Sunday, April 15, 2018

Overdose of Ribs and Getting Drunk on Dessert

CNY was just a couple of weeks away, so I made good use of the day off to get a haircut. Finally, my stylist decided that I no longer need a hair style that 'lengthens' because I had rediscovered a sharper face shape. Before heading home, I bought some CNY decorations at Parkson. Mum cooked lunch, a simple soup of tung ho (some people call it roach veggie due to the taste) with minced pork, and some fried pomfret. The rest of the afternoon was spent doing spring cleaning and other preparations for the coming festivities.

Triple Pomfret

Janvier met KH and I for dinner that night. Since his office was in PJ, he didn't get to enjoy the Hari Wilayah day off. At least we chose a location that was close to him-- Topshelf at TTDI. Although he was swamped with work, it was great that he found the time to meet us. The pork ribs that I ordered was super huge (French cuisine?). Nearly OD-ed. I had to outsource my ribs to Janvier and KH.

Pork Ribs

Dinner was on us since it was Janvier's birthday month. He repaid us with dessert instead at Foo Foo. It was KH's first visit there. The second Janvier walked in, he was given a very warm welcome by the owners. We were even given free vanilla ice cream (from real vanilla pods!). The three of us shared the chocolate mascarpone and the apple crumble. Judging from how KH was smacking his lips, he loved both. I can see that KH can get drunk on dessert there.

Apple Crumble


Derek said...

Hehe yeah lo. When are we going again

William said...

Make appointments there so that you can go.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like u are not happy with Derek

William said...

How so?