Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Gossip At Grub

CNY Crowd

Once it hit February, the Chinese started going nuts and thronged the OUG morning market. The crowd had started to hit its peak. Additional seasonal human traffic caused my favourite wantan noodles stall to run out of char siew! Hebat! I had to settle for wantan.

Wantan Noodles

SimonLover organized a dinner that night since HornyBF (SimonLover's Instagram hubby) was in town (Khatijah and ForIHaveSinned also joined us). The venue was Grub by Ahong at Section 17. Been ages since I went to that part of Section 17. Nearby where I parked my car was a field. And what caught my eye was several migrant workers who were playing cricket there. Such a rare sight in Malaysia. Grub is positioned as a no-frills restaurant. It's mostly self-service, where you make your order, and get all the cutlery yourself. All the waiters are migrant workers who can't communicate very well. Just pray that they bring the correct order to your table. Only the chef is local-- Ahong, the 'friendly fat man' as he calls himself. All this to keep the prices low.

Cordon Bleu

For starters we had the roasted beetroot, fresh fruits, and feta salad. Also the fried French quail with roasted grapes. Both were quite good. I felt like duck that day so I ordered the slow smoked duck. Give me siew ngap any time. Something was missing from the dish. A bit bland. On the other hand, the conversation on that night was far from bland. Whole lot of skanky talk that sent Khatijah into a fit of cackling. Thank goodness we were seated upstairs, away from the bulk of other patrons. Also found out that HornyBF quit his job in Hong Kong and would be starting a new job in Singapore.

Slow Smoked Duck

Khatijah suggested that we walk over to Happy Mansion for coffee. Just had to walk up some stairs and cross a field and we were at Food Foundry. Judging from its polished look, they recently renovated. The bunch of use ordered some coffees ("This coffee OK ah? Scared cannot sleep later le") and a couple of slices of cake. SimonLover then brought out his stash of Jenny's Kitchen butter cookies. Perfect for dunking in a hot cup of latte. We mengumpat-ed until it was closing time...

Rainbow Mille Crepe

P.S.: Thanks SimonLover for the souvenir from Bangkok! Sexy underwear is always welcome. 



Twilight Man said...

Only Pakistanis play crickets here. Terrible migrant workers.
Your underwear looks nice, rugged & used (?) LOL

Anonymous said...

Pic of you in that underwear please????

William said...

Why terrible? Distressed jeans underwear. Haha.

Add me on Snapchat. LOL.

Derek said...

Hmm ... I should probably go try this restaurant. Sounds good.

Twilight Man said...

They are terrible and always complained to maximum. They are so snob & also could not get along with all other migrants.

Anonymous said...

Dont be racist .......respect everyone and care for all . Theyre human also

Anonymous said...

Twilight man werent you the one collecting breads for homeless why are you also racist

Twilight Man said...

I am not being racist. My company hires many different foreign workers in the factory and I had seen enough of their individual problems which I had to handle over the years. I myself do not understand the reasons they always had conflicts and complained so much about our country and other foreign workers.

Anonymous said...

Be understanding that they have problems and dont have a good life as yourself . Lord Buddha always teach about compassion

Twilight Man said...

Thank you for your advice and I know who you are.
When will you update your own blog?