Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Food at Frank's

Cold Platter

Been trying to arrange a meet-up with Nicky05 and EJ for ages, but it never materialized. Our underwear exchange was really long overdue. Don't get me wrong, we weren't exchanging used underwear or anything kinky. It's all very innocent. About a year ago, Nicky05 tumpang-ed some 2EROS underwear on MySale account, so that has been collecting cobwebs in my room. On top of that, EJ recently tumpang-ed some Andrew Christian underwear on my MySale account, so it's nearly the same story. Not only that, EJ had helped me to get 3 pairs of underwear from the recent Private Structure warehouse sale, so I had to collect that from him (I had really forgotten about it). In the end, I only managed to arrange dinner with EJ on a Friday night. Last minute additions were both our hubbies, Buttias and KH, so it was kinda like a double date.

Iberico honey mustard ribs

Our dinner venue was El Iberico, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, a new restaurant, just 3 months old. The dining experience there was very memorable due to the head waiter, Frank. His service standard was very North American, and very, very friendly. Can tell that he's very enthusiastic about his job. The guy actually took the trouble to remember our names, he actually sang, and showed us pictures from his Elvis impersonator days. The food there was pretty good too, but truth be told a little pricey. The damage would have been worse if there wasn't the 30% discount on several items. We started with the cold platter, which was a playful mix of flavours, and textures, from marinated octopus, olives, to ham, and melons. Another starter was the escargot that was served on mushrooms, but I wasn't impressed. Meat-wise we had the Iberico honey mustard ribs, and herb-crusted lamb rack and loin. The former was excellent, but the latter was a bit too salty.

We bid Frank goodbye and headed up to J&D Espresso for some coffee. As usual, the place was very quiet, making it perfect for us to buat kecoh. For some reason, our conversation that evening was very vain, all revolving around weight loss, jawlines, collagen fillers, etc. And of course some gossip about Nicky05.

Flat White

P.S.: Nicky05 made up for his absence with a whole lotta snacks from his trip to Thailand. Seaweed, sweets, Thai milk tea, Pocky, spicy squid snacks, etc. That fella really knows how to shop! 

Thai Treats


Twilight Man said...

You sashay & makan at orang atas restaurant just to sort out your underwear woes?

Willk said...

who's Nicky05?

William said...

No relation le.

Haven't heard from you in a long time. He's an ex-blogger. His blog does not exist anymore.