Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Epicism's Rear End

Recently, I watched one of Epicism's (a whole lot of AIYOOOOOOHHH , EDIIII, AHHHH MIIIII) clips on Facebook about sibling favouritism and I suddenly noticed that Shawn Gan has a cute booty. For your viewing pleasure, I have posted the video here (WHEN YOUR MOM FAVORS YOUNGER SIBLINGS MORE) and even set the time correctly that you can see how much his bubble butt stretches his joggers.

In case you are too lazy to set the play speed to 0.25, here are some stills:

The other half of this pair is Chan Wei Keat and his trademark is his biceps. Perhaps a post about him some other time.


Arvind Ram Kumar said...

i always thought both were rainbows, hahaha

William said...

Breeders. :D

Anonymous said...

That butt...ya awlah! Sedappppss.
Too bad he's str8. But he definitely is bicurious and will bottom for the experience. His bontot says it all��

William said...

I will trust your bontot reading!

Jaded Jeremy said...

Oh that's what their series is called? Watched some of the clips shared on FB. Hilarious haha.