Friday, March 30, 2018

LTS 2018

Hall of History

On the 13th of January, I was back at a large Nu Skin Success Together event called the Life Transforming Seminar at Putra World Trade Center (PWTC). I was there with KH to received some recognition for his hard work. I also managed to meet his boss at the event, who was currently on the TR90 programme. As usual, the atmosphere was super-charged with many ageLOC Superstars, performances, and sharing sessions. The Singapore team did an amazing job with their ageLOC into the future performance, where they envisioned that TR90 would become TR9, a Nu you in 9 seconds. Haha. They adopted a Japanese style of visual art where stage hands donned black Zentai suits to create visual effects (e.g. Kabuki Kuroko). Actually, Sharky was also at PWTC, working freelance for Malaysia Cyber Games, a gaming event. Unfortunately, we had no chance to meet.

Life Transforming Seminar 2018

Malaysia Cyber Games 2018


Jayce Ooi said...

What game are they playing there?

William said...

Sorry, no idea! :D

Derek said...

Ooh almost 3 months ago already!

William said...

Hence another already. LOL.

Twilight Man said...

What a glam event!

William said...

They are very good at organizing.