Saturday, December 16, 2017

Travel Teluk Intan II: Dear Dad

Mee Kicap

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With the spare tire, we drove to the first tyre shop that we saw-- Weng Yin Kee Tyre Service. Surprisingly, it was staffed by several Chinese women. Due to the condition of the tyre, they have to manually cut the shredded tyre out. The lady suggested that we come back later. Did a random search on Foursquare and headed to Kedai Kopi Ah Wah for brunch. We weren't too particular as all of us were starving! Curry noodles were supposedly good, so we got two bowls of that. Then we added-on mee rebus (Perak seems to have a love affair with this dish), mee kicap, soup noodles, and kaya-butter toast. On top of all that, mum bought a packet of nasi lemak from a stall outside. Everyone was satisfied with the curry noodles, and the soup noodles were also good. I didn't like the mee rebus because it was too sweet. Toast was also great.


Mee Rebus

Mee Kari

Right after our brunch, we headed to the wet market to buy flowers, and some prayer items. Thankfully, it was still downcast when we arrived at the Teluk Intan Christian Cemetery. As usual, we did some tidying up, lit candles and incense, and offered prayers at my late father's grave. We had a whole lot of incense, so we went around burning it for dad's neighbours, especially the unmarked and forgotten graves. After the concluding rites, we walked around the cemetery and discovered some historic graves from the 1880s. Interestingly, those old graves often stated the cause of death on the grave marker.

All Souls



Charles Chetwode Thompson

Next, we headed back to the tyre shop to settle our wheel woes. Got it changed and immediately went to visit my paternal aunt and cousin. Following that, we went to see mum's younger brother. Little Monster was uncharacteristically hungry. He had downed a huge piece of steamed egg cake, and later walked with me to a nearby shop for ice cream. That was our last stop in Teluk Intan. Drove home after that. During the drive back, everyone seemed pretty hungry. We practically wiped out all the food in the car. For dinner, we gave Restoran Xiang Chu a try. Mainland Chinese cuisine-- salty, mala, spicy stuff. But they did have some options that are kid-friendly. Their Kung Fu Handmade Pork Balls were pretty good (Little Monster ate five). Comes in a big pot of herbal soup with vegetables and mushrooms. We weren't too happy with the rest of the dishes. So that ended our fun-filled trip to Teluk Intan.

Kung Fu Handmade Pork Balls

Red Pork

Tomato Egg


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