Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Boxing Day with Zentai Zed


Boxing Day was reserved to meet Zed, an online friend whom I had never met in person before. A very kinky person who had enlightened me about niche subjects like:
  1. Leather
  2. Latex
  3. Zentai and other body suits
  4. Puppy play
  5. Sounding
  6. Masks
  7. Chastity
  8. Shibari
  9. Cock Ball Torture
  10. etc
Well, he didn't manage to get me to try all the above, but I don't mind dabbling in some of them. Haha. Anyway, we had jointly made an online underwear purchase (Junk Underjeans on MySale), so we met up so that I can pass him the stuff. We arranged to meet at The New Chapter. According to him, he came straight from a staycation with his BF (just some zentai fun he told me).

Zed looks as innocent in person as in his social media profile pics. Easy to talk with, and is open about any subject. Anything from Folsom Street Fair to hacking Grindr (he's a talented mobile developer BTW). Always something interesting from him.

Red Bull Trolley Race
Photo credits: Chris Hacking

Monday, February 26, 2018

Natal 2017

Mum's Xmas Presents

Following The Tribe's Christmas tradition, they would open their presents at my house on Christmas morning. The amount of presents that they brought over did not lessen compared to last year. Could stack it all up to make a nice little fort in the living room. The discarded wrapping paper could easily fill a large laundry basket. The kids got loads of toys, mostly Nerf guns. When opening gifts from mum and I, Big Monster exclaimed, "It's clothes right? You always get us clothes.". LOL. The Monsters got me a reindeer plush toy with an inflated head that is filled with activated carbon. Cuter than it sounds. LOL. BIL gave me a power bank.


Nativity Scene 2017

Quickly cleaned up the mess and headed to church for Christmas morning mass. Baby Jesus made his annual appearance at the nativity scene. Went to Paradigm Mall after church. Discovered that Purple Cane Tea Restaurant had been replaced by Chef Hong Kitchen. Might as well give it a try. Mum and I shared their True-Blue Favourite, which is their Clitoria flower rice with dry curry chicken in a skillet meal. Funny that the main came much faster than the starter, which was chilled bitter gourd (Pu Tien does it much better). Because of the hot skillet, the rice at the bottom was crispy and that added a different texture to the dish.

Xmas Kids Dance

True-Blue Favourite

Cold Bittergourd

In case you didn't know, there's a Family Mart in Paradigm Mall now, located near Just follow the overpowering aroma of tomyum oden. Seriously... Thai style oden. The lines at the counter were long. I guess they all want soft serve ice cream. Until today, I've not tried it. I went for cendol at Teochew Chendul instead. And since it was already 6:00 PM, we had an early dinner of white curry noodles.


White Curry Noodles

Back home, I opened my Christmas presents from SK. She gave me a Banana Republic merino pullover, a pair of underwear, and a cardboard cut-out nativity scene. Nice stuff!


Friday, February 23, 2018

Night Before Natal

Cloud Christmas

In 2017, Christmas Eve fell on a Sunday. Normally, mum and I would attend Christmas vigil mass, but by doing that, we couldn't fulfill the regular Sunday mass obligation. For Catholics, attending the sunset mass is equivalent to attending the mass for the following day. So on Christmas eve, we attended our usual Mandarin mass at 11:15 AM, and would attend the same slot on Christmas morning to fulfill Christmas obligation. Technicalities, technicalities.

Ventured to One Utama after church and boy, getting parking was quite a huge challenge. Ended up parking at an open air car park. Even that was difficult to navigate because the roads were so narrow due to inconsiderate parking. We found parking at the far end... Since it was Christmas, I decided on a Western lunch at ANTE. Mum and I shared a huge pork shoulder and a polenta. Nearly overdosed.

Pork Shoulder

The shopping mall's creative team came up with a Christmas in the clouds theme complete with a giant crescent moon, which in my opinion gave it a major Hari Raya vibe. Not a very impressive theme. We roamed from the new wing till the old wing, but we didn't actually buy much. A bunch Malay kids played Christmas carols on their brass instruments which was quite an amusing sight. On our way back to the car, we managed to hop onto the mall's buggy service. saving us the trip across the dessert of cars!

Brass Band

MaisonSK hosted a quiet Christmas eve dinner. Instead of turkey, we ate pak cham kai. On top of that we had sea cucumber braised with pork, and soup.

Xmas Dinner

Ended the night with coffee and a slice of Opera cake at Piccolo.


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Epicism's Rear End

Recently, I watched one of Epicism's (a whole lot of AIYOOOOOOHHH , EDIIII, AHHHH MIIIII) clips on Facebook about sibling favouritism and I suddenly noticed that Shawn Gan has a cute booty. For your viewing pleasure, I have posted the video here (WHEN YOUR MOM FAVORS YOUNGER SIBLINGS MORE) and even set the time correctly that you can see how much his bubble butt stretches his joggers.

