Monday, November 06, 2017

Old Underwear

Pile of Old Underwear

It's not a secret that I have a fetish for underwear. During my birthday, friends often help me add to my monstrous collection. An easy gift option when you don't know what to get me. I seem to just collect and collect. When a pair is no longer serviceable, I will stuff it into my old underwear drawer. Recently, while stuffing a pair in, I noticed just how full the drawer was. LOL. No point hoarding all that old underwear. Might as well do some spring cleaning. Mostly were briefs and trunks from various brands like Private Structure, Renoma, Skinxwear, Hush Puppies, GMW, Byford, Toot, Aussiebum, etc. From years ago. Kinda like ageing cheese. :P. So I grabbed a hotel laundry bag and stuffed it all in. SimonLover suggested that I sell the stuff online, but I don't think anyone would want underwear with exhausted elastic bands. Rarely get any holes in my underwear, it's always the band. Maybe cause I often hand wash my intimates. Anyway, I tied up the bag and thew it out with the trash. Perhaps some Alam Flora guys found my stash and are making good use of them. Haha!

Bag of Old Underwear


Twilight Man said...

You could have made big bucks by following the Japanese style. Seal them in individual cans with your photo & harum smell.

Arvind Ram Kumar said...


William said...

Too creepy.

Haha. Soon Bee's collection will be similar to mine.

Anonymous said...

Should have asked for your used underwear filled to the brim with the smell of your

William said...

I have received that request before. But why would anyone want something like that from someone they don't know?