Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Spa Party After Sloppy Sushi

Sloppy Sushi

For the longest time, mum and I had not visited Paradigm Mall after Sunday mass. Not wanting to hurt its feelings, we made a trip there on the second Sunday of November. Wanted to have something light, so we went to Sushi Zanmai, which I must admit was a mistake. Sad that their standards had dropped so much. I ordered a plate of hamachi nigiri sushi, and when it came, it looked like someone just took randomly slice piece of fish and dumped it on sushi rice! And I was even lucky enough to have an add-on of ebiko on the fish. The contract between Paradigm Mall and AirAsia BIG has also ended, so one can no longer collect BIG points from expenses at the mall.

Stir-fried Vegetables

In the evening, MaisonSK hosted dinner again, with the usual faces-- Apollo and QueerRanter-D. But we had a special guest that evening, Gratitude who had come all the way from Klang. Dinner was followed by a platter of cured sausages with figs, apples, and cheese. I also took the opportunity to organize a Nu Skin ageLoc spa party. Introduced two devices-- the new LumiSpa and the Galvanic Spa. I had two work on four faces that night. Phew! But it's good that they could see the effects of the ageLOC devices in terms of brightness of the face after cleansing, and lifting effect.

Stir-fried Seafood

Cold Platter


Derek said...

Thanks dear for doing the spa party. Muacks!

William said...

Share the good stuff.

Simon Lover said...

You should show more of this video! Really entice people to get a hand of it!

William said...

Not enough to entice you ?