Friday, March 02, 2018

Famous Meat and Mee


Simonlover was in Hong Kong so I asked him to help me get some Nu Skin products (TS Scalp and Jungamals SCC) that aren't available in the Malaysian market. Arranged lunch with him at My Toast n Roast (by Sean and Angie) so that he could pass it to me. It was still the year end holiday season, so there was ample parking directly in front of the shop in SS2. We were pretty early, so there weren't that many people in the shop. Unfortunately, the waiter still managed to screw our orders. Although Timeout magazine voted them as one of the best char siew in Kuala Lumpur, but I wasn't impressed. Since the drinks there were diluted, we continued our chit-chat over a cup of teh tarik at Kayu Nasi Kandar instead.

Nu Skin Xmas

In the evening, went on a Hokkien Mee Trail with SK and mum. Tried Restoran Ahwa near Jalan 222. Crazy place to find parking. Best bet is to get into the residential areas near the shop. There are many food stalls there, but I think the star is the Hokkien mee. I think the rest survive by providing food to customers who are too hungry during the wait. There's satay and a weird apam balik with egg! Back to the Hokkien mee-- not excellent in my opinion, not something that I would purposely go for. Too much hassle for too little. On the other end of the row of shops is another Hokkien mee stall with its own following. Wonder if that's good.

Restoran AhWa

Hokkien Mee


Derek said...

We used to go to Ahwa many years ago. Don't recall if we tried the other one before.

Simon Lover said...

Ooops... Simonlover ... A moniker that has been downplayed by me in recent years ...LOL

William said...

That's how you're addressed in my blog. How to change now ? Haha