Thursday, January 11, 2018

Hair and Tooth

Dry Curry Noodles

Several weeks after mum's tooth extraction, we were back at the dentist for dentures. Dr. Wong recommended cobalt chrome dentures because it would offer the best fit, grip, and chewing experience for mum's situation. A very simple process really. Mum just needed to bite into moulding paste. The paste started off, then turned yellow when set. That was it. According to the nurse, it would take at least 14 working days for the dentures to be ready. And mum would need to go through a fitting process. Total damage was MYR1,750! Huhuhu.

Although it was already 10:30 AM after we were done at the dentist's, we went to the wet market anyway. Just a short trip as the sun was already out and some of the stalls had begun closing. Next stop was Plaza OUG to visit my hair stylist. I was WAY overdue for a trim. The appointment was at 1:00 PM. so we had some time to kill. My hair stylist's ex-business partner was having a scalp treatment promotion (he has his own place nearby), so I suggested that mum go for that. Mana tahu, she added on a cold perm and hair treatment as well!

During my cut, KH dropped by to meet me (after his own haircut too), and I accompanied him for lunch at the kopitiam beside Sann Sann Vegetarian. The next day, he would be heading to Kuantan to meet some old friends. In the evening, mum and I attended a BEC gathering at Sri Petaling. Many of the aunties noticed that I had lost weight, but they preferred the plumper version of me! Oh why?


Derek said...

I love you in all your versions.

William said...

10MDC Chua said he preferred the new version of this wife. ;P