Sunday, May 13, 2018

Canine CNY 0: Doggy Dinner

Money Trees

The Year of the Dog in 2018 was celebrated with much feasting as tradition dictates. And to feast, one must make preparations. Since the morning of the eve Chinese New Year, mum, Bro, and I were out of the house sourcing for the freshest ingredients. Mum showed me a picture of a cute dog-themed lou sang that she received via What's App, so we decided to recreate that for reunion dinner. Drew up a list of ingredients and went shopping at AEON Taman Equine. Got all we wanted, and then proceeded to the nearby Fun and Cheer to complete our CNY decorations. Dog-themed stuff were already going for 50% off.

Lucky Charms

Back home, mum started on the cooking, and I figured out how to assemble the lou sang. As usual, we had 3 dishes per person:
  1. Snoopy Lou Sang
  2. Stewed sea cucumber with shiitake mushrooms, pig tendon, and pig stomach
  3. Pak cham kai
  4. Fried Threadfin
  5. Salad
  6. Pan-fried prawns
  7. Steamed pomfret
  8. Stir-fried garlic chives
  9. Lotus root soup
Just a little bite from every dish would be enough to fill one's belly. But when it's so delicious, how can one stop at just one bite? Haha. 

Snoopy Lou Sang

Reunion Dinner 2018

In the evening, KH came over with Igor, and they brought along two bottles of wine. We polished off one bottle, and kept the other for another day. 


Derek said...

Wah .. that's a lot of dishes... Can join you next year ;-)

William said...

You're welcome!

Twilight Man said...

The snoopy is so cute!!!

Wah .. that's a lot of dishes... Can I also join you next year ;-)

Arvind Ram Kumar said...

have more doggy style this year XD