In case you are too lazy to set the play speed to 0.25, here are some stills:

The other half of this pair is Chan Wei Keat and his trademark is his biceps. Perhaps a post about him some other time.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Kenji in KL 2017

Malaysian Delights

The last time I met Kenji in Malaysia was back in 2015 when he was visiting family. KH arranged for a lunch gathering at Hailam Kopitiam, Jalil Link. Why Hailam Kopitiam? KH thinks highly of the nasi lemak there, plus they serve some other Malaysian delights that Kenji might enjoy. Kenji was a bit flu-ish (didn't affect his cuteness), but he made an appearance anyway. At least it didn't affect his appetite for nasi lemak, roti canai, and prawn noodles. Glad to know his F&B business was doing well, and he and his hubby would be venturing into another franchise soon. An exciting time for them.

Xmas Drink

Knowing Kenji, he could never resist dessert. Thought to bring him to Cafe Ame Soeur, but it was fully-booked. Tried our luck at The Owls Cafe, and thankfully they could squeeze us in. They had some seasonal Christmas items, so we gave them a try. The Christmas waffle was "The Rudolph". It was so cute.

The Rudolph

Mum made tang yuan, so I invited them to my sister's place for a taste. Thought that they could see the Monsters too, but they suddenly went out for a swim. They didn't stay for long as KH had a next appointment.

Mum's Tang Yuan

A family Christmas dinner was arranged in the evening at Restoran Lek Lek, Seri Kembangan. Of all the dishes we ordered, I was most impressed with the Two Flavour Grouper. Most of the flesh was filleted and stir-fried with spring onions and ginger, then reassembled with the rest of the carcass that was done up sweet and sour style. Excellent!

Two Flavour Grouper


Pak Cham Chicken

The Monsters wanted cake after dinner, so we visited Black Horse Cafe that wasn't far from the restaurant. The cakes were dry and spongy, but the little ones didn't mind. The drinks were also quite mediocre, and took ages to come.

Black Horse Cafe

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Churching in Cempaka

Winter Solstice and Xmas

For close to 30 years, St. Ignatius Catholic Church had been neighbours with Kampung Cempaka. The predominantly Chinese villagers are very familiar with the church because weekend masses create a wonderful traffic snarl for them when coming in from LDP (constructed in 1997). Over the years, the church has grown so big that its impossible not to notice. The current parish priest decided that the church should be more proactive in reaching out to its neighbours to promote community spirit and togetherness. In order to achieve this, the church reached out to Kg. Cempaka via their headwoman (actually the church had started building bridges since the gotong-royong activity during Lent 2017) to organize "Solstice & Christmas Party 2017" at the Kg. Cempaka basketball court (it's actually covered and often used for community functions). The event was on the exact date of the Winter Solstice, an important festival for the Chinese. Many expressed worry that the turnout would be affected, but it went well anyway. Even the heavy downpour at the start couldn't dampen our spirits.

Malay-Speaking Group

The Nativity

The Winter Solstice is a celebration steeped in culture and has a heavy reunion theme. Leveraging on those aspects, the organizing committee planned a mass tang yuan making activity, and wove in a celebration for Christmas. Mum was part of the kitchen crew, a team tasked with preparing the dough, and sweet soup. In addition, the kitchen crew would standby to cook tang yuan. The temporary kitchen looked formidable with gas stoves, induction cookers, kettles, and large pots and pans. The event was graced by headwoman Teressa Lim Yeng Fah, YB Yeo Bee Yin, and Pastor Gilbert.

Opening Ceremony

YB Yeo Bee Yin

Junior Youth Ministry

Many performances were also planned to keep the guests entertained. However, it was little strange that they opened the night with performances in Bahasa Malaysia and Tamil, which didn't strike a chord with the majority of the villagers. Many groups provided entertainment, singing, dancing, acting, and playing musical instruments (check out the cute twink Er Hu Eric). When it came to the tang yuan making activity, it was kinda messy. Lets just say that I didn't want to risk eating tang yuan that came from that activity. Haha. So cincai. All sorts of disfigured tang yuan came out from the kitchen to feed only a fraction of people (as many had left). At the end, there was an snowman craft activity using socks and nylon fiber filling. By the then, I was pooped. Still had to drag our gear back to church (no parking near the venue). But it was worth it as the event was a success.

