Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Bless Then Dress

Everyone's Platter

Out of the blue, Lifebook booked me for lunch after my Sunday mass. Why? Bless was in town! A short breather from his toils in Kulai, Johor. The little ones were with me, so we let them choose the lunch venue. They voted for Nando's. We shared an Everyone's Platter and I added on my free Peri-vilege chicken. Perfect. Next, we went for coffee at Starbucks as Coffee Bean didn't have a big table for us. Both of them had just returned from a holiday in Tokyo, so they passed me snacks and sex toys gifts. Bless was doing fine, except for the hand injury (gym, gym, gym) and work politics. Lifebook on the other hand has some family issues,  but nothing he can't handle. Little Monster was very cheeky that day, doing all sorts of funny antics for Bless. Good training for him since he's not as good with kids as Brian. By 2:00 PM, they were off as Bless had a flight to catch.

We stayed at Paradigm Mall to take a look around. The theme for 2017 is "Train Ride to Christmasville". As the name suggests, there's a train ride, and a town square of sorts with lots of spineless giant teddy bears. The decorations were impressive, but we had the most fun at the play dress-up counter. The kids went crazy going through multiple looks-- elf, soldier, station master, Santa, pirate, etc. Took lots of photos.

In the evening, I attended my colleague's wedding banquet that was held in City Kingdom, Seremban. He just rented the ballroom, but the food was from Sekinchan's premier caterer Hao Xiang Chi. They are much favoured by political parties and Chinese associations that often organize large-scale banquets. My colleague's wedding banquet was no exception-- 100 tables or more, and the groom's father is some MCA strongman in Seremban. Six drivers were seated at the back of the hall for all the Datuks, Datuk Seris, and Tan Sris. Even the Wanita MCA were used as ushers. I think my colleague has no real need to be working in my company. LOL. It was strange that the biodata of the married couple were announced during the dinner. I can understand telling guests how they met and fell in love, but college, and past working experience? Tak payahlah... Then some drunk Dato' chatted me up while we were at the urinal telling me I was the same age as his son, yadda yadda, and he treated the toilet like his private KTV room. Hightailed outta there!

Red Wedding

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Running Around


Mum was back at the dentist again for further fitting on her chrome cobalt dentures. Only the little one was with us because Big Monster was at a church camp. But later on, my sister picked up Little Monster as well. Since we had the time, mum and I went to settle some AirBnB chores. Had to pick up the dirty linen and pay the cleaners.

5 Star

All that running up and down really gave us a healthy appetite. We stopped for lunch at Restoran Goon Wah as we were lucky enough to find parking. Shared a bowl of their XO fish head noodles and stir-fried intestines. I think the quality of food has gone downhill ever since the business changed hands.

XO Fish Head Noodles

Stir-fried Intestines

Fuzuk Barley

The weather looked perfect for a run in the park, so mum and I changed and drove out to Taman Bukit Jalil. The moment we set foot on the jogging track, it started to rain heavily. We found shelter a nearby gazebo and waited the rain out. Forty minutes later (-_-), the rain let up, and I just managed to put in a 15-minute run before it got dark. Oh well. Not like I could run any longer than that. Bwahaha.

Rain When Run

A new East Malaysian cuisine restaurant opened up at Taman Equine, so we gave that a try. Rumah Asap Tan 16 serves stir-fried ala carte items like tomato kway teow, fried rice, and a small-variety of rice dishes. They also host several stalls with Mee Kolok, Kampua, and Laksa Sarawak. The Kampua is just MYR3 with lots of noodles, but as expected, very basic. Good taste and texture though. Outside, they have another stall that focuses on grilled items. You can see pork, chicken, and fish sizzling on the grill. On top of that, you can opt to have you meat grilled in bamboo, but be prepared for a longer wait.


In the evening, I accompanied KH for a late dinner at Damansara Uptown Hokkien Mee. He had a plate of Hokkien Mee that of course isn't very TR90-compliant at all. LOL. And he also ordered a late roast duck (must be stressed). Unfortunately, the roast duck was oily and swimming in sauce, so unlike the branch in Puchong Jaya. Our supper date was actually a little heated. I was kinda pissed that we were seeing less and less of each other due to new circumstances. By the end of the night, KH managed to make me update my expectations to a certain extent. As usual, I would need some time to let things sink in. Don't worry, we are fine. We just need to work things through.

