Thursday, November 02, 2017

Sunday Spouse

Mee Kolok

I managed to talk KH into following me to morning mass on Sunday. I knew he was tired from all his activities on Saturday, and that he wasn't very keen, but he went along with it anyway. How can I not love the fella? Breakfast after church was another random choice-- 7th Mile Kitchen in PJ SS6. When we arrived, it was a full house with several people standing around waiting. We were lucky that we got a seat in just 15 minutes. The place is supposedly Klang Valley's best place for Sarawak hawker fare. So-called "Cat Tested, Cat Approved", which means that it has the seal of approval from Kuching-ites. For our breakfast, we had Mee Kolok and Sarawak Laksa. The Mee Kolok looked excellent with a very springy outlook. However, it was not the case when I put it into my mouth. Kurang sikit. However, the taste and the char siew was quite good. Sarawak Laksa was also delicious, but not as premium as at Charlie's Cafe.

On our way back, we stopped at The Milk Shop, the latest cafe at BK5. Didn't know it existed until I SK told me. Turns out she was there with CK, and the owner is an ex-colleague of his. If you're a fan of goat's milk, you can pay it a visit. You can choose to use goat's milk in your latte, or order a small jar of goat cheese to eat with some crackers. Not sure how long they can last really. Even their neighbour, Dao Dao which is considered the most resilient restaurant there had closed down recently. Another tragic example is The Coffee Sessions that has been converted into a Chinese kopitiam. A pity to see the renovations go to waste.


Back at my place, KH and I had another skank since we still had the house to ourselves. KH still had unfinished business from the day before. Quite a treat to get sex two days in a row. Once he had cum, we snuggled and rested in each other's arms. KH didn't stay long as he needed some rest before heading out for a family dinner in the evening. Got some updates from The Tribe that they would only be arriving at 10:00 PM, so I had dinner alone.

Nasi Liwet Komplit

Ate at Rumah Makan Cibiuk at BK5. Never knew that there was a Sundanese restaurant nearby. I had the Nasi Liwet Komplit Ayam Kampung Bakar (when I told SK, she thought Nasi Liwat). Nasi Liwet is a savoury rice that's cooked in coconut milk, spices, and chicken broth. It was delicious with a nice aroma of scallions. The rice came with grilled free-range chicken, deep-fried sides (tofu, tempe, and petai complete with skin!), and some salad. The most important component of the meal was Sambal Cibiuk, an explosive combination of chilies, tomatoes, and some belacan. Their teh tarik is also quite good, definitely using high quality tea leaves. Will definitely revisit this place to try their nasi timbel and nasi bakar.

Sambal Cibiuk

When mum arrived home, she was exhausted. SK also came over to have some of the Nyonya kuih that mum brought back. The onde-onde was lovely, but the angku and kuih koci was a bit disappointing.


Arvind Ram Kumar said...

when i was reading this post, my eyes tricked me for a while n i thought that was nasi “liwat” as well, bwahahahaha XD

Twilight Man said...

You had interesting fares of Cat and Sudanese food which I wanna try. I got tickled by your goat milk as it reminds me of the waiters in Saporro. They say Sheep meat and Sheep milk instead. Pengsan!

William said...

Itu je dia tahu! :P

Your list is getting longer and longer.

Anonymous said...

KH went to church? and I thought you would have a sex at the confessional room there....ooops...

William said...

We're not so adventurous. :P