Monday, May 21, 2018

Canine CNY II: Family and Food

Anson CCF

On the second day of CNY, we made a trip to Perak to visit relatives. Supposed to start our journey bright and early, but we were delayed by an hour because mum overslept! A very rare occurrence. In usual cases, she would be so worked up over the trip that she would hardly get any sleep. The whole night long she would be going up and down, packing this and that. Our first stop was at my maternal uncle's place in Pekan Baru, Teluk Intan. Had my breakfast there of yummy Anson CCF.

And as luck would have it, my maternal cousin from Bagan Sungai Burung came in an Estima filled to the brim with my boisterous nephews and nieces. Definitely livened things up. My aunt prepared lunch, and we ate before leaving to visit my mum's younger sister. I don't remember ever going to her house. By that time, the heat was so unforgiving that we nearly melted.

Old House

The third house we in our list was my dad's sister-in-law. Whenever we visit her, it's usually in the morning, but this year, we appeared at her door step in the afternoon. That change in timing was great because it coincided with the arrival of my paternal aunt (with her hubby and son whom I have not met in a decade), and also my cousin sister and her big tribe. My cousin brothers were also there, so it was nice reunion. Been a very long time since the old house had such a big reunion of relatives. Just like the old days, we would huddle in the kitchen munching and talking. My aunt had made a big pot of choi keok, and there was Anson CCF, and Nyonya nasi kunyit.

Nasi Kunyit

Before leaving town, we stopped at Sam Siew Yeh to pack some Anson CCF. Our timing was just right as they had just opened shop at 6:00 PM. Never before had we visited that shop. Normally got our Anson CCF fix from Liew Kee. Left there with twenty packets. Huhu.

Sam Siew Yeh

The last stop for the day was Bagan Sungai Burung to visit my mum's brother-in-law. My cousin had prepared a seafood steamboat dinner for us. Fresh fish and squid, minus the preservatives that you get in markets. The kids there are so sick of fresh seafood that they preferred processed stuff like mini chikuwa. When you get too much of a good thing... Before we called it a day, our car boot was loaded with a big box of frozen fishes and prawns. From my cousin's personal stash. Probably would last us a month. Got back to KL at about 11:00 PM. No jam, but plenty of roadworks along the trunk road.



Frozen Fish

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