Roast Duck

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Bari-Uma Buddies

Chicken Rice

I was on leave again, and the kids were at my house. Brought them out to breakfast at Restoran Hao Peng You at Taman Damai Utama. Big Monster complained that the nasi lemak was tasteless, but he finished most of it anyway (+ yu tiao). The little one, finished one big bowl of wantan mee, while mum and I shared a bowl of fish head noodles. Somehow, MYR6 for a bowl of wantan mee sounded kinda alien to my ears. Was it that long since I ate out? Next was a trip to Giant Bandar Kinrara 5 for some grocery shopping. Amazed that the Christmas decorations weren't half bad. Think they got their suppliers to sponsor it. Giant set up a Christmas cabin, and beside it was a large Thomas Train carrying loads of Kit Kats and M&Ms. Carlsberg also had their own cabin made out of beer cans. Something a witch would do to lure unsuspecting alcoholics in the forest. Lunch was chicken rice at Restoran Kong Sai, Taman Equine. The Monsters were too rambunctious so I kinda let a parental roar slip out, scaring the living day lights out of the two ladies eating at the adjacent table.

Snowman and Beer

Later that night, I had a dinner date with Nicky05 and EJ. I traveled to Pavilion Kuala Lumpur via the LRT. Nicky05 was half an hour late, so EJ and I went jalan-jalan at Pavilion Elite first. For some reason, I never venture to the higher floors. Didn't realize that Nam Heong and Grand Imperial had restaurants there. After much deliberation we finally decided to eat at Bari-Uma Ramen. Bari-Uma (which by the way means 'super tasty') hails from Hiroshima and specializes in shoyu ramen. Their tonkotsu broth is really thick, which makes me feel that I'm drinking meat sauce. But I nearly finished it anyway. Haha. Their chashu is grilled with a nice amount of charring unlike the usual simmered variety.


We had a long chat, and went walking around after that, taking in the Christmas atmosphere. Swarovski pulled out their sponsorship after two years, so Pavilion managed on their own this year. They opted for a large tree surrounded by hot air balloons, hence naming it "Christmas is in the Air". Saw some recycled animatronics from years ago which really pays off with its multiple use at multiple malls.

Pavilion Christmas 2017

Since nobody wanted coffee, we sat down at KAKIGŌRI instead, Pavilion's latest addition to its dessert scene. You have Snowflake on one end, and KAKIGŌRI on the other. EJ recommended the Hojicha with candied chestnuts and Kinako milk, which I really liked. I expected it to be sickly sweet, but it wasn't. One portion is enough to feed three really. The chestnut bits give it an extra bite, and adding the Kinako milk gives it an extra layer of taste.


By the end of the evening, I had added one pair of Private Structure briefs to my collection-- something that I had asked EJ to help me purchase some time back. Nearly forgotten about that cute pair of dinosaur print briefs.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Meet Joe Young


It was a sweltering Sunday to end the Prophet Muhammad's Birthday long weekend. Mum was kinda reeling from the meaty home buffet she had the night before, so she actually wanted Japanese food. Unfortunately, Xenri at Old Klang Road only served buffet during lunch time, so we made a move to Le Pont Boulangerie. Usually, business would be bustling, but it was pretty quiet at their dine-in area. Noticed that they changed their menu again, with some interesting additions to their dessert section. Mum got the pasta vongole (the clams were kinda overdone IMHO), while I ordered the prawn bisque as I was still on day 89 of my Nu Skin TR90 program. Kinda sad to note that drinking water is no longer free at Le Pont. You're encouraged to buy a bottle of Evian. So atas jor. At least the food prices were still reasonable and they now have a loyalty points system via My Nuggetz.

Spaghetti Vongole

Mum had a wedding dinner later that evening, so she spent a major portion of the afternoon getting ready. I sent her out at 6:00 PM, and when I returned, KH was waiting for me for our long overdue love-making session. The session was kinda drawn out because he couldn't trigger me to cum. Not that he didn't feel good inside of me. Hehe. He tried his best and in the end he couldn't hold it in anymore. Hahaha. Luckily, I didn't get any blue balls although I didn't climax.

Ku Lou Yuk

Out of the blue, KH invited Joe, the President of My Di Association. In reality, that association is now defunct because I don't think that I'm still the gor to them all those years ago. Everyone has moved on, and they've all grown up. I didn't realize that KH has not even met him before, and yet he arranged the meet-up. Amazing. Together with SK, we had dinner at CST Restaurant, Happy Garden. From Nyonya steamed fish and ku lou yuk we moved on to coffee and matcha lava cake at Zen & Co. Joe was still working hard to complete his specialization in radiology. He tells us that he still has his hang-ups about exams, but he has a stronger support structure now. All the best to him.

