turning Christmas on its head-- using the Grinch instead of Santa Claus upside-down Christmas trees. In my opinion, like that lah. Haha. Guess we've seen it all.

Upside Down Christmas

For the first time, mum and I ate at the food floor. Many choices actually, but not many customers. We ate at Tokyo Ramen where we shared a bowl of the Tonkotsu King-- 1.5 noodles portion of noodles with charsiu, chicken charsiu, whole ajitama, vegetables, seaweed sheet and bamboo shoots. Definitely enough for two. Feel free to pile on the hot sauces and garlic to give the ramen an extra kick.

Tonkotsu King

In the late afternoon, stopped by at New Chapter for coffee and waffles (finish up the cash vouchers from the IMU Chariofare). Tried the Midori which is a green tea waffle with tangerines. Didn't really like it. The David is still the best.

The Midori

SK came over to Puncak Jalil for dinner where we ate a Yong and Chia Kitchen. The eggplant dish we ordered looked like it was put through a teleportation portal and came out the other end with all its atoms all wrong. But it was delicious la. Haha.

Eggplant with Minced Meat

Monday, January 09, 2017

Insure My Tummy

Wantan Noodles with Charsiew

Breakfast was at Good Taste, Bukit Jalil together with the Tribe. It's definitely not the best tasting wantan noodles around, but the kids like it. And they love the toast.

Wantan Noodles with Roasted Pork

Mum and I went to the Gardens Mall after breakfast to admire the Christmas decorations. Once again, the Gardens Mall did a very classy job with luxurious table settings, wrought-iron grills, and even a horse carriage.

Christmas Table Setting

For the first time, had lunch at Olive Garden in Midvalley Megamall. Like Red Lobster, Olive Garden is also operated by Secret Recipe in Malaysia. One look at the menu and I noticed the higher than average prices. Little did I know that it was to factor in free flow of bread and soup. Anyway, mum and I shared a ciopinno. The portion was quite large and satisfying.


In the evening, I attended a dinner appointment with KH. His AIA insurance agent (let's call him Don) invited him for a home-cooked meal at his condominium in  Seri Kembangan. Not only us, but Apollo and QueerRanter-D also joined. It's actually a very small world. Don used to be KH's primary schoolmate. And you know what? He used to bully KH in school! So what's the connection to Apollo? In Sandakan, Don's brother was Apollo's schoolmate. And of course they are all gay.

Steamed Pomfret with Scallops

The fellow is a fantastic insurance salesman. His whole living room is full of performance certificates and awards. Perhaps he has an edge over the rest because of the power of the pink dollar. Don lives with his boyfriend of more than a decade. They started very young and used to moonlight as golden oldies singers. Now the boyfriend is like a stay at home husband who takes care of a tuition business on the side. A power couple indeed. Don served steamed pomfret with scallops, rice wine chicken, steamed prawns, and stir-fried vegetables. He didn't let us do any cleaning up not because we were guests, but because he's very OCD about cleaning. We let him tidy up while he let us raid his well-stocked refrigerator for booze and snacks. A rare way to treat one's clients, but truth be told, its a very personal type of client-agent relationship.

Steamed Prawns with Ginger

Saturday, January 07, 2017

Stories of Growing Up Gay in KL

Stamped Batik

Unlike myself, KH is quite casual about his sexuality in the workplace. He often tells me his coming out stories to random colleagues. And he has several sisters at the office. Just the other day, he introduced me to CP over lunch at Baba Nyonya by Sambal Chilli, Avenue K. The restaurant replaces Swensen's which was never popular at that location. We ordered some dishes-- Kapitan curry chicken, omelette, and sambal okra. Taste-wise it was quite good, but the price is a little on the high side for the portion that we got. Anyway, the star of the lunch was his colleague, not the food. He had plenty of stories to tell. An insight into the younger generation of gays. Good to hear that while he was in school, homosexuality wasn't an issue at all. The straight boys weren't threatened at all and seemed to love indulging in some sexual ambiguity as well. Perhaps, this is only true in the big cities. Such an interesting childhood he had with much relationship drama and sexual encounters. The lesson that he learned: Don't join the school band. LOL. All I have heard bodes well for future gay boys. Less repression. More acceptance. Does a world of good.


Jus Markisa

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Little Hobbits

Hobbit Themed

It's that time of the year again when the monsters spend more time with mum and I because my sister would be busy making calendars for the coming year. That Sunday, Little Monster followed us to church while his brother was at Science class. Such arrangements are usually better because without their partner in crime they much calmer. When Little Monster got fidgety, mum just pop a Fererro Rocher into his mouth. One mass, four chocolates. Yikes. Once we were done, we had to go pick the big one up from Sri Petaling. We reached there at 1:00 PM, but he wasn't done till 2:00 PM. Really a horrible time slot. Neither here nor there.

Middle Earth?

Little Monster fell asleep in the car, else he would be wailing for lunch. Just waited in the car. With all that free time, I scoured Foursquare for a place to lunch. The Shotlist was pretty close where we were, but I decided to be a fan boy and go for The Shire Cafe instead. As you can guess from the name, the place has an LOTR-esque theme to it. Not a direct copy lest they get slapped with a lawsuit, but definitely inspired by it. Can't blame them for having a half-cooked execution cause I'm sure no small time businessman would have the money to properly furnish a cafe to look like a Hobbit home. Imagine all that timber, low ceilings and sturdy wooden furniture. Don't even talk about the round doors. They make do by having a backdrop on one of their main walls. Perfect place to pose, and they even provide you with props-- Gandalf a floppy grey hat, elvish ears (cut from real elves!), Hobbit feet (found in Saruman's cellar) and a couple of battle axes (lifted off a pair of drunk dwarves). If you're adventurous, can even film some LOTR porn there.

Hobbit Home

Hobbit Feet

The main windows were given rounded corners, but the effect was well, a window with rounded corners. At other parts, the owner put in a faux fireplace and a modified map of Middle Earth, like those in Tolkien's books. The food menu had a similar theme as well. Picked out two items that the kids would enjoy. Fallen Towers is a pair of sausages wrapped in a breaded waffle, and served with screwed scrambled eggs. They even stuck a cherry tomato at the top of one 'tower' which I guess was supposed to be the Eye of Sauron. The Lava is a Chicken Cheesy Chop with melted cheese inside. The only thing missing was the One Ring. The kids finished most of the food. Mum and I had to eat their packed lunches (chicken sandwiches that their mum made) to supplement. Surprisingly, Little Monster approved of the Coconut Espresso that I ordered.

The Lava

Fallen Tower

Back at home, kept them entertained with YouTube. Come dinner time, dragged them to bathroom to get showered, and we all went to MaisonSK for dinner. That night she made teriyaki chicken, Pan-fried salmon, steamed prawns, steamed 7 star grouper (ay caramba!), winter melon soup, and stir-fried celery. Sent the kids home after that to the care of their mother.

Steamed Prawn and Fish