Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Undicesimo Anniversario

Butler & Chef

Eleven years together with KH, doesn't feel like it. Been through so much together, and for sure there's more ahead of us. In a relationship, there's no real destination, it's a journey undertaken together. We marked the occasion with an Italian omakase dinner at Butler & Chef, Solaris Dutamas. The restaurant is located right beside Red Bean Bag (I wonder if people still queue to eat here). Besides us, there was only one other table occupied on that Saturday night. Both of us ordered the 7-course dinner which would have cost a pretty penny if not for the TableApp promotion. Here's what we had:
  1. Caprese salad.
  2. Beetroot bisque.
  3. Pan-fried salmon.
  4. Grilled giant river prawn.
  5. Grilled lamb with nai pak (an uncommon pairing).
  6. Seafood spaghetti marinara (a mountainous serving of pasta!).
  7. Panna cotta.

Seafood Pasta

By the end of the meal, we nearly couldn't get out of our seats. Since we were the only customers left, Chef Mino, the owner and chef came out to talk to us. He regaled us with some tales of his experiences in Singapore and Jakarta. Funny that he should also air his grievances about doing business in Malaysia-- "good help is hard to find", he said. I'm sure we have seen some of these examples at our own workplaces, where there are some people who:
  1. M.I.A.
  2. Sakit perut.
  3. Anak sakit.
Chef Mino

Wooden Dog

ALL THE TIME. After dinner, we walked around Publika for a while, taking some pictures here and there. Back home, we had another activity lined up (not anniversary sex la)-- installation of my EcoSphere Water Purifier. Finally decided to get rid of the water filter at home (I got it on a lease). The vendor stopped servicing my unit and was not interested in receiving my money anymore. So I bought the EcoSphere, Nu Skin's foray into the water business. What separates them from the competition?
  1. Sleek, modern design. A white tower with small footprint. A clean tube design where you don't have to worry about tubing and wiring. 
  2. D.I.Y. installation in 3 minutes without the need for special tools. 
  3. 4-in-1 filtration (polypropylene pleated filtration, compressed activated carbon block, polyether sulfone membrane, cold cathode UV lamp) which provides 99.9999% filtration.
  4. Cool electronic water diverter. One touch for clean, filtered water.
Water Filter I

Water Filter II

EcoSphere Water Purifier


Jaded Jeremy said...

Happy anniversary, once again :)

Twilight Man said...

Happy Anniversary 2 Dahlings!

Derek said...

Many many more annis to come! Muacks!

William said...

@JJ: @Twi:

*deep kiss*