Matcha Lava Cake

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Babysitting Birthday

Sausage Platter

Celebrated Cutiepie's birthday at Morganfield's, IOI City Mall on Prophet Muhammad's Birthday. Makes sense to celebrate a belated birthday on a birthday, right? She was supposed to ditch her kids, but her husband won out in the end. Doesn't matter since I brought mum and Little Monster as well. KH and SK also joined in. Arrived late because we were caught in an unexpected traffic snarl. Some smart ass decide to close 3 out of 2 lanes for resurfacing.

Smokehouse Club Salad

When we saw Cutiepie, she was a little disheveled. She told us that we just missed a shouting match between her children that quickly spiraled into a wrestling bout at the center court. Gasp. We quickly got seated at Morganfield's, but the fighting didn't stop. Very spirited siblings. Her youngest daughter is really feisty and cute. Haha. We ordered some ribs, sausages, fried pork, and salad. Service at the restaurant was a little icky as I think the service staff don't have a good grasp of the English language.

Next, we went to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to attempt some civilized conversation over coffee and cake. That did happen to a certain extent ... while the kids had a sparring match in the middle of the cafe. Lol. It was obvious that we were all no match for the kids.

French Beans

There wasn't any time for shopping as SK had to get back home to cook. She had arranged a convocation dinner for CK (he got his PhD) at MaisonSK. Gathered several friends (Gratitude and Apollo) to watch the live feed of the convocation at the University of Edinburgh. As his name was called, he would just walk up on stage, and they tapped his head with a hat. That's it. He wore nothing on his head. A different style. Congratulations again to Dr. CK!

Cheese and Meats

Monday, January 15, 2018

Decorating Your Christmas Kid

Christmas Wonderland

Whenever I go to Atria Shopping Gallery, mum and I usually end up spending some time watching events that happen at the center court. At the final Sunday of December, they had a kids Christmas pageant that saw the participation of more than fifty kids of various ages. We were impressed by the enthusiasm of their parents piling up all sorts of Christmas baubles on their children (or even turning their child into a giant bauble). Extra effort by their parents included handmade props and even wiring their kids with Christmas lights.

Kids Xmas Pageant V

Kids Xmas Pageant IV

Some were practically transformed into walking Christmas trees. Other kids were made to look like a toadstool, a gingerbread house, a giant Christmas bauble, and a Christmas present. The more conventional parents dressed their children up as Christmas princesses, angels and elves. One little girl of five impressed me with her showmanship. She actually had a rehearsed entrance and routine routine. And she knew how to work the crowd, pose, and move from position to position, making the best out of her costume (her dress had a special train that could flip up like a peacock's train). She definitely has a future on stage. Some weren't so comfortable being paraded around. Even the whole dressing up and extensive make up made some of the kids stressed out.

Kids Xmas Pageant III

Kids Xmas Pageant II

Interestingly, the pageant attracted the participation of several Malay families, and the champion was actually a pretty Malay girl with an extravagant headdress. And I was actually impressed thatAtria used proper Christmas carols, where one can actually hear about Mary, Christ, and Israel, not just the generic Jingle Bells, etc.

Kids Xmas Pageant I

P.S.: The Christmas decorations at Atria aren't very impressive. My mother actually commented that the igloo looked like a traditional Chinese tomb. Imagine the Butterfly Lovers emerging from it. Lol. They also have fake snow which looks like foam. I tried not to breathe that in. Eee.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Storm Celebrities: Bicep Brandon

As luck would have it, I arrived at BK5 LRT station to a storm. The wind was howling and it made it quite impossible to escape getting wet. Such winds were famous for being umbrella killers. As the walkways were only half-covered, I had to wait it out at the station. During a lull in the bad weather, I quickly hurried over to the shops. The rain intensified again, so I decided to wait it out at Old Town White Coffee. I chose a nice table where I was protected from the wind, and coincidentally gave me a nice view of Bicep Brandon who has heaving his coffee and toast. Too bad the lighting wasn't better. I took my time finishing my cup of white milk tea. Well, the rain stopped well before I finished. :P.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Hair and Tooth

Dry Curry Noodles

Several weeks after mum's tooth extraction, we were back at the dentist for dentures. Dr. Wong recommended cobalt chrome dentures because it would offer the best fit, grip, and chewing experience for mum's situation. A very simple process really. Mum just needed to bite into moulding paste. The paste started off, then turned yellow when set. That was it. According to the nurse, it would take at least 14 working days for the dentures to be ready. And mum would need to go through a fitting process. Total damage was MYR1,750! Huhuhu.

