Saturday, April 28, 2018

Early V

Lou Sang

Of late, KH and I never had much time together due to busy schedules. Whatever the case, one must always make time for each other. Used Valentine's Day as an excuse for dinner at Tanzini. I got off work pretty early, so I roamed around Avenue K. When I had exhausted all the outlets, I slowly walked over to G Tower to continue waiting. I nearly fell asleep on the sofa at the lobby. Haha. Such the epitome of a patient hubby. Impressed? :P. Finally at 8:25 PM, we were shown to our table. No hangri-ness that night because I was pretty well-fed in the afternoon. My colleagues had organized a pre-CNY lou sang lunch at Restoran Makanan Laut Zhen Liew Siang, a popular haunt for working adults in the KL area. If you know the place, you'd be no stranger to their oily and 'super-flavourful' signature dishes.

Fried Chicken

Pork Knuckles

After stepping out of the elevator on the 28th floor, we were greeted by a friendly waiter who asked whether we had a reservation. Luckily, they had a table for a couple of walk-ins like us. One would think that the 28th floor would offer a great view, but I can describe what I saw as an Intermark view. Next to us, a straight couple was enjoying the tail end of their early valentine's dinner. The restaurant had made the valentine's set available a little earlier for kiasu couples like us. KH and I just ordered from the ala carte menu-- fish and duck breast, and some wine to toast the occasion. No disappointment from the kitchen and the service staff were very attentive. I suspect our waiter was also trained in smartphone photography as he knew all the best angles. So that was how we celebrated our eleventh year together and an early VDay.

P.S.: No good photos to share due to the 'romantic' lighting.


Derek said...

Hehe. Dear is more patient now. Much appreciated and grateful!

Jaded Jeremy said...

Your V blog post is even later than mine haha.

William said...

Boh lat to mang zang :P

We are competing.

Twilight Man said...

You have been so grumpy to your hubby?

Anonymous said...

Time to find new hubby before you get too old

William said...

I am the grumpy type. :D

I complain, but I still stick around. Kinda like my job.