Wednesday, March 28, 2018



Hidden in the SS4 residential area is a quaint place for coffee called Otherwise Cafe. It's neighbours are a Protestant church, a Buddhist society, and a design firm called Yipieyaya Studio. I suspect that it's related to the designers from next door. Don't expect a huge signboard, there's only a small logo out front. Just look out for a quaint looking place with vintage wooden chairs and lots of metal and rivets out front. I really wonder where the designers source for all the quaint stuff in there. Surprised to see a vintage diving helmet in the window display. The counter is made out of old railroad sleepers. Some of the chairs are the vintage folding chairs with red cushioning. The last I saw those was at Yan Keng Benevolent Dramatic Association in Petaling Street. At one corner, they have an old barber's chair with an antique gramophone and ship lanterns. If you like to sit cross-legged, you can also climb onto an antique metal bed frame that they transformed into a table.


Barber's Chair

Interior aside, the place has not much to offer in terms of food. When mum and I got there, we were only presented with the choice of kaya butter toast (they use the Hainanese type bread, but it was kinda dry), and a kampung egg mayo croissant (quite lemak). The iced latte did hit the spot. But if you're looking for a quiet place to chill, and get some artistic inspiration, it is a great place be. Just ask all the hipsters who like to go there.

Kampung Egg Mayo croissant

Iced Latte


Twilight Man said...

Whoa! I saw this quaint looking cafe from outside only.
Now it confirms a matching interior. LOL

William said...

Go in one day.