Thursday, November 16, 2017

October Eats

Grilled Vegetables

On a whim, mum and I went shopping at One Utama after Sunday mass. Lunch was an Espetada Carnival at Nando's which surprisingly mum couldn't finish on her own. There was also a free cup of galão and a piece of brownies in my Peri-vilege account, so I attempted to redeem that. Believe or not, they ran out of coffee and brownies. But the nice waitress offered me some replacement items-- Elderflower Cooler and a medium side. So totally different right? I took the offer anyway.

Espetada Carnival

At the center court, there was a mid-autumn festival sale going on. All the reputable bakeries were trying their best to sell their mooncakes amidst an atmosphere that reminded me of the Lunar Chinese New Year. The mall management probably recycled the decorations from CNY.

Mid-Autumn Festival

While wandering around the mall, we noticed an interesting kiosk that created a marriage between coffee and cookies, aptly named C&C Cookies and Coffee. I saw someone raiding the cookie counter with a large bag, and the Cookie Monster in me immediately activated. I bought a coffee and cookie combo, and was given a bag... a wee bag that was no where near what I saw. What a rip-off. Anyway, mum and I did our best. The coffee was really quite aromatic, and the cookies were good because they were straight out of the oven. Yummy!

Cookies and Coffee

Mother and Daughter Team

In the evening, SK joined us for dinner at Rumah Makan Cibiuk. As she had yet to try this Sundanese restaurant, she ordered some stuff that I had not tried before. But the recurring theme is of course spicy and deep-fried. Good for the waistline, great for the throat!

Tilapia Goreng


Twilight Man said...

Most of the big malls outsourced their festive decorations to display experts. No recycling.

William said...

I've seen decorations from Pavilion recycled at Fahrenheit 88 wor.

Jaded Jeremy said...

Great for the throat?!

William said...

Hahahahaha. Cuba lah!