Monday, February 26, 2018

Natal 2017

Mum's Xmas Presents

Following The Tribe's Christmas tradition, they would open their presents at my house on Christmas morning. The amount of presents that they brought over did not lessen compared to last year. Could stack it all up to make a nice little fort in the living room. The discarded wrapping paper could easily fill a large laundry basket. The kids got loads of toys, mostly Nerf guns. When opening gifts from mum and I, Big Monster exclaimed, "It's clothes right? You always get us clothes.". LOL. The Monsters got me a reindeer plush toy with an inflated head that is filled with activated carbon. Cuter than it sounds. LOL. BIL gave me a power bank.


Nativity Scene 2017

Quickly cleaned up the mess and headed to church for Christmas morning mass. Baby Jesus made his annual appearance at the nativity scene. Went to Paradigm Mall after church. Discovered that Purple Cane Tea Restaurant had been replaced by Chef Hong Kitchen. Might as well give it a try. Mum and I shared their True-Blue Favourite, which is their Clitoria flower rice with dry curry chicken in a skillet meal. Funny that the main came much faster than the starter, which was chilled bitter gourd (Pu Tien does it much better). Because of the hot skillet, the rice at the bottom was crispy and that added a different texture to the dish.

Xmas Kids Dance

True-Blue Favourite

Cold Bittergourd

In case you didn't know, there's a Family Mart in Paradigm Mall now, located near Just follow the overpowering aroma of tomyum oden. Seriously... Thai style oden. The lines at the counter were long. I guess they all want soft serve ice cream. Until today, I've not tried it. I went for cendol at Teochew Chendul instead. And since it was already 6:00 PM, we had an early dinner of white curry noodles.


White Curry Noodles

Back home, I opened my Christmas presents from SK. She gave me a Banana Republic merino pullover, a pair of underwear, and a cardboard cut-out nativity scene. Nice stuff!



Twilight Man said...

What are you waiting? I have been eating their yummy ice creams, imported all the way from Japan.

William said...

Overrated kot.