Monday, March 26, 2018

Automobile Ouch


When I first got my Almera, I scratched it at church against a pillar. That was the right side. So like a good Christian, I turned the other cheek, and scratched the left side as well. That happened against a wall at the wet market's multi-level car park. My heart sank when I heard the groaning of metal against concrete. Ugh. The damage was worse than the right side. Oh well. The body and paint work would cost a bomb so... I'll just let it be for now.

Sarawak Laksa

As much as I tried to forget about the whole incident with the car, it still managed to make my Mee Kolok and  Laksa Sarawak lunch at Rumah Asap Tan 16 a little less fantastic.

Mee Kolok

By dinner time, I was feeling much better and enjoying my Japanese meal at Uroko. It was SK's first time there and she was quite impressed by their Salmon Ball Salad and kushiyaki.


Salmon Ball Salad

Since Happy Mansion was nearby, we went there for some coffee and cake before calling it a night. Tried Good Blue Men and we weren't disappointed by their selection of coffee and tea mocktails. Their Green Tea Tiramisu Shake is worthy of a mention.

Green Tea Tiramisu Shake



Jaded Jeremy said...

Go try chendol at Kwong Wah, Happy Mansion Blk C.

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