Although it was already 10:30 AM after we were done at the dentist's, we went to the wet market anyway. Just a short trip as the sun was already out and some of the stalls had begun closing. Next stop was Plaza OUG to visit my hair stylist. I was WAY overdue for a trim. The appointment was at 1:00 PM. so we had some time to kill. My hair stylist's ex-business partner was having a scalp treatment promotion (he has his own place nearby), so I suggested that mum go for that. Mana tahu, she added on a cold perm and hair treatment as well!

During my cut, KH dropped by to meet me (after his own haircut too), and I accompanied him for lunch at the kopitiam beside Sann Sann Vegetarian. The next day, he would be heading to Kuantan to meet some old friends. In the evening, mum and I attended a BEC gathering at Sri Petaling. Many of the aunties noticed that I had lost weight, but they preferred the plumper version of me! Oh why?

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Playing with Cosplayers?


Spotted Spidey at Comic Play, Publika. This cosplayer seems to be wearing a high quality suit. Very nice, and he has the build to pull it off. Reminds me of MEN's release in 2017-- "Spiderman, A Gay XXX Parody". Go look for it on Gay Torrents. Have you ever had fun with anyone in a full body suit?

And here's Naruto dancing with his posse. I don't think there's any Naruto porn, but I'm sure there's plenty of Slash of Naruto with Sasuke. You prefer Naruto as seme or uke?

Saturday, January 06, 2018

From Fossil to Fork


Thursday night was date night for me. But since KH had yoga til 7:30 PM, I had to kill some time. Coincidentally, there was  a Fossil warehouse sale at Menara Atlan, so I went there to take a look. This time round, they had Skagen timepieces and leather goods (strangely Skagen no longer sells in Malaysia). Nothing caught my eye, but I did help SK get something that she wanted.

Slow-cooked Chicken Breast

Once KH was ready to go, we headed to ROOST, a contemporary European restaurant located on Jalan Telawi 3. Since it's located upstairs, it enjoys a peaceful setting unlike the usual Bangsar bustle. The restaurant is very charming, and has an open kitchen concept. Really open, as there even isn't a pane of glass that separates the diners from the kitchen staff. The menu is minimalist, just two pages. We were at a lost as to what to eat.

Slipper Lobster Ravioli

The waiter recommended their pasta, so KH went for their slipper lobster ravioli, and I ordered the slow-cooked chicken breast (based on their name, their poultry must be good). As promised, the ravioli was good, and I also enjoyed the chicken. "From Farm to Fork" is their motto, so all the ingredients were fresh and sourced-locally where ever possible. Portions aren't too big, so if your appetite is bigger, do consider an appetizer or soup.


Had a short walk in BVII after dinner. No interesting deals at the Private Structure boutique. And it seems that The Loaf was replaced by Nala Designs. It was already open for business, but the interior was still work in progress. Didn't really find a suitable place for coffee, so we just called it a night.


Thursday, January 04, 2018

B Is For


Got this tank top from Private Structure from one of their so-called 11.11 Wonder Bundles during the Singles' Day sale. I was attracted by the large "B"! Of course the bundle also came with underwear, but I'm not posting a photo of that here. Huhu. Tumblr perhaps? What significance does "B" have for you? And did you buy any underwear during the 11.11 sale?

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Spa Party After Sloppy Sushi

Sloppy Sushi

For the longest time, mum and I had not visited Paradigm Mall after Sunday mass. Not wanting to hurt its feelings, we made a trip there on the second Sunday of November. Wanted to have something light, so we went to Sushi Zanmai, which I must admit was a mistake. Sad that their standards had dropped so much. I ordered a plate of hamachi nigiri sushi, and when it came, it looked like someone just took randomly slice piece of fish and dumped it on sushi rice! And I was even lucky enough to have an add-on of ebiko on the fish. The contract between Paradigm Mall and AirAsia BIG has also ended, so one can no longer collect BIG points from expenses at the mall.

Stir-fried Vegetables

In the evening, MaisonSK hosted dinner again, with the usual faces-- Apollo and QueerRanter-D. But we had a special guest that evening, Gratitude who had come all the way from Klang. Dinner was followed by a platter of cured sausages with figs, apples, and cheese. I also took the opportunity to organize a Nu Skin ageLoc spa party. Introduced two devices-- the new LumiSpa and the Galvanic Spa. I had two work on four faces that night. Phew! But it's good that they could see the effects of the ageLOC devices in terms of brightness of the face after cleansing, and lifting effect.

Stir-fried Seafood

Cold Platter