Sunday, June 17, 2018

Tater in Town: Pavilion Potato

Tater was in town again and we agreed to meet at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur because it was close to his hotel. Once again, he surprised me with sexy underwear-- this time a pair from Singapore's XCIT3. It was an interesting pair of cut-away bikinis called Ethan (for all I know was named after his cute Vietnamese friend in the States). The pouch has a dual construction where one can move away the front to reveal an inner pouch. Definitely need to shave to rock this pair. Thanks again.

Asked what he felt like having for the night and he answered Italian (probably wanted a cute Asian twink as well). We went for dinner at Bello, on the 6th floor, an NKOTB Italian restaurant. We shared a funghi and feta pasta, and a diavola pizza. Not too much, as Goldilocks says, "Just right".

Diavola Pizza

Something sweet at KAKIGŌRI ended our Tuesday evening meet-up. Definitely my first and last time ordering their "Watermelon". Will stick to the tea-based items. Yikes. While sharing that precariously heaped pile of ice, we were given the usual 'Asian guy with GWM' look. Bwahaha.


Until our next episode of Tater in Town.


Derek said...

Ooh...missed meeting him this time.

William said...

Catch him next time.

Twilight Man said...

You can open your own underwear museum now.