Line Dance

Making Tang Yuan

Cooking Tang Yuan

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sahabat Sixers


I had lost contact with most of the people in my Sixers Club. In case you're wondering, it refers to my old Form Six classmates, not a club for 6P enthusiasts mind you. Back in those days, I was SUPER innocent. I'm just a little less innocent now. Haha. Anyway, SK and I went to visit Renee and Cory at Ara Damansara. Both of us were experiencing some defects with our tinting (bubbles on the rear window), so we needed to send our cars in to the tint shop at Hicom-Glenmarie Industrial Park. If you're familiar with the area, its actually pretty close to Ara Damansara. So we took the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Actually this was triggered when SK bumped into Cory on the plane heading back to KL from Jakarta. When we were in Kuantan, I used to carpool with Cory because we lived close by. Basically, I had not met both of them ever since we finished our STPM. Around 18 years believe it or not.

Eat, Drink, Laugh

The tint shop worked on my car first, so we had two hours to kill with Renee and Cory. When the front door was opened, I was shocked at how much Renee had changed. Turns out it was her elder sister who opened the door. Luckily I kept my mouth shut and just smiled. LOL. Later, Renee came out with her baby to greet us. She looked pretty much the same (just a little plumper) and spoke in the same old cartoon-y sing-song voice. Her baby was so cute, and didn't mind me carrying him. We then ate tang yuan together as it was the Winter Solstice that day. Halfway through breakfast, Cory woke up and greeted us. Kinda shocked because he had doubled his size in all these years. Too much traveling and business dinners.

You've Got Beef?

At noon, we bid the husband and wife goodbye, and went to switch cars at the tint shop. We were familiar with the area so we had to rely on Foursquare to make a decision. The top search result was Foremula Cafe with a rating of 8.5 from 372 visitors. Not often one sees such a high score. So we traveled to Dana 1 Commercial Centre, this weird collection of shop lots. All the parking bays on the ground floor are reserved, so make sure you head to the basement. I was quite impressed by the interior of the cafe. Very classy choice of Christmas decorations. And they had a cute barista. More points! At the back of the place, they have a small retail space for terrariums and air plants.

Kodama in Terrarium

My choice for lunch was "You've Got Beef?" and a hojicha latte. In plain terms, it's their signature burger with a 200 gram beef patty. I loved the hojicha latte. On the other hand, SK went for the "Smokin' Thighs" and a lemonade. The chicken thighs were grilled and served with satay sauce and sweet potato fries. Their mains were pretty well executed. Should try their other stuff next time.

Smokin' Thighs

SK's car still wasn't ready so we checked out Citta Mall. Nothing much there really. Weird concept. Spent some time down at their huge Village Grocer, but left not long after because it felt like a freezer there. Rushed back home after collecting SK's car as I had another major event at night! To be continued...

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Christmas at Pavilion 2017

Priest Watching Xmas Carolers

Every year I would bring mum to admire the Christmas decorations at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. Since the Monsters were not with us, we went there right after Sunday mass. Makes things much easier not having two chase after those two kids in a crowded mall. One more week till Christmas, but the the crowds were already heavy at Bukit Bintang. Parking at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur was already full, and the traffic police made road diversions. Thankfully I could still get to the Menara Standard Chartered parking. We did a whole lot of camwhoring after lunch at Fuji Sushi (it was already 2:30 PM!). It was my first time at the Japanese restaurant. Not bad, and they have 10% off for Parkson Card members.

Christmas 2017

Chicken Yakitori

Asari Butter

Although we were there the whole afternoon, we didn't much of anything at all. Wanted to sit down at KAKIGŌRI but there were no tables available. One table at a hidden corner near the escalator was occupied by two kids (one in a pram). Both were obviously below 5 years old. I asked them, "Where's your mummy?", and they just kept their eyes down. Their mother was probably lining up for shaved ice. A very brave (and stupid) mother. Also spent some time at the LINE event and got myself some cool freebies. Also spotted a Lego event were a DILF was taking a photo with Darth Vader.

Darth and DILF

In the evening, I went out to dinner with KH at Banh Mi Cafe in Puchong Jaya. Noticed that the menu there is a bit different compared to the other Vietnamese restaurants that I had visited. We chose the uncommon stuff like tamarind grilled crab, spicy and sour snakehead soup, and grilled quail. Portions were pretty large for the price. And the guy who made the drinks was pretty cute. During the whole dinner, they played CNY songs. Goodness gracious.

Grilled Quail

Grilled Tamarind Crab

Eight Treasures

From there, we walked to IOI Boulevard in search of coffee. Saw Coffeekix, a new kid on the block. Self-proclaimed as Malaysia's first European cafe bar. The cafe was quite spacious and served alchohol-spiked coffee. I tried the Glasgow Coffee which was espresso with Drambuie. Not bad at all. Spent most of the time there talking to KH about his future in Nu Skin. Truth be told, my acceptance rate was still well below 100%. At least he gave me a chance to voiced out my concerns and he explained his position. It was beneficial for both of us to talk it out.

European Cafe

Glasgow Coffee