Monday, May 28, 2018

Canine CNY IV: Bacon, BFF, & Birthday

Bacon and Eggs

The Tribe made a date with mum and I to have a porky breakfast at Bacon and Balls, Happy Garden. Although we tried to order a variety of stuff, we ended up with loads of eggs and bacon on the table. Just different combinations of it. Thank goodness we asked them to omit the bread. But I did like the Signature Meatball Platter. Platter is not a suitable word to use actually. It's actually a tasting plate of four types of meatballs-- pork, chicken, beef, and lamb.

Signature Meatball Platter

Halfway through breakfast, the neighbouring vegetarian shop had a lion dance. We went out to take a look at the 'breakfast entertainment'. The lion dance troupe looked like they forgot their morning coffee. So lethargic. And the red crackers went out so quickly that it might as well had been a sneeze.

CNY Lion Dance

In the afternoon, had a coffee and cake session with KH, Apollo, and Don. Met at MTree Hotel in Puchong Jaya, not a place I would have ever visited if not for Don's recommendation. There's a cafe in there called 3 Beans Cafe. For the whole afternoon, four gay lous had full use of the whole venue.

3 Beans Cafe

Managed to secure a dinner date with SK on her birthday. Brought her to Verona Trattoria, an Italian restaurant on the same row as Uroko's Petaling Jaya branch. Hope that the reviews were honest and I was not disappointed. Started with the Serrano Ham Platter followed by the La Mia Pizza that allows for a combination of two flavours. Our selection was Seafood Marinara and Four Cheese, both of which were delicious. Our second main was Spicy Roast Pork Pasta, which is suitable for diners who want an extra kick. In my opinion, the star of the dinner was the tiramisu that's generously spiked with Marsala wine.

La Mia


For someone who is familiar with all sorts of beauty products and fads, SK was really thrilled to received an AgeLOC LumiSpa from KH and I. Nothing beats the 5-in-1 combination of that compact and easy-to-use gadget!
  1. Remove make-up
  2. Exfoliate
  3. Massage and cleanse
  4. Firm and lift
  5. Activate collagen production


thompsonboy said...

Looks like sex toys LOL

Twilight Man said...

I was tickled to see their table of Yee Sang. It looked like a prayer altar.

William said...

I'm sure you've seen 'em all! Hehe.

Hahaha. Yu Sang for the gods.

Derek said...

Lumispa is the perfect gift le!