Wednesday, June 13, 2018

March into Nu Skin

Dr. Helen Knaggs

The middle of March was dominated by Nu Skin activities at Setia Alam Convention Center:
  1. 10th - Success Seminar
  2. 11th - STWW Millionaire Success Training
  3. 12th - GSCT
The star of Success Seminar on Saturday was definitely the LumiSpa, Nu Skin's latest skin cleansing device. I've been using it since last year, and I must say that my skin now matches KH in terms of smoothness, and I'm gradually seeing the black heads disappear. The other star of the seminar was Ms. Vera Waters and Mr. Benny Chung from Hong Kong. Both are perfect examples of the power of  AgeLOC technology. Their added age is 137. They really don't look it. 

STWW Millionaire Success Training

The STWW Millionaire Success Training was a more of a generic training for distributors to better visualize their dreams and goals. On the other hand, the GSCT is an intensive training organized by the many success stories in Nu Skin. Many important lessons were imparted and in very powerful ways. 

See you at the top!



Derek said...

Thanks dear for attending GSCT with me!

And let us become like Vera Waters and Benny Cheung, in terms of looks and energy!

Dewi Aja said...

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